Where and how to see Castildetierra in the Bardenas Reales de Navarra

Cabezo Castildetierra in the natural park of Bardenas Reales in Navarra

I'm sure you may be surprised that Navarre offer landscapes like those that can be seen in the Bardenas Reales.

In this natural park locatedsoutheast of Navarra you findsemi-desert landscapes very different from the image you may have of this land, more in line with the greenish landscapes that you find north of the Community.

Of course in the Navarre Pyrenees you will enjoy green and lush landscapes of mountains and valleys, but when visit the Bardenas Reales you will see many Rocky formations in the context of very arid landscapes.

Castildetierra in the Bardenas Reales de Navarra

Where is the header Castildetierra

But the one that may be the most amazing is the formation known as Castildetierra, which has become the icon image of this natural park, and from which I tell you some curiosities.

It's about a great rocky pinnacle, type of training called head, of which there are other different signs in the park.

A header is the result and best example of the erosion process that has suffered these places for millions of years.

Specifically the head of Castildetierra you find it in the western limit of Bardenas Reales, natural park whose surface extends elongated from north to south.

Castildetierra in the Bardenas Reales de Navarra

Castildetierra It is located in a place located northwest of the circular route located in the center of the park that surrounds the area known as La Blanca Baja.

How the Royal Bardenas were formed

To understand how the curious rock Castildetierra, we must know that millions of years ago the current places of theBardenas Reales They were covered by water.

When it disappeared when there was an opening to the Mediterranean Sea, sedimentary rocks with different compositions remained.

The headers they occur because in the upper part of the rock formation there are more resistant materials to erosion, such as limestone or sandstone, and in the lower part there are softer materials, such as clays.

In this way, the slopes of the formation suffer erosion more quickly, while the upper part endures with a larger size.

Castildetierra in the Bardenas Reales de Navarra

Of course, the head of Castildetierra, in the Bardenas Reales, is condemned over time to his disappearance.

But I assure you it will not be in the coming months ... so when you visit this natural park of Navarra, will be waiting for you to be amazed and make you believe that you are in the Arizona lands.

How to get to Castildetierra

To the head of Castildetierra you will arrive directly by the race that runs along the western limit of the Bardenas Reales from Arguedas, locality where the tourist information center of the natural park is located.

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