Tips for skiing in Formigal-Panticosa in the Pyrenees of Aragon

Collado at the Formigal ski resort in Aragon

If this season you consider skiing in Formigal, at Aragonese Pyrenees, you may already know that it is the station with the largest ski area in Spain, without considering those of Andorra.

Formigal is located in the Tena Valley, in the center of Pyrenees from Aragon, and its tracks linked to those of Panticosa make up a ski domain 180 kilometers with 146 tracks total.

But, how to get to Formigal-Panticosa? ¿where it is better to ski? ¿where can i park? than type of tracks is there in each zone? which are the beginner tracks?

Retrack in Portalet at the Formigal ski resort in Aragon

Next you have some Useful tips for skiing in Formigalin Aragon.

How to get to Formigal

The ski resort of Formigal is located north of Huesca, from where you have to go on the A-23, and when you arrive at Sabinanigo you have to take the A-123 that takes you to Biescas Y Sallent de Gállego.

In the same valley that leads you to Formigal you will pass by the ski resort of Panticosa separated by only 14 kilometers, and with which it configures the aforementioned ski domain.

If you go by carfrom Madrid to Formigal it will take just over five hours (477 km), and if you dare to gofrom Barcelona, it's four and a half hours (360 km).

Anayet area in the Formigal ski resort in Aragon

After recently opening a new section on the N-260,from the Basque Country You reach Formigal in less than 3 hours, and from Pamplona, ​​in two hours.

How tall is the Formigal-Panticosa ski resort

Thedimensions of the Formigal-Panticosa station They have a minimum height of 1,111 meters and a maximum of 2,250 meters.

How many ski slopes are there in Formigal-Panticosa

At ski domain of Formigal-Panticosa you can ski for a total of 146 tracks, which extend alongfour valleys,

Of these, 12 are green tracks, 35 are blue tracks, 51 are red tracks and 43 are black tracks, with a somewhat higher number than Baqueira Beret.

Formigal ski resort in Aragon

How many kilometers of artificial snow slopes does Formigal-Panticosa have

Formigal-Panticosa station is equipped with550 cannons with a total of 47 kilometers of artificial snow tracks.

Family recreation area in Formigal

In the family leisure areaPortalet Park located in thePortalet Valley, with an area of ​​10 hectares, offers, among other attractions, dog sled tours, igloo construction,snowbike or sled trains.

How many lifts are there in Formigal

In this Aragonese ski resort you have a total of 37 ski lifts, with 17 chairlifts (including one with 8 seats and four with 6 seats), 9 ski lifts and 10 conveyor belts.

El Bosque area in the Formigal ski resort in Aragon

The drag capacity of the station is 50,000 skiers / hour.

Fortait prices in Formigal-Panticosa in the 2018 - 2019 season

As for the2019 ski pass prices in Formigal-PanticosaIf you make the purchase online, for example, for non-consecutive days of free choice, the price for one day ranges from 40 to 46 euros (32 to 37 euros for children and veterans).

Here you can check all therates for skiing in Formigal-Panticosa.

Best ski slopes in Formigal

The ski slopes of Formigal they extend through four valleys, to which you are successively arriving from the small town of Formigal.

Formigal ski resort in Aragon

All are connected to each other by at least one blue and one red track, so anyone can move from one valley to another skiing.

In all Formigal ski areas you find easy clues and, specifically, the track of the river of Sixth, the chairlift of two of Sarrios and the track of Anayet They are wide and easy, highly recommended for beginners and children.

Skiing in Sixths

The first of the ski areas you find is Sixth, which is the closest to the town of Formigal, from where you can reach by means of a little train. The parking is next to the road.

As you climb the road to the different areas, you will find more abundant snow and in better condition.

If there is a lot of snow, in the area of Sixth Valley It is totally advisable to Forest track (red), which runs between trees and offers beautiful landscapes.

Formigal ski resort in Aragon

But yes, there has to be a lot of snow, and it is also better to go early because they usually close it in the afternoon when snow is scarce.

In that same area of Sixth you have the Three Men track, which is where competitions are held.

With a very important slope, if the tracks are very frozen you will find yourself facing a wall that is very difficult to pass; There is an alternative detour to avoid it, but you have to be alert because it is not well marked.

Skiing in Sarrios

In the next valley, east of Sixth, you have Sarrios, where the area of ​​the great jumps stands out, and where the snow park, with railings and other attractions for users of the snow.

It is an area where several red tracks run parallel to the hillside, accessed by dragging.

Formigal ski resort in Aragon

Skiing in Anayet

At Anayet Valley, the star track is known as Anayet, a very wide blue, facilitates, but with some interesting slope.

It is a track that everyone likes, regardless of whether you ski right or wrong.

Skiing in Portalet

The last valley you find is that of Portalet, already next to the border with France.

It is the least familiar and is where you can practice the ski retrack, drag system by which a snow plow machine climbs several skiers to a slope that is only accessed in this way.

Formigal ski resort in Aragon

If there is virgin snow, that is the best area of ​​the Formigal station for skiers with a better level, because virgin snow accumulates. But yes, it is a difficult area, only for expert skiers.

An obvious advice before going, is to know if there is snow in Formigal, Y how many clues are open… and which are they.

Where to park in Formigal

When you arrive in Formigal, you find a roundabout with the detour to the town of Formigal, access to the first of the car parks, that of Sixth, or the road in the direction of France and the other car parks and ski areas.

Each valley has its own parking, and, by order, you find those of Sixth, Sarrios, Anayet Y Portalet.

In the first (Sixth) and the last (Portalet), he parking you find it by the road; in the other two you have to deviate from the road.

Formigal ski resort in Aragon

Of the latter you should know that for get on Sarrios, the second parking of the station, you have to ascend a mini port, which when it is very snowy can be dangerous, so it sometimes closes because it has complicated curves.

Also, if it is snowing, the car can skate. It is undoubtedly the most complicated area to access the Formigal station.

Instead, the other of the parking lots to which you have to deviate from the road, that of AnayetIt has good access, there are very few curves and it is easily reached.

In total, in Formigal there are 6,000 parking spaces at the foot of the slopes. You should also know that there is a bus (Sky bus) that joins all areas of the Formigal station.

How to find a hotel or apartment in Formigal-Panticosa

Looking at your accommodation is a getaway, here are some useful tips onwhere to look for hotels and apartments for skiing in Formigal.

In this article you find information with the advantages and disadvantages of staying in the different villages that are near this ski resort of the Aragonese Pyrenees.

Also, to facilitate your search, here you have access to hotel and apartment offers inFormigal.

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