Heidelberg - Discover the amazing University Student Jail

Heidelberg University Student Jail

Than Heidelberg is a historic university city from Germany, it is a reality that you verify during your visit to this beautiful city located on the banks of the Neckar River.

The building of the historic university, in the central Heidelberg University square, is a clear architectural exponent of this tradition.

But next to this building, in the narrow street behind it, you will find a surprising and curious corner that will allow you to relive the life of university students during the 19th century.

Heidelberg University Student Jail

I mean the old Student Jail, which has now become a Museum It is highly recommended to visit.

This Student Jail which was operating from 1823 to 1914, occupies the last floor of a small building that can be accessed through a gate of bars, and where there are several small rooms that had the function of being cells for students.

The Heidelberg University He enjoyed for 500 years an autonomous jurisdiction over students, which ended in 1886.

This led to that in 1823 this prison was enabled where students who committed minor infractions were punished, such as thefts, fights, etc ...

Heidelberg University Student Jail

What to see in the Student Prison

Students remained in jail for short periods, from two days to four weeks, and during that time they continued to attend classes, which they accessed through a door that connects to the adjoining university building.

To se her former Heidelberg Student Prison, you have to climb two floors, and already in the space of the staircase you will be surprised to see that the walls and ceilings are completely covered by graffiti made by the students themselves.

In this way, by means of paintings and poems, the sanctioned students reflected their experiences, at the same time as retractors were made.

This graffiti expression reaches its maximum exponent in the jail's own cells, which are totally decorated with drawings and texts.

Heidelberg University Student Jail

The visiting hours of the Heidelberg Student Prison they are every day, from April to September, from 10 to 18 hours, and from October to March, from 10 to 16 hours.

The ticket prices to visit the Student Prison are 3 euros, 2.5 euros for students and seniors, and free for children under 8 years.

The entrance also includes the visit of theGreat Hall of the University and the museum of it.

Heidelberg University Student Jail

Pictures Prison Students in Heidelberg

Here you have more photos of the curious Student Prison from the historic university city of Heidelberg.

Video: Heidelberg university & student jail 海德堡大學與學生監獄 (December 2019).