Tips for skiing at the Sierra Nevada station in Andalusia

Sierra Nevada ski resort in Andalusia

For many years the ski resorts that we have frequented have been those located in the Pyrenees, specifically, those of Granvalira in Andorra and Formigal in Aragon, as well as that of La Molina.

But the truth is that we really wanted to know the Sierra Nevada station in Andalusia, which we have now had the opportunity to do.

Sierra Nevada It has become one of the most important tourist destinations in ski season within the Iberian Peninsula and not only for its more than 100 kilometers of skiable domain.

Sierra Nevada ski resort in Andalusia

The Sierra Nevada station is in the province of Granada, and as a curiosity, its chair lifts reach a few meters from the peak of the peak vane, the third highest in the peninsula.

In addition, for its location just 30 kilometers from the Granada cityIt makes it a popular destination for families who simply want to spend a day in the mountains.

What activities to do in Sierra Nevada

Gone are those days when going to a ski resort was based solely on taking your material and sliding down the slopes.

Now all the villages where the stations are located offer a wide range offer of activities for skiers and non-skiers.

Sierra Nevada ski resort in Andalusia

Plus,Sierra Nevada It is a very suitable place to enjoy this offer since, despite its altitude, it is one of the stations where you can enjoy more sunny days in winter season.

In the lower part of town you will find an area where you can to sled and in donuts inflatables, descend a small roller coaster or ride a few bike-sled.

You can also enjoy some of the restaurants that are located around the central square and the streets of the lower area, where there is always a great atmosphere of skiers and visitors, with some places that offer live music or terraces from which to see the sunset.

You also have the possibility to buy a ski pass for non-skiers which gives you the possibility of going up and down, once, to the intermediate zone of the station called Borreguiles.

Best tracks in Sierra Nevada

Chairlifts that place their highest levels above 3200 meters of altitude, north face of the mountain and very well optimized snow cannons create perfect conditions for the formation and maintenance of snow.

Sierra Nevada ski resort in Andalusia

He Sierra Nevada town It is the starting point of the station and where you can go skiing on your return.

Structuring the station in broad strokes, it consists of four zones.

Tracks in Borreguiles

The central part of Borreguiles is where the initiation zone and from here come most of the chairlifts of Sierra Nevada.

It can be considered the heart of the station, ideal for beginners for those who have placed two chairlifts of four people that give you access to the whole area with less slope of the station.

There you can buy or rent ski equipment, in addition to eating on your terrace, and this enclave comes the two central cable cars of the station.

Sierra Nevada ski resort in Andalusia

Tracks in Veleta

If you are looking towards the mountain, on the left side you will find one of the most beautiful areas accessed from the Veleta and Stadium chairliftseven from the chairlift of the lagoon, located at the highest point of the station.

Without a doubt for its views it is one of the most spectacular areas of the station, but it is not suitable for beginners, as it has narrow roads that end on red tracks from where you can see the city of Granada.

In this area the longest track in Sierra Nevada, Eagle, a red track that we loved and that we repeated several times.

Tracks in Laguna de las Yeguas

At the other side of Borreguiles is the Mares Lagoon.

Sierra Nevada ski resort in Andalusia

It is the highest point of the station, and from where you can see the Mediterranean Sea and on clear days the view can reach to see the coast of Morocco.

It is an area only indicated for high levels because all the tracks are red.

This area is accessed from Borreguiles taking the Veleta I chairlift and crossing to the adjoining valley, or through the only drag that there is at the station, which we liked a lot because we could climb two people together, each one next to the "hanger".

Tracks in Loma de Dílar

The Domalar Hill it would be the last ski area in Sierra Nevada, which is accessed from three points

From the central area of Borreguiles, with a short chairlift that leaves you on the Observatory antenna; since The lagoon with a very curious chair lift that has a turn in its ascent, something unusual; and also from the town area of Pradollano.

Sierra Nevada ski resort in Andalusia

We use it in the mornings to avoid the waiting times that usually occur in the central cable cars at the beginning of the day.

In Sierra Nevada for climb to the slopes you have three options, two cable cars, one with seats, which is the highest one, and the other one on which you stand up; both take you to the area of Borreguiles, cited central axis of the station.

The other access that there is apart from the funiculars, is the one that I mentioned previously that takes you to the area of ​​the Domalar Hill, place where the snowpark.

It is a four-seat chairlift that leaves from the lowest part of town in Pradollano, which we used to find empty and that we use many times every time we went down skiing to the village.

A very positive point that we have found throughout the station is the efficient placement of the ski lifts, since from several of them you can access almost all the tracks of the station.

Tips for skiing in Sierra Nevada

The time of last upload It is always a very important fact for what they enjoy until the last moment.

