Berlin - Photo gallery of monuments and corners of Alexanderplatz

Red Town Hall and Fountain of Neptune at Alexanderplatz in Berlin

Alexanderplatz it will become, without a doubt, one of the nerve centers of your Berlin sightseeing tour.

Not only because of the monuments or corners it concentrates, but because very close to this great square are other points of attraction, such as the Museum island or the Jewish Quarter, or of the Farms.

At the time of visit Berlin, you will check that Alexanderplatz It is a space of enormous dimensions, more than a square.

Indeed, it groups from some gardens with some of the Berlin's most important monuments, as the Marienkirche church or the Red City Hall, to a very lively commercial and communications area, crowned by the imposing Fernsehturm television tower.

In advance of your visit, below you have a Alexanderplatz photo gallery in Berlin, which during the communist era was the nerve center of East Berlin, trying to present itself as a show of the power of the RDA.