Narbonne - Les Grands Buffets, a traditional French food festival

Les Grands Buffets restaurant in Narbonne in southern France

I had been curious to know for a long time Les Grands Buffets, restaurant of the city of Narbonneat South of France, where can you taste a buffet of traditional french food.

And recently, on a trip to the Citadel of Carcassonne I have had the opportunity to visit this restaurant.

I had heard of him and hisbuffet, one of the largest in Europe, whose fame makes it become one of the main tourist attractions of the French city.

Les Grands Buffets restaurant in Narbonne in southern France

In addition to people from other areas of France, many Catalans also come to enjoy it because of its proximity buffet on a day trip.

To get from Madrid I have taken advantage of having a service of AVE direct to Narbonne, on the line that goes to Marseille, passing through Barcelona, ​​where it is less than two hours away.

The option of traveling in the International bird, service that Renfe lends in collaboration with SNCF, also allowed me to arrive in high-speed train until cited Carcassonne, in this case on the line that joins Toulouse with the city.

In the visit of Les Grands Buffets I have discovered that buffets they are not a usual formula in France; On the contrary, it is considered a cheap food formula.

Les Grands Buffets restaurant in Narbonne in southern France

Breaking this idea was the goal that led to Louis Privat to found this restaurant in 1989. Moreover, the purpose was to offer a true gastronomic party of traditional french haute cuisine.

Them Grands Buffets retrieve the formula from the party food, incorporating traditional dishes, and all with a service with the quality that defines French cuisine.

The result is a restaurant with capacity for more than 500 diners, with a very careful decoration, where in several rooms there is an impressive buffet before which I assure you you will have to contain yourself.

And all at a very measured price of 29.95 euros (drinks separately).

Louis Privat, at the restaurant Les Grands Buffets in Narbonne

Therefore it should not surprise you that when you go to visit it you find it full of people, which should not haunt you given the large available space, which in spring and summer is extended with a large garden terrace, also with a very special floral decoration .

At lunchtime, as I said, the star dishes are those of the traditional cuisine of the area, like the Foie grasthe blunt cassoulet au confit de canard, or the roasts in the old style.

In Les Grands Buffets There is no lack of great seafood sources, where besides mussels or prawns, among others, you have oysters Gruissan.

Les Grands Buffets restaurant in Narbonne in southern France

In addition to being able to serve you directly the main dishes, such as the roasted ones, in the center of the restaurant you will find The Rotisserie, a great grill where you can ask for a lobster or lobster, a tournedo, or a duck breast.

As usual in France, cheeses have a great prominence, and in the buffet You will find a great exhibition with a great variety of specialties, from the creamiest ones, such as gorgonzola, to Roquefort or Parmesan.

And, finally, the sweet tooth, as is my case, in the large dessert area we have up to a hundred pastry or sweet specialties, chaired by a large source of liquid chocolate.

Les Grands Buffets restaurant in Narbonne in southern France

Another aspect to highlight is the wine.

You have a menu with up to 70 different wines from the region of Languedoc-Rousillon, which you can consume by the glass or asking for a bottle, and what is very important, at the sale price of the winery.

In sum, after my visit, I can already tell how a great French feast is.

Les Grands Buffets restaurant in Narbonne in southern France

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