How to see the Callejón de las Flores in the Judería de Córdoba neighborhood

Flower Alley in Cordoba

One of the more typical photos from a corner of the historic center ofCordova It is the one that leads this topic.

Its about Flower Alley (actually called Calleja de las Flores), and the characteristic view allows you to glimpse the tower of the enclosure of the Mosque Cathedral between the walls of a very narrow alley decorated with plants full of flowers.

But, where can you see the Callejón de las Flores de Córdoba?

Flower Alley in Cordoba

You find this typical corner in the middleJewish quarterspecifically near the Cardinal Herrero's street.

This is the street that runs along the northwest facade of the walled enclosure of the Patio de los Naranjos, in the Mosque of Cordoba, almost in the north corner.

From it leaves an alley called Velazquez Bosco where several taverns are found.

Enter it and about 15 meters on the right you will find the Calleja de las Flores, where you will surely see people coming and going.

Also enter this already very narrow alley that ends in a small inner courtyard; turn around, and through the walls and flowers of the alley you will glimpse the cathedral tower.

Flower Alley in Cordoba

This corner is very frequented by tourists, and do not be surprised if it is full of people, especially Japanese, as it happened to me the last time I visited.

At this point take out the camera and shoot all the photos you want.

Of course, I recommend you go at sunset to take advantage of the light that will illuminate the tower of the Mosque Cathedral of Cordoba.