Sierra Nevada ski resort in Andalusia

In this regard you should know that the chairlifts that leave from the area of Borreguiles They are the ones that later close the entire station, as it goes up to one of the highest points and all its tracks flow into the town.

Another important fact regarding the end of the day is that the part of The lagoon It closes at 16:20, but you can not go down again because it is the only area of ​​the station that has no access to the town.

That last climb will allow you to reach the Valley of Borreguiles from where, there you can go back to town.

The most frequented track for that last descent is one of the most popular, The river, which is usually filled with initiation level skiers.

There are some alternatives to avoid agglomerations that this track produces at the last minute.

The easiest is that of get off at the funicular from Borreguiles, but if you want to go down skiing, you can take the red slopes of narrow roads.

Sierra Nevada ski resort in Andalusia

Or even if your level allows it, the black tracks that go below the funicular, which when we were we had the best snow.

Another option would be to return from the Domalar Hill.

Where to eat in Sierra Nevada

To be honest, the truth is that eating in the restaurants on the slopes has surprised us negatively.

What we usually do is eat on tracks, aspect that in other stations that we know is quite careful when offering sandwiches or hamburgers that are at least hot.

And the truth is that in Sierra Nevada we tried enough restaurants of those found on tracks and we did not find one of that level; I don't know if we had bad luck or it is always like that, but it was the most negative point of the trip.

Sierra Nevada ski resort in Andalusia

The only one who was saved a little is the one at the exit of the chairlift Stadium; We don't ask for a super restaurant, but at least if you enjoy a chicken or tenderloin sandwich that you can eat hot…

When we return we will see if they have improved this aspect and we will tell.

Where to sleep in Sierra Nevada

At the time of stay in Sierra Nevada, there is a very important fact, the access to the slopes is in the lower part of the town, so it is undoubtedly the best place to book the hotel or apartment, and where the large hotels with spa.

Sierra Nevada It extends along the slope of the mountain, so its layout is clearly vertical with large slopes.

A one-way road descends zig-zag and on that road you will find apartments and hotels until you reach Pradollano.

Sierra Nevada ski resort in Andalusia

But one of the most interesting and useful aspects is the two-person chairlift in Pradollanolocated in the lowest area of ​​the town.

From there, it goes up to the highest part of the Sierra Nevada, making a stop halfway, which makes the station more accessible.

Of course, it must be borne in mind that this chairlift is only open until 5:30 p.m., although in practice it does not close until the tail is finished to climb, which is usually around 7 p.m., depending on the amount of The people who use it.

We used to drink a beer when we finished skiing around 4:30 p.m. or 5:00 p.m., taking advantage of the sun on the terraces, and when the sun went down we were already going to the ski lift, which we took at about 6:30 p.m. and there was still queue to climb.

But beware, this wide sleeve with the chairlift schedule is only for climbing, not for lowering.

It is also true that the apartments that are closest to the slopes usually have small access to the slopes.

Sierra Nevada ski resort in Andalusia

Even in the highest part of the station there is a chairlift that serves so that those who are staying higher do not have so many problems to access the slopes.

Here you can book your hotel in Sierra Nevada.

Ski equipment rental

Although for years I have my own ski equipment, a friend who accompanied us did not have him and had to rent him.

In Sierra Nevada there are many places to rent it; we did it in one of the shops of the town and the price was 65 euros for 4 days, renting boots and board snowboard.

Prices Ski pass in Sierra Nevada

The theme of ski pass It is always important in every ski resort, and in our case we arrived at the station in the afternoon and the first thing we did was to buy them to avoid queues.

Sierra Nevada ski resort in Andalusia

In addition to the classic lockers of a lifetime, in Sierra Nevada they have installed some machines like those of the ATMs of the banks where you can take out the ski pass.

It has an advantage, and it speeds up the purchase, yes, only for card payment. In our case they were very useful, and when buying the ski pass in the afternoon, they began to count the skiable days from the next day.

Here you can check the ski pass prices in Sierra Nevada.

Keep in mind that when you purchase the ski pass They charge you 3 euros for each card, amount that is refunded when you return it, which you can do even in a machines enabled for that purpose.

Where to park in Sierra Nevada

If you get to Sierra Nevada by carSurely you are worried about the issue of parking.

You'll find parking areas at the entrance to the town, but I don't think it's worth leaving there because you have to walk a lot to the slopes and, if you go with your own ski equipment, it won't make up for the hike.

There's a parking It costs between 16 and 20 euros a day, depending on whether it is high or low season, and there are also discounts if you leave the car for several days.

Finally, here you can check the parking rates in Sierra Nevada.

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