Destinations preferred by travelers in the TripAdvisor Travelers'Choice 2011 Ranking

The web of opinions of travelers Tripadvisor just published the results of the third edition of your 2011 Travelers' Choice ranking, based on the opinions and comments of its users.

This study presents the ranking of destinations preferred by travelers from all over the world, from Spain, from Europe and from around the world.

From the results it should be noted that the city of Barcelona is the preferred destination in Spain, followed by Madrid, and appears in position 9 of the ranking of destinations around the world and in number 4 in the ranking of Europe.

The preferred destinations by Tripadvisor users worldwide in the 2011 ranking they are Cape Town (South Africa), Sydney (Australia) and Machupichu (Peru). And the ranking of European destinations is Paris, Rome, London, Barcelona and Prague.

And as for the preferred destinations in Spain, the first five positions of Travelers Choice 2011 they are occupied by Barcelona, ​​Madrid, Granada, Seville and San Sebastión.

Below are the lists of those cited 2011 Travelers Choice rankings.

Destinations worldwide preferred by travelers

  1. Cape Town (South Africa)
  2. Sydney (Australia)
  3. Machupichu (Peru)
  4. Paris France)
  5. Rio de Janeiro Brazil)
  6. New York, USA)
  7. Rome Italy)
  8. London, United Kingdom)
  9. Barcelona, ​​Spain)
  10. Hong Kong (China)
  11. Kyoto (Japan)
  12. Queenstown (New Zealand)
  13. Jerusalem (Israel)
  14. Siem Reap (Cambodia)
  15. Prague (Czech Rep.)
  16. Venice Italy)
  17. Buenos Aires, Argentina)
  18. Ko Phi Phi Don (Thailand)
  19. Honolulu (United States)
  20. St. Petersburg (Russia)

Europe destinations preferred by travelers

  1. Paris France)
  2. Rome Italy)
  3. London, United Kingdom)
  4. Barcelona, ​​Spain)
  5. Prague (Czech Rep.)
  6. Venice Italy)
  7. St. Petersburg (Russia)
  8. Florence, Italy)
  9. Edinburgh (United Kingdom)
  10. Istanbul, Turkey)
  11. Amsterdam (Holland)
  12. Capri (Italy)
  13. Dublin (Ireland)
  14. Berlin Germany)
  15. Dubrovnik (Croatia)
  16. Oia (Greece)
  17. Stockholm (Norway)
  18. Bruges (Belgium)
  19. Amalfi (Italy)
  20. Vienna (Austria)

Spain destinations preferred by travelers

  1. Barcelona
  2. Madrid
  3. Pomegranate
  4. Seville
  5. Saint Sebastian
  6. Ibiza
  7. Palma de Mallorca
  8. Toledo
  9. Salamanca
  10. Santiago de Compostela
  11. Cadaqués
  12. Valencia
  13. Cádiz
  14. Cordova
  15. Round
  16. Marbella
  17. Broken
  18. Malaga
  19. Rate
  20. Lloret de Mar