The Burgundian history of Mechelen in the Van Busleyden Palace museum

Hof Van Busleyden Museum in Mechelen in Flanders in Belgium

When you consider making a excursion from Brussels to visit the nearby city of Mechelen in the Belgian region of Flanders, you may not know the importance of this city during the period of the Burgundy Netherlands.

It's more, Mechelen It was the capital of this territory and currently maintains many architectural remains that give the city a special interest.

In addition, since last summer it is possible to visit a new museum dedicated to show the history of the Burgundian period, as well as artistic works linked to that era.

Hof Van Busleyden Museum in Mechelen in Flanders in Belgium

What were the Burgundy Netherlands

Cited Burgundy Netherlands they were a geopolitical territory as a result of their incorporation into the domain of Dukes of Burgundy, former French region.

The incorporation of various ducats of the Netherlands it took place between 1384 and 1477, when known as Burgundy period ended after death in a battle of Carlos the Reckless Without leaving a male heir.

That transition period of the Middle Ages to the modern world it was a time of great wealth and artistic strength that resulted in what is known as European renaissance or prewarning.

It was a time when there began to be a great development in art, crafts and science, and in which figures such as Van eyck, Bruegel, Erasmus or Tomás Moro, and in the case of Mechelen, with characters as prominent as Austrian Daisy.

Hof Van Busleyden Museum in Mechelen in Flanders in Belgium

The latter in particular favored the development of Renaissance thought.

Note that currently the seal of the burgundy house is still present in the image of the Mechelen city, with an important architectural legacy in its historic center.

Visit the Van Busleyden Palace museum

The new Hof Van Busleyden museum It was inaugurated in June 2018 in the great palatial building of which he was a humanist and art collector, Jerome Van Busleyden.

The mentioned building is one of the best samples of the mentioned urban palaceRenaissance European.

For the installation of the museum a great reform has been carried out that has enabled several rooms with a very modern museum style with interactive screens.

Hof Van Busleyden Museum in Mechelen in Flanders in Belgium

So, in the Hof Van Busleyden museum You find areas dedicated to public life, with paintings representing horseback riding and parties in the city.

Also to the art of power in Netherlands, with the influence that in the daily life the guilds had or the flourishing of the crafts.

The museum highlights the space in which various artistic works made with alabaster are shown, as well as another area where you will see examples of polychrome sculptures.

Now, having had the opportunity to visit the Van Busleyden museum, I anticipate that what is really worth going to this new cultural enclave is to see the altarpieces-closet known as Intimate Gardens.

These are unique pieces made with great finesse and quality by artists of the 16th century.

Intimate gardens at Hof Van Busleyden Museum in Mechelen

Other artistic objects featured in this museum is the Margarita of Austria antiphonary, manuscript liturgical book made by Pedro Alamire in Mechelen.

Schedule and price Hof Van Busleyden tickets

The schedules to visit the Hof Van Busleyden museum They are, every day of the week, from 10 to 17 hours, except Wednesdays. That is closed to the public. and on Thursdays, which closes at 10 pm.

The ticket prices they are, generally, 11 euros; young people from 13 to 26 years old, 5 euros; Children under 13, free admission.

Video: Welcome to the Museum Hof van Busleyden! (January 2020).