When and how to see the piornos in bloom 2019 in Sierra de Gredos

Piornos in bloom in the Sierra de Gredos south of Ávila

Upon returning from my lastGetaway to the Jerte Valley to see the cherry blossoms, I was surprised when from the road I saw the mountains of the foothills of Gredos covered with a yellow carpet.

They were piornos, which began to be in bloom in the Sierra de Gredos, in the province of Ávila.

In case you did not know, the piorno is a bush of low forest, which in most of the year will not get your attention at all, but that in spring, during the flowering, is covered with beautiful yellow flowers.

Piornos in bloom in the Sierra de Gredos south of Ávila

When this shrub mostly extends over mountains and fields, see the piornos in bloom It is one of the fascinating scenes that the arrival of spring brings us.

And in the Sierra de Gredosnot far from Madrid, you can see these spring scenes.

Specifically, in the aforementioned mountain range that delimits the south of Castilla y León, some 65,000 hectares of piornos are spread, with up to 13 different varieties.

Thus, during flowering large areas of the Sierra de Gredos it is the scene of a show similar to that of Jerte Valley during the cherry blossom, in Estremadura, or the fields of peaches in bloom in Aitona, in the province of Lleida.

For see the flowering piornos in Gredos there are marked up 60 observation points, information provided in the Interpretation Center of the Sierra de Gredos regional park, which is located in the Park House in the population of Holes of the Hawthorn.

Since you can design the route that is most appropriate for you.

When to see the flowering piornos in Gredos

The best dates to see the piornos in bloom in Gredos They are concentrated in the second half of May and the first half of June.

During the past year 2018 the arrival of spring was delayed throughout Spain, so it was not the first half of June when you could enjoy the best landscapes of flowering piornos.

It is still too early to know when this flowering will occur during this year 2019, as it will depend on the weather in the spring.

Piorno Festival in Sierra de Gredos

Also at this time of year in the Sierra de Gredos a series of activities are programmed within the so-called Piorno Festival.

During this time, visitors are provided with maps with the observation points and a decoration contest of the houses of the villages of the sierra with flowers of piornos.

I have pending to make a new getaway to the Sierra de Gredos specifically to enjoy this spectacle of nature.

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