10 good reasons to make a trip to the Jerte Valley in autumn

Landscapes of the Jerte Valley in autumn

Well you know what the main reason is so worth it visit the Jerte Valley in spring in Estremadura.

In this corner of the north of the province of Cáceres you can see one of the most beautiful landscapes that you find in Spain at that time, with the whole valley covered by the white color of the cherry blossoms.

But I have to recognize that places to see landscapes in the countryside, the ones I like most are the autumnal ones.

Landscapes of the Jerte Valley in autumn

At this time there are many places where you can see beautiful autumn landscapes, but I will tell you that in this respect the Jerte Valley It also has a special appeal.

Those cherry trees that were covered with white flowers during the spring and those that hung the cherries on the time of the Cerecera, at the beginning of the summer, in autumn they acquire a peculiar color that combines the ocher and the reddish.

This is undoubtedly a very good reason to also choose the Jerte Valley as destiny of a autumn break.

It is also a time during which a special program of nature and gastronomy activities known as the autumnal, another good attraction to visit it.

What to see and do in autumn in the Jerte Valley

Facing you autumn getaway to the Jerte Valley, here I am going to give you 10 good reasons to visit it.

See autumn landscapes

When you get to Jerte Valley from the south from Plasencia, during the autumn season you will see covered with the characteristic ocher color the two slopes that make it up to the port of Tornavacas, on the border with the province of Avila.

In the lower part you will see some poplar forest, on the banks of the jerte river, and throughout the valley you will see oak and chestnut forests, although the ones with the greatest presence are the plantations of Cherry trees that extend throughout the valley.

It is precisely that russet that acquire the leaves of the Cherry trees what propitiates those peculiar autumnal landscapes.

Trekking in Jerte Valley

A good way to see corners with autumnal landscapes is to make trekking by the numerous marked routes that are through the Jerte Valley.

Or sign up for a route that is organized in the fall, like the one we have done on our recent visit to this Extremaduran landscape.

Specifically we have gone along the route that runs along the Camino Real from Piornal to Navaconcejo, where you can enjoy varied autumnal landscapes.

After seeing some beautiful panoramic views of the valley from the Piornal viewpoint, you begin to descend a path of stones, an ancient route to go on horseback.

This route, which can take you about five hours, goes through oak and chestnut forests, which in autumn acquire their greatest color and splendor.

Trekking in the Jerte Valley

A prominent corner is the old Los Molinos stone bridge located in front of the Calderó waterfalln.

The route then goes through several farms with cherry plantations as you approach Navaconcejo already on the N-110.

A simpler alternative is the circular route that from the aforementioned town of Navaconcejo takes you to the Throat of the Nogaledas, a place where you can see waterfalls of the most impressive you find in the valley.

This hiking excursion It will take you about two hours, and most of it goes through landscapes of oak, chestnut, cherry, and ash trees.

4 × 4 Tour through the Gorge of Hell

If instead of walking you prefer to see mountain landscapes with great panoramic views of the valley, a good option is to sign up for the 4 × 4 excursion through the Gorge of Hell.

Landscapes of the Jerte Valley in autumn

This excursion that will take you about four and a half hours, especially allows you to see oak forests, just like him holm oak forest located at higher altitude in Estremadura.

During it you can also do bird of prey watching, with the possibility of seeing the couple of golden eagles that lives in the area, in addition to azores, Griffon Vultures or royal kites.

If it's already cold, you may also see copies of the Mountain goat, which in summer take refuge in the highest areas of the valley mountains.

This excursion that almost all of it is carried out by the aforementioned Natural Reserve of the Garganta de los Infiernos, It also has the appeal of going through one of the most beautiful natural corners of the valley, the pylons.

Canyoning in the Jerte Valley

We always say the same, you find the best and most lush landscapes practicing canyoning.

Landscapes of the Jerte Valley in autumn

And in the face of what you might think about being a place located in a community with an image of dry land as is Estremadura, you can also do this activity in the Jerte Valley.

In our case we did the excursion through the Ravine of the Papuos, one of several canyoning areas What's in the valley

This is the longest excursion, since in total you spend about 5-6 hours.

