Cardona Castle and Parador, a place of history and legend

Cardona Castle in the province of Barcelona

When we consider a trip to discover landscapes and places of interior of the province of Barcelona, in Catalonia, the truth is that only the image of Cardona Castle It was attractive enough to do so.

Its location on top of a hill next to the town of Cardona, in the region of Osona, and its great fortification, makes it understandable that it is a castle that throughout history has been impregnable.

But above all the Cardona Castle, due to its historical location in territory of borders that did not become occupied by Muslims, it has been a prominent place linked to the history of Catalonia.

Cardona Castle in the province of Barcelona

Now, you should know that the history of Cardona and its castleIt is marked by the great salt mountain of which the owners were lords of Cardona, which has now become a prominent tourist attraction in the area.

For that reason the Dukes of Cardona they became known as The Lords of the Salt Mountain.

Cardona Castle history

The history of Cardona Castle part of a tower of defense of the ninth century, from which you can still see at its base stones from that time, although its current structure is from a later time.

Between the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries in that location a palace for military use was added, from which you can now see the Ducal Courtyard by which both the building of the national hostel like that of the San Vicente Collegiate Church.

Ducal Courtyard in Cardona Castle in the province of Barcelona

The walls then They were between 4 and 5 meters high.

During the fifteenth century the Dukes of Cardona they had a very important position in the Aragon crown, and in fact they became known as The Kings without a crown.

Precisely a key moment in the history of Cardona Castle it was when he suffered the great siege of army of King Bourbon Philip V in the Spanish Succession War against those who defended the reign of the Austrias.

This siege lasted for 35 days, and finally the castle resisted

Although the War of succession It ended on September 11, 1711, it was not until 1714 when Cardona's resistance decided to capitulate to finally leave the castle.

Given its special location, the Cardona Castle It became occupied by the army and its facilities, formerly used as a palatial residence, became used as a barracks until 1903.

This military use also affected the church after the expulsion of the canons in 1794.

During the 17th and 18th centuries it was refortified so that its medieval castle structure was transformed into a modern fortification, with the current image of great robustness and impregnable fortification.

In 1931 the Government of Catalonia He took over the church, and some time later, in 1969 it was decided to use the military palace grounds to install the current national hostel, which was inaugurated in 1975.

How to visit Cardona Castle

Currently, when traveling to Cardona, the best way to get to know the castle is, on the one hand, sign up for one of the Guided visits which are carried out in it.

And on the other, if you stay at the national hostel Duques de Cardona you can also feel its history, for example, in its dining room, old cabinet of the collegiate

Collegiate church of San Vicente in Cardona Castle in Barcelona

Our advice is that before the visit, as we did, look places to see panoramic views of the castle.

A good way is to get in the car to the upper part of the town of Cardona where is there any lookout from where to verify the majesty of the fortification and its spectacular location.

Already to visit it, once you have left the car in the parking lot, when you access the castle grounds you will be in the Ducal Courtyard, where the entrance to the national hostel and the tourist office Where visits are contracted.

You can walk through the walled enclosure, passing through the area of ​​the old cloister.

You will also climb to the Tower of the Minyona, original place of the defensive tower of the ninth century and, most importantly, you will access the Church of the Collegiate Church of San Vicente.

Collegiate church of San Vicente in Cardona Castle in Barcelona

Romanesque church of Cardona Castle

It is an amazing and huge building of Romanesque Lombard style of the year 1019 whose interior can in some way remind you of the Seu Vella of Lleida.

Already in the porch you will see the reproduction of a paintings whose originals are in the National Museum of Barcelona.

When you enter the church, you will see that it has a large three-storey basilica, 50 meters long and almost 19 meters high, with a spectacular barrel vault.

You will see that it is completely devoid of decoration because I remind you that for centuries the church was used as a military barracks.

As it happened with the aforementioned Seu Vella of Lleida, the interior became divided into three floors, which were dedicated to hospital, warehouse and dining room.

Collegiate church of San Vicente in Cardona Castle in Barcelona

Of course, it will attract your attention to see two graves, a large one, and the reason for their permanence is that they are attached to the stone wall.

In his time in the Cardona castle church there were 21 graves and 17 chapels.

Here you can check the information about visiting hours of Cardona Castle They are held on weekends.

He cardona castle visit price It is, adults, 8 euros, retired people, 6 euros, and children from 7 to 11 years old, 4 euros.

Legend of the ghost of room 712

Now the Cardona Castle It is also a point of reference for those passionate about paranormal phenomena, as there is a legend about the existence of a ghost in the room 712.

The truth is that connoisseurs of this legend, on our visit we wanted to contrast with the employees of the national hostel some of the myths that exist about the existence of this ghost ... and I will tell you that they are not true.

For example, cleaners do not require to go together to fix the room, and it is not true that they only give access to customers who request it, but distribute it like the rest of their rooms according to needs.

Moreover, after some renovation carried out a few years ago, the number 712 was assigned to a different room.

Reception of the National Parador of Cardona in Barcelona

Also said ghost is linked to the Legend of the Maiden of the Tower of the Minyona, which dates back to the beginning of the 11th century.

The cardona castle legend refers to the youngest daughter of the nine children of the Lord of Cardona, Adalés, who fell in love with a Muslim prince, after which his father locked her in the said tower.

He finally died without him Prince Abdullah He could rescue her and without his father's forgiveness.

It is assumed that the room ghost 712 It's the maiden's, but nobody has seen her ...

Although we have been confirmed that some foreign customer, not at all knowledgeable about the legend, has demanded a change of room due to the unbearable noise during the night.

How to get to Cardona Castle

He Cardona Castle It is located 95 kilometers from Barcelona, inland through Manresa, and at the same time you will arrive by car in just an hour and a quarter.

Video: Parador de Cardona - Walk Through (January 2020).