Walk through Pont Aven, the painters town in Brittany France

Corner of the Pont Aven estuary in Brittany west of France

There are villages that just by seeing some of its corners you imagine them as an ideal setting to be painted by an artist.

I already tell you that this is the case of Pont Aven, in the zone of Cornwall, which I just arrived doing the painters route through Brittanyat west of france. and which, among other painters, was portrayed by Paul Gauguin.

We were lucky to start in the best possible way the Pont Aven visit, enjoying the very bucolic image of the sunset in its harbor on the banks of the narrow estuary of the Aven river.

Pont Aven in Brittany west of France

And then we continue our visit seeing what was the studio where for many decades the painters who came to Pont Aven,

These artists were connoisseurs of the beautiful corners that they could portray during their stay in this town in the French region of Brittany.

Paul Gauguin and other artists in Pont Aven

It was in 1866 when the young American painterRobert Wylie, I was studying in the Paris School of Fine Arts, He decided visit Pont Aven and spend a season.

He was one of the first examples of painters who were addressing Brittany after the arrival of the railway to Quimper in 1862.

Pont Aven in Brittany west of France

In the end it was installed in Pont Aven, and even learned to speak Breton while wearing traditional Breton clothes.

Robert Wylie He died in 1877 after painting numerous paintings with traditional scenes and the history of Brittany.

For its part Paul Gauguin came to Pont Aven in 1886 and returned several more times in later years.

Their Breton traditions paintings they inspired other artists who visited Pont Aven in later decades during which impressionist and realistic painters lived together ... although they did not relate to each other.

How to visit Gauguin's studio in Pont Aven

If you have a lot of interest in this subject, in Pont Aven You can have the opportunity to visit this study.

Gauguin's studio house in Pont Aven in Brittany west of France

Now semi-abandoned, it maintains the atmosphere lived by the many artists who went through it, the last of which left not long ago, in 1994.

Through the Pont Aven Tourist Office You can request a study visit.

The current owners of the beautiful manor house where the studio is located open their doors so that visitors can see it and so breathe its atmosphere.

Before the arrival of the artists, Pont Aven it was already an important port where ships coming from Nantes Y Bordeaux they brought salt and wine; then they took granite, cereals and potatoes.

Old painters studio in Pont Aven in Brittany in western France

As the French sailors arrived in the ships who remained in the village for a while, the inhabitants of Pont Aven, who initially only knew how to speak Breton, learned French.

This, together with the hotels that were enabled to house these sailors, led to Pont Aven It became an ideal place for artists to stay.

What to see in the visit of Pont Aven

During your walk through Pont Aven You will discover a beautiful village with granite houses, many of them from the 17th century, and beautiful corners on the banks of the river.

Get lost in those corners, where the numerous mills of the fifteenth century that are preserved in the course of the river stand out, of which there are still 14 active.

Precisely on the paths that run on both banks of the river, between gardens and large trees, it is where you will find various pictorial prints, as informative panels will show you.

Art gallery in Pont Aven in Brittany west of France

Of course, I anticipate that Pont Aven It is a tourist town, with numerous shops with very careful showcases.

The numerous art Galeries (up to 60) that you will find during your walk will remind you of the long artist tradition in Pont Aven.

And they also highlight the gastronomy stores with local specialties, such as canned sardines, which historically were produced in this area of ​​Brittany.

But above all, the Pont Aven cookies and other native sweets like the Kouign Amñn, a overwhelming Typical Brittany cake, made with bread dough, butter and sugar, and originally from the early twentieth century.

Breton gastronomy shop in Pont Aven in Brittany

your Pont Aven sightseeing tour you can complete it with a boat trip on the Aven estuary, with an hour and a quarter of duration and departures always depending on the tides, during which you can enjoy its beautiful coastal landscapes.

Photos Pont Aven

Here you have more Photos of the beautiful village of Pont Aven, in the zone of Cornwall, which will surely encourage you to visit it during a travel through Brittany.

How to get to Pont Aven in Brittany

The pretty town of Pont Aven You find it south of the French region of Brittany, not far from the city of Quimper, and just over two hours drive northwest of Nantes.

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