This is how the Alcoy Three Kings Cavalcade is lived in Alicante

Cavalcade of the Magi in Alcoy in Alicante

One of the great traditions in Spain when the Christmas is the Three Kings Cavalcade, since almost all populations have theirs, from large cities to small towns.

But last year we had the great luck of being able to meet the oldest in Spain, the Three Kings Cavalcade of Alcoy.

It is such a special ride, that when you know it you realize how lucky the children of Alcoy To be able to live in the first person this unique event where there is an illusion throughout the city.

The ride has its origin in 1885, and during the following years they were adding several acts, such as les burretes or the celebration of Side that would end up forming the current ride.

What to see in Cabalgata Reyes Magos de Alcoy

At present these parties have become a succession of activities and events that are not only limited to the day of the parade of the wise men, but the previous days you can already live the spirit of these holidays.

Parade of les pastoretes in Alcoy

It all starts with the celebration of a parade until the Town Hall Square made by les pastoretes.

Cavalcade of the Magi in Alcoy in Alicante

They are groups of children dressed as shepherds and dance groups and cars that travel the Sant Nicolau street until you reach the stable placed in the Spain Square, where presents with presents to child Jesus.

It takes place on Sunday morning or holiday before the big day. On January 5.

As a curiosity, since 1887 on one of the balconies of the Spain Square a telegram is announced every year announcing the imminent arrival of the Magi to the city.

In the beginning it was hung on the facade of Catholic Circle of Workers, just the day before the ride.

Bethlehem of Tirisiti in Alcoy

Also during the previous days you can see, and so we did, the traditional Tirisiti Nativity Scene. which you can visit from December 20 to January 5 with performances every 45 minutes.

Cavalcade of the Magi in Alcoy in Alicante

It is not a traditional nativity scene, but a representation of puppets for the little ones that takes place in a theater where the arrival of the children is recreated wise men to the Bethlehem portal between funny situations that happen to the characters of the town.

Among them the best known is Tirisiti, the husband of Teresita, a Pito voice character that calls for the interaction of children who fill the theater while enjoying their crazy stories.

It is a short show but very fun, where children and not-so-children go out after having a good time.

The side

On day 4 at dusk the proclamation of Uncle Piam, an act in which the arrival of the Royal Ambassador.

After the proclamation several men and women dressed in traditional Alcoyan costumes, accompanied by the characters of the Tirisiti Nativity Scene, ascend to the Round Font to receive the ambassador.

Tirisiti at Christmas in Alcoy in Alicante

This act dating from 1924 was recovered a few years ago marks the beginning of the celebrations.

After this brief act, the first of the great parades begins.

He is headed by the men and women who have ascended to meet the ambassador.

Traditional dances and songs set the arrival of Ambassador of the Magi and his pages.

Els Negres, which is how the pages are affectionately known, have a very great importance in these parties since the day of the ride they are the ones who give the children the gifts.

Pages in the Three Kings Cavalcade in Alcoy

After the entourage of the villagers, the pages and the ambassador who announces with a proclamation the arrival of their majesties. Black and white burrito parades loaded with mailboxes are paraded as saddlebags, in which the children deposit the letter to the wise men.

We loved this part of the parade, since you can see the illusion that children have when leaving their letter, and the one that parents show for continuing with the most entrenched traditions of the town.

Although the letter can be left in any of the mailboxes that the burrites carry, they told us some Alcoyans that it is better to leave it in the black burrito since they give more luck and you get more gifts. Will it be true?

Camp of the Magi

It was a tradition in the town to say that wise men They spent the night in the camp located on the mountain, but for a few years the dream of all children to visit it is possible on the morning of the day of the ride.

We wanted to meet him, and at 9 in the morning, which is the time from which you can visit the Royal Camp, we went to see him.

We went by bus because in a private car it is not recommended for the collapse that is mounted when climbing, since there is no place to park. Another option is to arrive by taxi or on foot.

The camp consists of two jaimas, The one of the wise men, who during the visit can not see them to preserve the magic that can only be seen on the ride, and the jaima of the Type Real, which is where all the distribution of the packages is organized.

In addition there are several spaces where you can also see the camels and the animals that accompany the royal entourage.

To visit the camp you have to pay a testimonial entry of one euro for solidarity purposes, and it closes at 15 hours to prepare the ride.

Pages uploading gifts at the Three Kings Cavalcade in Alcoy

Cavalcade of the Three Kings of Alcoy

The ride It is certainly the star moment of the party, and for us it was very special.

We had the opportunity to climb one of the balconies of the Sant Nicolau street, which is the one with historic buildings and facades and flows into the Spain Square, where the last act that closes the party is performed.

The Alcoy Cavalcade It is very unique in several aspects.

The wise men Melchior, Gaspar Y Balthazar they are presented in a different order since Balthazar, "The black king" is the second to parade, and not the last, as in most horseback riding.

Cavalcade of the Magi in Alcoy in Alicante

In addition, it is the pages that deliver the gifts, which is represented in a great way as we could live in the first person.

The pages go up to deliver the gifts to the children who live in the first floors of the streets that the cavalcade runs, during which they raise long red stairs through which they access the balconies of the houses.

It is an event that we live from within with a family of Alcoy, and that gives a tremendously special point to the delivery of gifts to children, since the street is filled with stairs through which the pages go up to deliver the gifts.

In the video that accompanies this article you can share with us the exciting moment we could live.

After the passage of wise men and all his entourage, the ride goes to the Spain Square, where a human nativity scene awaits you to perform the act of worship in which their majesties they deliver the gold, frankincense and myrrh to child Jesus.

Fireworks mark the end of Christmas parties in Alcoy and they represent our last step in a visit that we will never forget and to which we will certainly return.

If you have occasion, I strongly recommend that you know this festival full of traditions, because you will surely feel the illusion with which you live in Alcoy.

Here you can download the Christmas brochure in Alcoy, with information about the Three Kings Cavalcade.

Cavalcade of the Magi in Alcoy in Alicante

Video: Cavalcade 6th January los Reyes Madrid y Alcoy 2016 (January 2020).