How to visit the Belem Tower, Manueline architecture near Lisbon

Belem Tower near Lisbon

It is one of the most significant monuments that you should see in a trip to Lisbon.

The Belem Tower you don't find it in the same city, but in theBelem neighborhood, On the banks of Tagus river and in the direction of the estuary.

There you will find enough arguments to dedicate almost a day of your Lisbon visit, not only the Tower of Belem, but especially the majestic Monastery of los jeronimos, and also him Monument to the Discoveries.

Belem Tower near Lisbon

And yes, in your tourist day in Belem you can not miss a visit to the traditional establishment where since 1837 the delicious ones are made Belem cupcakes.

Belem Tower History

The Belem Tower has its origin in the development at the beginning of the 16th century of a new defensive strategy to protect the Lisbon city of frequent attacks by privateers or enemy nations.

This tower that was initially on it Tagus river, and that now you will see it somewhat displaced on its banks, it complements a defensive complex formed by the Cascais Fortress and the so-called Old Tower.

In this way, the three defensive strongholds led, thanks to their guidance, that their cannon batteries created a crossfire against the enemy ships entering the estuary.

Entrance to the Belem Tower in the surroundings of Lisbon

Known as San Vicente Tower, was built by the King Manuel I, and when it was finished in 1521, it became an outstanding sample of the so-called Manueline architecture.

What to see in the visit of the Tower of Belem

To access the Belem Tower you must go through a wooden structure and cross a drawbridge.

Once inside, the first thing you are going to see is an enclosure with 17 mouths where the cannons point towards the Tagus river.

From there you go to the bastion terrace, around which six watchtowers are distributed.

The main facade is on the south side, facing the Tagus river.

Inner corner of the Belem Tower in the surroundings of Lisbon

Because it was the facade that saw the sailors entering the estuary, it was the most decorated showing various ornaments of the Manueline style.

Governor's Hall in Torre de Belem

During the ascent to the different floors of the towers, the first stay you will go through is called Governor's room.

It was the highest authority of the fortress tower, and who represented the king exercising military, administrative and judicial functions.

Hall of the Kings in Torre de Belem

On the top floor is the Kings Room, with balconies towards the south facade. with design inspired by the Venetian style.

Belem Tower in the surroundings of Lisbon

As you continue up the spiral staircase, you arrive at the Courtroom, where its chimney stands out, and finally you access the last room, the chapel, with its vaulted ceiling and ribs.

Belem Tower Terrace

The last stage of your visit of the Belem Tower It is the upper terrace, from where you have the best panoramic views of the surroundings, highlighting especially the nearby Monastery of los jeronimos and, of course, the full extent of the Estuary of the Tagus.

Schedules visit Torre de Belem

The visiting hours of the Belem Tower they are, from May to September, from 10 a.m. to 6.30 p.m. (last access at 5 p.m.), and from October to April, from 10 a.m. to 5.30 p.m., with last access also at 5 p.m.

Terrace of the Belem Tower near Lisbon

Keep in mind that it is closed to visit every Monday and January 1, Easter Sunday, May 1 and December 25.

Ticket prices Torre de Belem

The Belem Tower ticket prices (2019) are, the general admission, 6 euros; Seniors +65, disabled and members of a family of four, 3 euros.

Young Card holders have a 50 percent discount, and the admission is free For children under 13 years.

The Belem Tower It is one of the monuments whose entrance is included in the Lisboa Card tourist card.

Belem Tower near Lisbon

On the other hand, if you prefer visit Belem with the company of a Spanish guide, you can join this Belem Tour from three hours long in which in addition to visiting the interior of the Jeronimos monastery, you will pass by the Belem Tower and end up tasting the famous Belem cupcakes.

Here you have all the information of Tour of Belem and the Jeronimos monastery.

How to get to the Belem Tower from Lisbon

For get to Belem, you can take tram 15 from the Commerce Square, in the center of Lisbon. but you can also go on bus 28; On this tour it will take you more than half an hour.

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