How to visit the best Christmas markets in Bavaria in Germany

Kempten Christmas market in Bavaria in southern Germany

Too long ago I had to travel to meet celebrities Germany's Christmas markets, and finally in the past year I had the opportunity to visit any of them.

Indeed, on the trip that I then made forBavaria, southern region of Germany, which had as its main objective visit Neuschwanstein Castle, you could not miss a walk through the Christmas markets.

It is one of the most popular german traditions, which extends throughout the country from north to south, and that during the Christmas season wraps cities and towns with a very special charm.

While some of the best knownChristmas markets in Germany are the Chriskindlesmarkt from Nuremberg and the Striezelmarkt from Dresden,

But in the state of Bavaria there are also many villages where in the weeks before the arrival of the Christmas You can enjoy this tradition.

These markets are installed every year from the end of November until December 24 or 25, although in some cases they last longer.

How to visit Christmas markets in Germany

In the Germany's Christmas markets You will find booths where they offer you from a great variety of handmade products, to the typical Christmas sweets of each region.

Kempten Christmas market in Bavaria in southern Germany

You will see that they have a great role in the booths where you can take the famous mulled wine with spices (Glühwein), which in the face of the cold it usually does, becomes a very comforting drink.

The Christmas markets are complemented by an extensive program of music concerts and choral songs, as well as activities aimed at children.

Kempten Christmas Market

In my quoted trip to bavaria I had the opportunity to visit the Kempten Christmas Market, small town in the region of Allgovia (Allgau), already located near the Alps, an hour and a half southwest of Munich.

Considered as the largest of the bavarian Christmas markets, is installed in the old town.

Specifically in the nerve center of this Bavarian town which is theRathausplatz, the Town Hall Square.

Kempten Christmas market in Bavaria in southern Germany

There you can see beautiful stone building that houses the town hall, which was built in 1474 to replace the old wooden building.

Known as Weihnachtliches, the Kempten Christmas market dates 2018 They are from November 29 to December 22, although on December 31 and every Saturday in January the market also has activity.

Their schedules are, from Monday to Friday, from 12 to 20 hours, and on Fridays and Saturdays it remains open until 9 pm.

Füssen Christmas Market

Another market that I visited on this trip has been the Füssen, very beautiful town of 15,000 inhabitants, one of the most visited of Bavaria because there you must go to see the aforementioned castle of crazy king.

This time it is a Advent market which is located in the inner courtyard of one of the most prominent corners of Füssen, he San Mang convent.

Füssen Christmas market in Bavaria in southern Germany

There you will find Christmas booths, with handicraft products and typical sweets, and also where taste the mulled wine.

Nor is there a scenario where Christmas music concerts, or children's activities take place, such as the production of soap bubbles that children like so much ... and the elderly.

Of course, in this Bavarian city The market only takes place on two weekends before the Christmas celebration.

Specifically, the Füssen Christmas Market 2018 dates They are from 7 to 9 and from December 14 to 16.

The schedules are, on Friday, from 5 pm to 8 pm; Saturday, from 11 to 20 hours; and Sunday, from 11 to 19 hours.

Where to see Christmas markets in Bavaria

Without a doubt, you have to go back to see more markets in Bavaria ...

For your trip, here are detailed information about dates and times of Christmas markets 2018 in Bavaria.

Kempten Christmas market in Bavaria in southern Germany

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