Christmas markets and other attractions to travel to Vienna in December

Christmas market in Vienna Photo: (c) Österreich Werbung, Harald Eisenberger

Always beautiful, irresistible these days, the Austrian capital it is the perfect scenario of a Magic christmas. And not only in Christmas.

The first Sunday after November 25 begins Advent, or what is the same, the month of preparation for Christmas what in Austria, it becomes a 30 day period to live the most endearing traditions of the year.

Although a unique environment can be enjoyed throughout the country, Vienna boasts its capital status.

Christmas market in Vienna Photo: © Schloss Schönbrunn Kultur und Betriebs GmbH, Fally

Christmas markets in Vienna

Your squares become lovely Christmas markets, its streets are illuminated in a special way and the Viennese recover their oldest traditions.

December 5 is the day of Krampus, the devilish character who visits children who have not behaved quite well and who, despite their disturbing appearance (hairy, black and dressed in chains), is one of the most anticipated characters by the little ones (and that they are not so much anymore ...).

Just one day later on Krampus is replaced by St nicolas, which deals with mandarin houses, nuts and chocolates.

And is that if sweets are a real claim throughout the year in Vienna, during the Advent the aroma of pastry reaches any corner.

Vanilla cookies, typical sweet in Austria Photo: © Österreich Werbung, Harald Eisenberger

Practically all the houses begin to prepare the Vanillekipferlor Vanilla cookies Crescent shaped, and you won't find a more typical sweet these days.


If you want to learn how to prepare these cookies and other typical Austrian sweets, such as Kipferl, he Nusstaler or the traditional cinnamon slices, here you can check the best proposals about Austria and always be aware of the most original ideas

You don't always have the opportunity to immerse yourself in a story setting, so being in Vienna You have to walk without fear of cold.

He Schönbrunn Palace, former residence of the emperor; that of Hofburg, to commemorate the life of the imperial family, or that of Belvedere, which today houses the Austria Gallery, are just a sample of the splendor of the city.

Christmas at Belvedere Castle in Vienna Photo: © Österreich Werbung, Harald Eisenberger

Next to them, the Museum neighborhood wave Opera. And between them, to make a stop along the way, always an excellent coffee or Heurigentypical Austrian taverns.

Few cities offer a Christmas atmosphere so lovely like the one that can be enjoyed in Vienna these days before Christmas.

December in the capital of Austria It is the countdown of a magical story that you have to live at least once.

Here you have information about how the Advent season is lived in Austria.

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