Hopperstad in Vik, the charm of wooden churches in Norway

Hopperstad church in Vik in the Norwegian fjords

One of the great attractions of my recent trip to the fjords of Norway It was meeting the wooden churches.

During my first trip to Norway many years ago in route to the North Cape, I was really impressed by its wooden churches, of which I saw three samples, those of Vik Y Goal and the one preserved in the Oslo Norwegian People's Museum.

Now in this new trip through the fjords I have had the opportunity to revisit the Hopperstad church which is located in the small town of Vik, On the banks of fjord Sogne.

Hopperstad church in Vik in the Norwegian fjords

This typical wooden church of Vik It was printed on my retina by a beautiful slide that I made when I visited it, in which it appears illuminated by the sun, and highlighted with the very dark blue-gray background of the clouds of a storm that was escaping.

Now I have also had the fortune to see it illuminated by the sun after a rainy day.

Origin and how are the wooden churches of Norway

The wooden churches of Norwaythey are also known as viking church for its characteristic exterior decoration.

Actually they are Christian churches which were built throughout Europe during the Middle Ages, of which practically only the Norwegians remain standing.

Hopperstad church in Vik in the Norwegian fjords

In Norwegian these churches are called stavekirke by the characteristics of its construction.

The building is built on wooden sills set in the stones, with a structure of thick circular posts (stav) that support a large timber network.

In Norway it seems that there were up to 2,000 Christian wooden churches, and it is also known that the first palisade buildings were from the Viking era.

Most of these churches were built in Norway during the twelfth and thirteenth centuries, and in the seventeenth century there were already less than 3oo churches.

How to visit the wooden church of Vik

Specifically the Hopperstad church in Vik It was built in 1130, being the second oldest after that of Urnes, which is declared World Heritage by Unesco.

Hopperstad church in Vik in the Norwegian fjords

We arrived before the church after a pleasant meal in the Blix hotel, the most prominent of this area of fjord Sogne. and finished renovating in December 2015.

Sunlight came out to illuminate the beautiful building and thus be able to take the photos that accompany this report and that are only a preview of the place so charming that you will find when you visit it.

This church was acquired in 1880 by the Norwegian Old Monuments Conservation Society, which carried out a complete restoration of the building, which was very deteriorated after having ceased to be used for religious offices.

The church is located in a high area of ​​the area, surrounded by a cemetery and extensive meadows, and the landscape is completed with beautiful colorful houses.

The exterior of the church seems to have been quite remodeled during the restoration of the late nineteenth century, as it had undergone several changes and expansions in previous years.

Hopperstad church in Vik in the Norwegian fjords

For this the architect took as a model the church of Borgund, maintaining its original wooden structure.

The exterior is surrounded by galleries with columns and it is really surprising to see the interior with a complex all-wooden structure. with 18 circular posts and Romanesque capitals.

In this interior highlights the canopy of wood in the area of ​​the altar.

In short, an architectural jewel whose visit should not be missing in your route through the norwegian fjords.

Hopperstad church in Vik in the Norwegian fjords

Schedules visit wooden church of Vik

The visiting hours of the wooden church of Vik are, from mid-June to mid-August, from 9 to 17 hours, and from mid-May to mid-June, and from mid-August to the end of September, from 10 at 17 hours.

Vik wooden church ticket prices

The ticket price (2019) is 70 Norwegian crowns (7.20 euros), 60 crowns for seniors and 50 crowns for children and students.

How to get to the wooden church of Vik

The wooden church Hopperstad you find it on a route through the fjords that unites cities like Bergen Y Alesund.

Specifically in the municipality of Vik next to Sogne fjord.

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