He Ravine of the Papuos It is one of the most popular as it combines several slides, waterfalls of up to 10-12 meters and beautiful rappels between waterfalls, including a really spectacular 30 meters.

Landscapes of the Jerte Valley in autumn

With a 4 × 4 we enter the forest until the end of the path, and from, with all the material we walk about 15 minutes to the entrance to the ravine.

This excursion is of a medium-easy level, even for anyone who has never done these activities.

Of course, it should be noted that it is convenient to always go with a guide since it has several points where, if you do not know the terrain, you may have problems.

You should keep in mind that the Jerte Valley It is one of the rainiest areas in Spain, so river floods are common and it is very important to go with someone who knows how to read these difficulties and variations in the terrain.

Museum of Jarramplas in Piornal in the Jerte Valley

Jarramplas Tradition

In addition to seeing autumnal landscapes and doing nature activities, the Getaway to the Jerte Valley you can use it to deepen your culture and traditions.

In this regard, one of the most central is the Jarramplas tradition, party is celebrated in the town of Piornal on January 19 and 20 coinciding with the festivities of Saint Sebastian.

To know this tradition, in your autumn getaway you can climb to Piornal where can you visit the Jarramplas museum.

With an exhibition of the typical Jarramplas masks and other objects of the party, as well as through videos, you will have an approach to this tradition that dates back centuries and whose origin is unknown.

Corner of the town of Jerte in the Jerte Valley

See rural architecture

In your autumn getaway to the Jerte Valley you can also enjoy some interesting corners of rural architecture.

From my point of view, the most prominent are found in the streets with arcaded galleries of Cabezuela del Valle waves Houses of Canchal in the village of Roll.

To also point out some corners of the town of Jerteas well as the Hermitage of Our Lady of Peñas Albas, also in Cabezuela.

Gastronomy in the Pastorile Days

The typical cuisine of the Jerte Valley Acquires great prominence also in autumn, at which time various gastronomic events take place.

Traditional sweets from Valle del Jerte in Extremadura

To highlight the Pastoriles Gastronomic Days held in various restaurants in the valley on weekends from the end of October until the beginning of December.

On our getaway, in the restaurant of the Hospedería Valle del Jerte we taste, among other specialties, trout stuffed with Extremadura crumbs and pork tenderloin with machaconas potatoes.

Another event noted is the Toñá Piornalega which takes place from November 16 to 19 in Piornal, during which several women of the town will elaborate in the street the typical sweets of the valley, slingshot, roses Y brooms.

Waves Mycological Days which are celebrated on November 10 in The lathe, where the protagonists are mushrooms.

Jarramplas on a facade of Piornal in Valle del Jerte

Museum of painted facades of Piornal

A curiosity that you can also discover in your Getaway to the Jerte Valley is the museum of painted facades of Piornal.

In this town where it is very cold in winter, to better protect their homes the inhabitants took the habit of covering their facades with unsightly metal plates.

After an initiative of the town hall, many of these facades have been decorated with paintings made by urban artists, so that now in your walk through the town you can make a route seeing these artistic works.

Know the tradition of chozos

Another curiosity that you can discover in the Jerte Valley is his tradition of the chozos.

Farmer's hut at El Torno in the Jerte Valley

For that you must go up to town of El Torno and ask for who is known as Manolo the one with the chozos, a friendly villager who, on a plot next to his house on top of the town, has built a couple of typical huts in the valley.

This is a tradition that goes back to the time of the Celts, so that in the middle of the last century there were still more than a hundred stone huts which were used by farmers to live in summer and piornos chozos that ranchers used to shelter in winter.

It was in 1999 when with the help of friends he finished building the stone hut, and years later the goather's hut.

Now if you go up to see them and Manolo It is in your home, if you show interest, it will show you its interiors, which are set with some of the objects used by farmers and ranchers in the neighborhood, and will tell you about their customs.

Balneario del Jerte

Spa and wellness in Balneario del Jerte

And what better way to complete a day of activities in the Jerte Valley have a massage and enjoy spa of the Jerte Spa.

It is a hotel located opposite Valdastillas, in the lower area of ​​the valley, where you can enjoy a wide range of treatments wellness, as well as taking a bath in the pools of spa.

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