Snowshoe trekking on an icy lake of Karasjok in Norway

Snowshoe trekking in Karasjok in Arctic Norway

You already know that when you consider a winter trip to northern Norway, the central axis of it will be the activities to develop in the spectacular environment of great Snowy landscape.

In our recent trip to Karasjok, one of the interior destinations known as Arctic Norway, in the Lappish region of Central Finnmark, one of the excursions which we have done combines two of the activities that you can carry out.

Its about snowshoe trekking and the ice fishing.

Snowshoe trekking in Karasjok in Arctic Norway

It is a excursion which comes to last about four hours, time that, as usual in this type of activity, includes travel from the hotel where they will look for you to the area near Karasjok where it takes place, and the return to it.

How to walk with snowshoes

After leaving the transfer van on the side of the road and put on snowshoes, which is very simple, you will begin to walk along a path that will take you to a frozen lake where will you do the ice fishing activity.

I anticipate that at least in this case it is not an activity with a lot of physical demand, and having a minimum state of form you can walk with snowshoes No problem.

Of course, have maximum attention and do not get distracted when you walk, it is not difficult to trip and fall on the snow.

Snowshoe trekking in Karasjok in Arctic Norway

During the tour with the snowshoes they are explaining various curiosities about the flora and fauna of this arctic area, which implies successive stops that allow you to recover the rhythm.

In this area near Karasjok you will be able to see the characteristic arctic landscape of plains with soft hills where in winter the bushes of birches and snow have all the prominence.

Of course, you will find some curious corners, such as large granite rocks that explain you arrived there in their day as a result of the displacement of a large glacier.

You will also see traces of various animals, and the guide will give you some clues that will allow you to recognize them.

After walking almost a couple of kilometers along wide icy tracks and narrow paths between bushes, you will finally reach an icy lake.

Ice fishing in Karajok in Arctic Norway

How to fish under the ice of an icy lake

It's time to fish!

The first thing you can ask yourself is if you are in danger of sinking.

In this regard I will tell you that this activity in Karasjok It is carried out from December to mid-April, so it is assured that the ice of the lake is very thick.

In our case, we could verify this when the guide made the first hole on the ice.

Under the first surface layer of snow that covers the entire lake, the guide found an ice layer more than a meter thick and had to make a great effort to cross it and thus open the hole.

Ice fishing in Karasjok in Arctic Norway

In this regard, it must be remembered that trucks weighing between 40 and 50 tonnes circulate in the large frozen lakes of Norway in winter.

With the first hole open, the guide will explain how easy it is to handle the small rod that will deliver you, which consists of a simple reel and at the end of the thread, a "teaspoon" and a hook where live bait is put.

With two or three holes, we are several who try to fish, although in our case we had no luck, but I assure you that it is possible.

On a trip before arctic regions we had the opportunity to do the activity of ice fishing With the fortune of fishing a couple of fish.

While the fishing activity, on the banks of the lake a fire is prepared and the place where you are going to eat is enabled in an open hollow in the snow, where reindeer skins are placed to be able to sit.

When fishing is over, it's time to eat various specialties that are part of the Lappish diet, which are spent day and night outdoors taking care of large herds of reindeer with severe winter temperatures.

Ice fishing in Karasjok in Arctic Norway

So we could try the banana with chocolate heated directly to the fire, or smoked cheese with bread made with potatoes, Y sausages also heated in the campfire.

Finally it is time to return, so you will do with the snow rackets the same route until you reach the van.

I also warn you that it is likely that on this excursion you will have a very variable time, with moments when it is even snowing, and with others in which you can enjoy the sun.

This great climatic variability is very common in winter in this Arctic zone.

In short, an experience that you will always remember.

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