How is the experience of seeing northern lights in northern Norway

Northern Lights in Kirkenes in Northern Norway

When you ask travel in winter to northern Norway, as I have done recently, you certainly have the possibility of see northern lights.

Moreover, possibly this curious and spectacular phenomenon known as the Night lights whatever leads you to make that trip. It may even be the sole purpose of the trip.

If you are also struck by Aurora borealis, as is my case, below you have the information you need to know how to see this impressive spectacle of nature.

Camp for a Northern Lights safari in northern Norway

How to see Northern Lights

Therefore, it is important that, at the outset, be clear that certain conditions to see northern lights, and that there is no certainty about it.

What are the northern lights

Surely you've seen spectacular night photos of snowy places where the sky is covered with lights of green, violet or reddish tones, with various shapes.

That is what is known as Aurora borealis, although in the southern hemisphere they are called southern auroras.

Northern Lights in Kirkenes in Northern Norway

These are brightness and luminescence that appear at night in the areas closest to the poles of our planet.

The northern lights are the result of the collision of the solar wind with the magnetic field caused by the nucleus of the Earth, which produces invisible lines that start from both poles.

What is the time to see northern lights

However theAurora borealis It is possible to see them from September to March, also depending on where you are.

Where to see Northern Lights

To do this, the first thing you have to do is go as far north as possible from the hemisphere, above the Arctic Circle, the further to the north, the more possibilities there are to see them.

Camp for a Northern Lights safari in northern Norway

Therefore, the Northern Norway is an ideal place to see northern lights, as I could see on my trip, although in recent times it seems that they are also appearing somewhat further south.

Here you have specific information about Offers to see the Northern Lights in Norway.

Conditions to see northern lights

The winter trip I made to the Lapland Norway, to the north of the country, had the attraction of participating in various snow activities, such as going on adog sled, drivesnowmobiles or sleep in an ice hotel.

But deep down there was a dream: see northern lights.

And the truth is that we could see well soon Northern Lights from the same plane that moved us from Oslo until Tromso, because when flying above the clouds, there was one of the essential conditions to see them, the clear sky.

Once in Tromso they also gave the conditions to see a northern lights.

Camp for a Northern Lights safari in northern Norway

This city considered as the Arctic Gate It is located north enough to do so.

In fact, there was a night of clear sky, which allowed those who after dinner, instead of going to the rooms, went outside the hotel located in the same port.

Of course, given the light pollution produced by the city lights, it was not the best situation to see in its greatest splendor the dawn that formed.

But, for example, in Tromso you can sign up for Northern Lights Tour so that you will be transferred to the outskirts of the city, and at the same time enjoy a typical Norwegian dinner, with good lighting conditions you can enjoy this phenomenon.

Northern Lights in Kirkenes

Already in Kirkenesalong the coast very near the border of Norway with Russia, the location of this city so far north offers the best conditions you can find in that country to see northern lights.

Camp for a Northern Lights safari in northern Norway

It was only necessary to enjoy a clear night, and that happened during the last night of stay.

The conditions were also not the best, because although we were not in a city, but in a nearby valley where the Snowhotel, the lights of its facilities and an almost full moon did not propitiate them.

How to know if there will be northern lights

In this regard, to know what are the forecasts about the possibility of aurora borealis being generated in one night and at what time they will look better, you can use the mobile application «Norway Lights«.

Once you have indicated the place where you are, the application will indicate «Try»If it is possible for auroras to appear, and«Go»If there are the best conditions.

From the notice of «Go«, Yes, very well sheltered, because the temperature was several degrees below zero, and with camera and tripod in hand, it is time to locate the place where you can best see trying to avoid lights that distort the contemplation.

And finally, for an hour we could see northern lights.

Northern Lights in Kirkenes in Northern Norway

When you look at the starry sky, you may see something similar to a nebula, which indicates that the northern lights are forming.

The night lights they appear and disappear with greater and lesser intensity, while they can do different forms.

A Northern Lights It is not a static light, but of continuous movement, so you have to be very attentive to the different areas of the sky and you have to point the camera at various places.

In our experience, the peak was a northern lights that, like a large greenish arc, crossed the sky for quite some time, which allowed several photographs to be taken.

Northern Lights Safari

Now, if what you really want is «hunt northern lights«, You must look for the ideal environmental conditions ... and always arm yourself with patience.

Snowy landscapes in Kirkenes in northern Norway

For this the ideal is to go to a camp like the Borealis Camp that we met in Gapahuken Sollia Gjestegard, very close to the border with Russia.

Among other snow activities, they offer you the possibility of spending a very cold winter night living the experience of an unforgettable northern lights safari.

Located inside a mountainous valley, you will be transferred by snowmobile to the camp on a journey of just under an hour.

You have the option of going from 6 pm, already night time in the winter of northern norway, until 10 at night, or spend the entire night.

Camp for a Northern Lights safari in northern Norway

You will have food and you will not lack coffee, and when you have already enjoyed and photographed all the northern lights you want (if you have been lucky, of course), you will sleep in a thermal bag inside a well heated store, where you can even spend heat .

Do you sign up for the experience of seeing northern lights in northern Norway? I am looking forward to repeating.

Video: Chasing Lights in Tromsø, Norway (January 2020).