Schedules, ticket prices and how to visit Fitur 2019 for free in Madrid

Fitur Fair at Ifema in Madrid

At the time of plan future tourist tripsattend a tourism fair It is a good opportunity to collect information and brochures from the most varied destinations in Spain and the world in one visit.

And in this regard, Fitur 2019 it has become a very important date in Madrid, which takes place every year during the month of January, and whose beginning this year is marked by possible inconveniences about how to go to Fitur in IFEMA to avoid the taxi drivers strike.

The Fitur International Tourism Fair It is an eminently professional meeting and one of the most important international trade fairs in the tourism sector in Europe, together with the World Travel Market WTM from London and the ITB fromBerlin.

Fitur Fair at Ifema in Madrid

The Fitur 2019 datesThey are from January 23 to 27in separate days for professionals and for the general public.

You can visit this fair since 1980 at the facilities of the IFEMA in the Madrid Fair.

In the Fitur 2019 editionIn addition to participating the main companies in the tourism sector, the vast majority of tourist countries around the world are represented, as well as the different autonomous communities of Spain.

In this edition there are 886 exhibitors and 10,500 companies from 165 different countries and autonomous communities participate, which represents a new record, with an increase of 11 percent in international presence and 6 percent in companies and national destinations.

In the last edition of 2018 public assistance reached visitors, of which 144,000 were professionals in the sector. which meant a new attendance record

Fitur Fair at Ifema in Madrid

Professional days Fitur 2019

If you are interested in professional conferences, you can check the Fiturtech program 2019, forum dedicated to innovation and tourism technology.

Here you also have the Investour program 2019, dedicated to tourism investments in Africa, and the Fitur Festivals 2019, which in its first edition is dedicated to music tourism in Spain.

And also the Fitur Gay / LGBT program 2019, dedicated to tourism focused on this group, or that of Fitur Health 2019, focused on medical and wellness tourism.

Or the programs of professional meetings Fitur Shopping 2019, from the shopping tourism industry, Fitur B2B 2019 YFitur Know-how & Export 2019.

Fitur Fair at Ifema in Madrid

Fitur 2019 schedules

The visiting hours of Fitur 2019 in Madrid They are usually 10 to 19 hours in the days reserved for professional visitors, January 23, 24 and 25.

During the weekend, Fitur It opens to the general public, on Saturday, January 26, from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m., and on Sunday, January 27, also from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

But for avoid collapses by taxi drivers strikeon this occasion Fitur will open at 8 am for the exhibitors, as well as for the public in the central avenue and coffee shops, not the pavilions.

Fitur 2019 ticket prices

HeFitur 2019 ticket pricefor the general public during the weekend is 10 euros and you can buy them online in advance or at the ticket office.

As for the Ticket prices for professional visitorsIf you do not have an invitation for free access, the price of the day pass is 20 euros and the permanent pass for all days of the tourism fair is 30 euros.

If you are already registered as a professional visitor at IFEMA fairs, or you do the online registration in Fitur 2019 before until January 16, the prices of two passes are 10 (1 day) and 18 euros (permanent).

Free tickets Fitur 2019

The general public also has the option of visit free Fitur 2019, generally thanks to raffles, several participating companies are usually carried out.

But a fixed way to get free tickets to Fitur is to sign up to the traditional Minube meeting 2019, social network that on Saturday January 26 carries out an event with the participation of prominent travelers.

And on the same line you also get the invitation if you sign up for Travel Photography Workshop in Fitur 2019 which also organizes My Cloud in Fitur.

Taxi strike in Madrid, how to go to Fitur in IFEMA

As we mentioned at the beginning, this year the beginning of Fitur It is conditioned by the taxi strike in Madrid.

The possible traffic collapse in the surroundings and access roads to IFEMA, preventing travel in not only by taxi, but also in VTC vehicles and private vehicles, makes it much more advisable use public transport.

How to get to Fitur in IFEMA from the airport

Luckily Madrid has an excellent metro network, so if you arrive at Baraja's airport and you want go to Fitur by subway, you can do very quickly using the airport line 8, both from T4 (three stops) and from T1, T2 and T3 (one stop.

How to go to Fitur in IFEMA from the center of Madrid

Using the same line, in 20-30 minutes you can get to IFEMA from the center of Madrid; in 20-30 minutes, depending on your station of origin; for this from other lines you will connect with the airport in the stations of New Ministries Y Crystal Sea.

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