Discover the best places to see in the visit of Medina Azahara

Archaeological remains of Medina Azahara near Córdoba

You may not know that in your tourist trip to Cordoba, in addition to the absolutely essential mosque visit, you also have the opportunity to visit the archaeological remains of another one of the top works of the muslim art in Andalusia.

Is about Medina Azahara, which in its time was the maximum expression of the boom and power of Caliphate of Córdoba.

Effectively, Medina Azahara it was a palatial complex that the first caliph of Cordoba, Abderramán III, ordered to build on the outskirts of the city, which became its place of residence, as well as the political center of the caliphate.

Rico Hall in Medina Azahara near Córdoba

Medina Azahara history

Built in 936, Medina Azahara became the capital of Al Andalus, and this small city of 112 hectares extended to the main dignitaries of the caliphate.

Of course, its boom lasted a short time, because after the war that led to the fall of the Umayyad Caliphate of Cordoba, from 1013 this palace complex was abandoned.

Many centuries had to pass before the archaeological remains of Medina Azahara.

This happened in 1911, and thereafter the recovery and restoration of this archaeological complex.

Archaeological remains of Medina Azahara near Córdoba

How to get to Medina Azahara from Córdoba

For go from Córdoba you have the option to sign up for a guided tour of Medina Azahara, excursion that with Spanish guide which takes you by bus from the city center to the aforementioned archaeological remains.

With three hours of the complete visit, if you have your own vehicle you also have the option to join the visit already in Medina Azahara.

If you prefer to visit on your own and have a car, from Cordoba you have to take the A-432 road that goes to Palm of the River, which you take from the Poniente Round.

About 4 kilometers to the right you will find the turnoff towards Medina Azahara.

If you do not have a car, there is a daily service public transport by bus that starts from the Victoria walk, with initial stop in theRed Cross Roundabout Hospital and in front of Victory Market, and it takes 20 minutes to reach the archeological enclave.

Archaeological remains of Medina Azahara near Córdoba

Here you can check the Daily bus schedules from Córdoba to Medina Azaharaas well as do the online booking of the ticket.

The ticket prices (2019) They are 9 euros for adults, and 5 euros for children from 5 to 12 years. Children under 5 have a free ticket.

These prices include the ticket of the Medina Azahara bus that links the museum with the archaeological remains.

How to visit Medina Azahara

Until October 2009, before the opening of the Medina Azahara Museum, for visit the archaeological remains You had to climb to the top of the hill to park the car.

From there you accessed the archaeological site and walked down to explore the remains of this ancient Caliphate city.

Archaeological remains of Medina Azahara near Córdoba

But after the opening of the museum, which is next to the road of the old access to the hill, you must leave the car in the parking lot enabled for that purpose, not being able to climb with it to the entrance of the enclosure.

It is advisable that, first, you visit the museum to make a first approach to Medina Azahara.

Once you have visited the museum, you can now take one of the shuttle buses that continuously go up to the entrance of the archaeological site, with a ticket price of 2.10 euros for adults and 1.50 euros for children from 5 to 12 years old and seniors +65.

After visiting it, you must take one of the buses again to go down to the parking lot.

He approximate time of the visit from Medina Azahara, including the tour of the museum, is between 2.5 and 3 hours.

Archaeological remains of Medina Azahara near Córdoba

What to see in the visit of Medina Azahara

Medina Azahara It was arranged on several terraces on the hillside, forming a rectangular enclosure, with sweeping views of the plain leading to the Cordoba city.

Medina Azahara viewpoint

From the lookout what's in the entrance of Medina Azahara You have excellent views of what was the palace complex, where you can see the layout of the houses and some of the city gates.

You can also see to the east, next to some gardens, and somewhat separated from the rectangular enclosure, the remains of what was Aljama Mosque, the main city.

Door of the House of Yafar in Medina Azahara near Córdoba

Door of the House of Yafar

On your walk through the archeological remains, the Door of the House of Yafar, which maintains part of its careful decoration.

Yafar was a prime minister of the Caliphate Cordoba from Abderramán III when this palatial complex began to be built in 936.

Of the remains of this house of Medina Azahara, of which you can still see the plant of three longitudinal ships, the highlight is its large door with three horseshoe arches, where you can appreciate the great decoration of the caliphal art.

In the ornamentation of the Door of the House of Yafar You can see the vegetal and geometric theme.

Rico Hall in Medina Azahara near Córdoba

Rich Hall in Medina Azahara

Another very prominent corner is called Rico Hall, which is quite restored, and where you can get an idea of ​​the splendor that Medina Azahara He had in his time.

In his day, the Rico Hall It was the central axis of the palace complex.

Also, during your walk you will surely pass under the arches of the Great porch, which was the main entrance to the palace grounds of Medina Azahara.

Opening hours visit Medina Azahara

The Medina Azahara visiting hours they are, in summer (from June 16 to September 15), from Tuesday to Sunday, from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Archaeological remains of Medina Azahara near Córdoba

In autumn and winter (from September 16 to March 31), the hours are, from Tuesday to Saturday, from 9 am to 6 pm, and on Sundays, until 3 pm.

And in spring (from April 1 to June 15), the hours are, from Tuesday to Saturday, from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m., and Sundays and holidays, from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.

On Mondays the archaeological site of Medina Azahara is closed for visitors.

The Admission to Medina Azahara is free For citizens of the European Union, and for the rest of visitors, the price of admission is 1.5 euros.

Medina Azahara Tour

If you prefer to make the visit by signing up for an organized excursion, here is the information of the Medina Azahara Tour.

Archaeological remains of Medina Azahara near Córdoba

Leaving Córdoba by bus to the archaeological remains, you will do the visit with a guide in Spanish that will explain to you the history of the ancient Caliphate palace complex and all its corners.

The visit, including transfers, lasts about three hours, and you also have the option to go in your own car and sign up for the guided tour only.

Finally for your accommodation, here you have access to for find a hotel in Córdoba.

How to get to Medina Azahara

You can find Medina Azahara on the road to Palma del Río, just 10 kilometers west of the center of the city of Córdoba.

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