Berlin - Marienkirche, great gothic church in Alexanderplatz

Marienkirche church, next to Alexanderplatz in Berlin

No doubt the monument more important than you are in the great esplanade that extends next to the central Alexanderplatz square, in Berlin, is the Marienkirche churchor church of Santa Maria.

Because of its location in the park next to the TV tower, you will have no problem locating it. Moreover, the high tower of the Marienkirche church contrasts in some perspective with the aforementioned communications tower.

The Marienkieche church is the oldest in Berlin, it goes back to the time of the first expansion of the medieval city, about 1250. However, the original building was subsequently destroyed by a fire.

Marienkirche church tower, next to Alexanderplatz in Berlin

Interior of the Marienkirche church, the oldest in Berlin

Therefore, in the fourteenth century the new building was built in Gothic style, in a combination of stone and bricks. The bell tower is much later, as it was built in 1790 in the Baroque style, by the architectCarl Gotthard Langhans, the same one who designed the Brandenburg Gate from Berlin.

During the WWII, the Marienkirche church he suffered the bombing of the Allied troops, and after the war he was on the side of the RDA. The building was not rebuilt until 1950.

The church was initially Catholic, but after the arrival of reform, from 1539 it became a protestant temple.

Main Altar of the Marienkirche church, the oldest in Berlin

Sculpture on the Main Altar of the Marienkirche church, the oldest in Berlin

When visits Marienkirche, the first thing you will see, in the entrance porch, is a curious fresco two meters high and 22 meters long, painted in 1485, and which is quite deteriorated.

The fresco shows the Dance of Death, which has its origin in the deadly epidemics of the time, in which all classes of society dance with death. The fresco was discovered in 1860, as it was hidden behind a brick wall.

At Marienkirche church interior, you will see the three ships of unequivocal Gothic style, in which you will be struck by its great luminosity, facilitated by its high windows not decorated and by the white of the walls.

Baroque pulpit of the Marienkirche church, the oldest in Berlin

Organ on the central nave of the Marienkirche church in Berlin

As outstanding elements, without doubt the most important is the great alabras pulpit Baroque style, sculpted by Andreas Shulter in 1705, and the baptismal batteries Gothic style, from 1437.

He high altar It is also baroque. It dates back to 1762 and on it stands a stone sculpture.

The visiting hours of the Marienkirche church in Berlin They are every day from 10 am to 6 pm, except when the main service of Mass is celebrated, on Sundays at 10.30 am

You may be interested to know that every Saturday afternoon, from May to October, at 4.30 pm, a organ concert As an act of meditation.

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