Bremen - This is St. Peter's Cathedral in the Market Square

St. Peter's Cathedral in Bremen in northern Germany

I anticipate that the highly recommended trip to Bremenat northern germany, your visit will focus on the central marketplace, where the most prominent and popular monuments of the city are concentrated.

First, the old town hall with his precious renaissance facade, and the Rolando statue, both declared World Heritage by Unesco.

But also the popular bronze sculpture dedicated to the protagonists of the children's story of the Bremen musicians… and the San Pedro Cathedral.

St. Peter's Cathedral in Bremen in northern Germany

In fact, one of the images icon of the city of Bremen It is the monumental complex that forms the aforementioned town hall and the facade of the cathedral, and specifically, the Renaissance facade of the first and the two high towers of the second.

The first thing I'm going to highlight from the Bremen cathedral is that it is the original building, which in Germany, after the destruction produced by the WWII, It's not easy to find.

In fact, although Bremen already during the conflict it was a port and industrial city, the truth is that the buildings of the old town hall, the cathedral, and even the central Station, They were saved from the bombings that largely destroyed the city.

Bremen cathedral history

The origins of the Bremen cathedral They date back to a small wooden church that was built in 789 overlooking the Weser River.

Central nave of the Bremen Cathedral in northern Germany

In 1041 the church was completely destroyed by a fire, so a new Romanesque building was built that during the following centuries had several reconstructions.

Even so, the lower arches of the central nave maintain the original Romanesque configuration.

In the first part of the thirteenth century the Bremen cathedral it was remodeled in style primitive gothic, for later, in the late fifteenth century, replace the flat roof of the central nave with vaults with ribs typical of the Gothic architecture.

Side nave of the Bremen Cathedral in northern Germany

This change was also carried out in one of the side aisles, but in 1522 it arrived reform to Bremen and the church was closed, so the other ship could not be remodeled.

Visit Bremen Cathedral

Precisely now in your Bremen Cathedral visit The different configuration of both aisles will catch your attention.

Statue of the Apostle Santiago in the cloister of the cathedral of Bremen

The ship on the right, as you enter, maintains the primitive Gothic style, much more austere than that of the ship on the left, with its roof with ribs.

You will check that the interior of the cathedral of Bremen It is very austere, given that it is a Lutheran Rite Church, so you will not see sculptures and the decoration is quite sober.

The last restoration was carried out in 1981, although the facade of the cathedral remains as it was about 120 years ago.

Main altar of the Bremen cathedral in northern Germany

Also note that in the cloister area you can see a sculpture dedicated to Santiago Apostol, which will remind you that Bremen is in the Santiago's road from this area of ​​northern Europe.

Pictures cathedral of Bremen

As an advance to your visit, here are more photos of the cathedral of Bremen, which you can visit on your trip to this beautiful city of northern Germany.