From Salzillos to Coloraos, best Holy Week processions in Murcia

Procession of the Salzillos in the Holy Week of Murcia

A good way to discover the attractions of a city that you still don't know is to take advantage of visiting it under the pretext of attending a festive celebration.

And so we have done recently with the Murcia city, where we travel to see its highlights Easter processions.

It is true that the Easter week It is a celebration that has a great reputation in many corners of Spain, highlighting the popularity that processions have reached in Andalusia or in Castile and Leon.

Procession of the Coloraos in Holy Week in Murcia

Easter processions

But there are other corners where Easter processions They also have a very special appeal, and we have been able to verify that this is the case of the aforementioned city of Murcia.

There are not many processions that I had seen until that trip, highlighting especially those that in previous occasions I have been able to live in cities like Madrid, Toledo, Avila and some town in Andalusia.

But the truth is that they have always caused me a special interest, beyond the religious feeling.

For example, see how Holy Week is lived in villages of Andalusia I could see it during the very interesting Path of Passion Route I've traveled in the time of Lent.

Procession of Silence in Holy Week in Murcia

Holy Week in Murcia

From the outset I will tell you that during Holy Week in Murcia, from the Friday of pain until the Easter Sunday, are celebrated until 17 processions different that walk the streets of the city center.

But there are three most prominent processionsin which, after living them, meet the singularities that I can confirm you have the Murcia Holy Week.

These singularities are, on the one hand, a very special form of live the Holy Week processions.

They are more one Popular party with tradition in the tradition of the Murcian orchard, that an exclusively religious celebration, during which the streets of the city are crowded with the public.

Procession of the Salzillos in the Holy Week of Murcia

The Salzillos in Easter

On the other hand, the processions, and specifically that of Nazarene Jesus held since the dawn of Holy Friday, they become a great artistic show.

In this procession the carvings made by the best representative of the baroque sculpture and imagery of the eighteenth century, the Murcia Francisco Salzillo.

In fact, this procession, more popularly known as that of the SalzillosPart of Salzillo museum where sizes are exposed to the public throughout the year.

Then I will talk about the most important processions held in Murcia during Holy Week, which I could live with a special emphasis on my trip.

Procession of the Coloraos in Holy Week in Murcia

Procession of Los Coloraos in Murcia

The procession of the Coloraos, which is how it is popularly known, is celebrated during the afternoon of Holy Wednesday.

Actually its real denomination is that of procession of the Blood of Our Lord Jesus Christ, because it is organized by the brotherhood with that name, which was founded in 1411.

Part of the Carmen churchfound in the popular Carmen neighborhood, which is separated from the city center by the old Bridge that crosses the Segura river.

And why is it called from lI Color? As you can imagine, by the color of its peculiar clothing.

How is the clothing of Los Coloraos

Well, indeed, the first thing that will undoubtedly get your attention Murcia Holy Week is bliss dress.

Although there are also Nazarenes with the long tunic characteristics and hoods, the participants in the procession of the Coloraos and in other Murcian processions they are distinguished by wearing special ones.

Instead of falling to the feet, the faults of the tunics are collected at the waist and held by the cingulate, waist cord.

This enables a space that is filled with candies and other small gifts that the Nazarenes are distributing among the children who are during the processional journey.

Therefore, do not think that all Nazarenes are "fat", but actually carry many candies ...

Procession of the Coloraos in the Holy Week of Murcia

Under the tunic collected you can see the characteristics orchard petticoats white and starchy, as well as Huertana Spartanss.

That is, some espadrilles and socks embroidered on the feet.

Finally, in the head you can see the hoodz, a type of hat they say is shaped like a bean, which reveals the face of the Nazarene, compared to the characteristic hoods conical covering the face.

In the case of procession of Los Coloraos, is clothing reminiscent of the eighteenth century is what they carry shelves, that is, the Nazarenes that support the steps.

But in the procession you can also see the penitents dressed in the typical long robes and hoods of Holy Week, yes, in a striking red color.

Procession of the Coloraos in the Holy Week of Murcia

Tour of the procession of Los Coloraos

After crossing the old Bridge, the procession is heading towards the area of ​​the Murcia Cathedral and then get lost in the narrow streets of the city center.

There it crosses the Gran Via and also goes through the popular Flower square, and then return to the Carmen church.

The participation of more than 3,000 Nazarenes and the assistance of thousands of people who cram all the sections of the route, makes the procession become a true popular festival.

You can see curious scenes, such as the Nazarenes with their striking red dress, walking barefoot and carrying a wooden cross, while they are distributing candies among the children ... and older.

The 11 steps of the procession make the time you need to see it complete is almost three hours.

Procession of Silence in Murcia

The great contrast in Murcian processions you find it in the Silence, which is celebrated during the night of Holy Thursday.

Organized by the Brotherhood of the Holy Christ of the Refuge, which is better known as Procession of Silence It is the maximum expression of sobriety and recollection among those held in Murcia.

Part of the very central church of San Lorenzo, where the Nazarenes already arrive in silence from their homes.

Dressed in more traditional black and purple robes, and covered with hoods, silence reigns inside the church while the processional order is organized.

Procession of Silence in Holy Week in Murcia

It has a single processional step, which is preceded by the two very long lines of penitents that accompany it.

When it is time to leave, in the church the songs of a choir begin, which accompany the distribution of the candles that the penitents will carry, and that will be the only source of illumination throughout the tour.

Well, indeed, once the Procession of Silence, in all the streets of the city where it runs, the lights go out completely, so that the long row of penitents with their candles is more striking.

The silence that reigns during the procession is occasionally broken by different choral groups distributed by the route.

Together with the auroros, characteristic songs of the brotherhoods of the Murcian garden, other musical expressions are heard, from the misereres… until prickly pear songs.

Procession of the Salzillos in Murcia

As in the rest of Spain, in Murcia He too Holy Friday is the summit day of Holy Week processions.

And although several are celebrated, without a doubt the one of greatest splendor is the impressive procession of the Salzillos, which is as it is popularly known.

This procession begins at dawn on Friday to tour the city center throughout the morning.

Part of the jesus church, which is part of Salzillo museum, and the corner where during the rest of the year the famous celebrities are preserved and shown Salzillo carvings.

Procession of the Salzillos in the Holy Week of Murcia

With an impressive dome, the nine processional steps are coming out one by one, all but one, with artist carvings Salzillo.

In this procession the Nazarenes they wear similar clothing to that of The Coloraos, only with blue color.

All Murcia goes out to the streets of the center, which are occupied by the procession in a very long route that runs through the most significant corners of the city.

If you have rented one of the chairs that are arranged along the route and want to see the full step of the procession of the Salzillos, you must remain for about two and a half hours, until the group of legionaries who close it passes.

Procession of the Salzillos in the Holy Week of Murcia

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