The best places to visit on a trip to Vic near Barcelona

Vic Mayor Square in the province of Barcelona

Did you know that the Main Square from the town of Vic inside the province of Barcelona it is by its dimensions the second largest in Catalonia?

Indeed, this town of about 30,000 inhabitants, capital of the region of Osona, has as its first major attraction its great plaza mayor.

And seeing that place was one of the objectives of the Vic visit During our recent trip through the province of the Catalan capital, although the truth is that we only saw one of its two slopes, the square with the Tuesday market, one of the largest and most popular in the region.

Vic Mayor Square in the province of Barcelona

Vic It is a town located an hour from the cities of Barcelona or Girona, so it is a suitable enclave to make a day trip.

It is located in an interior area bordering between the two Catalan provinces, well known for its persistent fogs and, consequently, for the usual large thermal investment in winter.

With a tradition of agricultural activity, Vic It is currently a commercial city, episcopal center and university city, all of which gives it a great life.

But from the tourist point of view, its great attraction is in a heritage of medieval origin, with a historic center where there are now samples of various architectural styles, including modernist buildings.

Market day at the Plaza Mayor de Vic in Barcelona

Vic You will also know him for his agrifood industry related to products extracted from pork, in particular, for the delicious Vic Sausage and for him fuet.

To visit it you have the option to sign up for aVic tour from Barcelona which also includes the visit of the charming town of Rupit, tour in which in addition to the bus transfer, you will make guided tours of both locations.

What to see and do in Vic

Looking forward to your visit to Vic, here I am going to highlight the most interesting places to meet on a walk through its historic center.

Vic Main Square

To appreciate the dimensions of the Vic's main square, it is best to see it on a day when there is no market, because there you will also see its characteristic style, as it is an unpaved square, whose surface remains covered with earth.

Vic Mayor Square in the province of Barcelona

Tuesdays and Saturdays are the market days in the main square of Vic, which dates back to the ninth century, and currently occupies its entire surface with positions where all kinds of products are sold.

The buildings that currently surround the square do not maintain an architectural uniformity, so you can see from Renaissance to Baroque facades.

Of course, under them run some arcaded galleries with high ceilings designed to facilitate the passage of horse riders.

El Merma in Vic

The Main Square It is the center where the most important events of the city are celebrated, and a curious corner to highlight is the corner where the sculpture of the character known as El merma, popular meeting point for Vic residents.

Vic City Hall

An ideal place to see a panoramic view of the Vic square is from the balcony of your town hall, which we had the opportunity to do.

City Hall at Vic City Hall in Barcelona

To highlight in this building the Hall of the Consistory Baroque style, as well as the room whose walls are completely decorated with paintings by the local artistJose Maria Sert, considered the best mural painter of the 30s, who has works made all over the world.

The Vic Tourist Office you find it in an annex building of the 14th century, which was once the Wheat Market, used for the sale of meat and fish, and where wheat and flour were weighed.

Vic Roman Temple

On the walk through the historic center of Vic a Roman temple of the first century will catch your attention.

Actually its existence was discovered in 1882 because in that place since the fifteenth century was the Montcada castle and the walls of the temple formed the inner courtyard of it.

From then on the reconstruction of the temple was carried out, in which there is only a section of original columns from the second century.

Roman temple of Vic in Barcelona

Church of Piety in Vic

Next to the temple is the church of the Pieta built in the early seventeenth century in baroque style on another old church, and whose Romanesque facade is preserved, although very damaged.

This deterioration is due to the type of stone with which it is built, which is falling apart, although there is a project for its possible rehabilitation.

Vic Cathedral

In Vic you can visit theSant Pere Cathedral, in whose building various architectural styles are mixed.

Your Romanesque bell tower, the tallest tower in a church in Catalonia, will catch your attention.

Bell tower of the Vic cathedral in Barcelona

But the facade of the same and the interior is neoclassical, with a cloister built in the fourteenth century in Gothic style, one of its chapels in the Baroque style, and the Romanesque style crypt.

Although, without a doubt, what will most attract your attention inside the Vic cathedral It is the mural decoration that covers all its walls, made by the aforementioned Jose Maria Sert, with some scenes and shades of colors that I advance you may be somewhat gloomy.

Vic Episcopal Museum

In VicNext to the cathedral, there is a very prominent museum.

Its about Episcopal Museum, which is one of the most important in Europe for its large collection of medieval works of art, both Romanesque and Gothic, with more than 29,000 preserved pieces, of which only 3,000 are shown.

Interior of the Vic Cathedral in Barcelona

They highlight their collections of goldsmiths, fabrics, glass and ceramics that are shown in a building with modern museum facilities.

Here you can check the visiting hours of the Episcopal Museum and the ticket prices.

Queralt Bridge

Outside the historic center, next to sections of the old wall of Vic, you can see the Queralt Bridge of the 11th century Romanesque style, which had to be crossed until 1274 to enter Vic from Barcelona.

In the area of ​​the boulevard where the bridge is located in its time the numerous furrier industrialists whose activity acquired great importance in Vic were installed.

Queralt Bridge in Vic in Barcelona

Taste the Salchichón de Vic

your Vic visit it will be incomplete if you don't try the famous (and delicious) Vic Salchichón.

And for this next to the historic center you find the factory of Riera Ordex House, belonging to the Riera family since 1852.

In this place you can see and they will explain to you how the sausage is made, all by hand, a tradition that in Vic in the past has led to the activity of up to 25 producers.

On the visit you can also see the sausage dryers that are on the upper floors of the building and, of course, you can taste it, and I anticipate that, by far, its flavor is much more delicious than that of the very popularfuet de Vic.

Salchichón de Vic at Casa Riera Ordex

How to get to Vic from Barcelona

The city of Vic is one hour from Barcelona by car, heading north on the route to La Garrotxa in Girona.

Video: Medieval Vic - Day Trip from Barcelona Vlog Catalonia, Spain (January 2020).