Route through the best Game of Thrones scenarios in Northern Ireland

Dark Hedges, scene of Game of Thrones in Northern Ireland

If there is one TV series that in recent times has become a great mass phenomenon worldwide, that is, without a doubt, Game of Thrones.

And much of the success of this series have been its incredible landscapes and scenarios where this story of power games and movie dragons unfolds.

The work of locating a series like game of Thrones It is huge, so that we can guarantee to have unique corners that will take you to another universe, like the ones we show you in this video of our visit.

Therefore go in search of scenarios of the series, in reality it is to hunt for the best photos and landscapes of a corner of the world.

Whether or not you are fond of Game of Thrones, is a perfect excuse not only to visit a region, but to deepen it in search of the most beautiful landscapes.

And following the path of the cinema, in which the stages of the most famous films have become tourist places, around Game of Thrones routes have been created to discover unique countries, cities and natural environments through the series.

Northern Ireland Game of Thrones Territory

Beside Spain, North Ireland, is one of the countries with the largest number of places where Game of Thrones has been filmed.

Castle Ward (Winterfell), Game of Thrones scenario in Northern Ireland

And it is that on a trip through Northern Ireland it is possible to visit scenarios such as Stark family castle, Winterfell (Winterfell) or the Enchanted Forest where the family found the Wolves wolves.

In this British region north of the island of Ireland is where the shooting of the first season of Game of Thrones, when it had not yet become the success series it is today.

Therefore it should not surprise you that these scenarios of Game of Thrones Now they are places of worship of visitors from all over the world, especially from the United States and China, who come to know those places that have starred in the series.

And you just have to do ajourney through Northern Ireland, like the one we just did, to understand why said enclave of United Kingdom on the irish island has been the main stage of Game of Thrones.

During a route known as Game of Thrones Territory you discover forests, cliffs and castles, where scenes have been shot, and you will also find posters that inform about the particular scene that was filmed on each stage.

Mussenden Temple in Downhill Demesne in Northern Ireland

When visiting there are companies that perform tours of the most famous stages, besides knowing a lot of curiosities of filming.

If you're fan of the series, our advice is that you sign up for a visit with a guide, since the experience is much better if you are explaining all the details.

On the other hand, if you visit without a guide, you will not find out anything, nor will you be able to enjoy it well.

As well as the posters of the series that are in the locations are, it will never be able to match the experience of having a local person who has lived the experience of the recordings.

In fact, some people that we met along the route explained to us that in the first season, as the series was not yet famous, they even invited them to enter to see how they shot it.

That's why the experience changes completely if you go with a Game of Thrones specialist guide., like the one we did with the company Winterfell Tours.

Game of Thrones scenarios in Northern Ireland

After our experience knowing the north of the island of Ireland, we will highlight some of the places that you can know in your search for most famous Game of Thrones scenarios.

The route has had as a starting point the city ofDublin, where we arrived on a flight from Spain.

After renting a car, we went up the road to North Ireland in direction to Belfast, then travel the coastal area, finally reaching Derry-Londonderry.

Strangford in Northern Ireland

Largely this tour of the Game of Thrones scenarios corresponds to the interesting Coastal Roadway, where you know other beautiful places in Northern Ireland.

Castle Ward (Winterfell)

If there is an emblematic place in the series, that is Winterfell.

This enclave must be one of the essential visits on your trip through the Game of Thrones Territory, and you find it near the town of Strangfordat south of Belfast.

It's really about Castle ward, one of the patrimonial corners of North Ireland managed by the British institutionNational Trust.

The traditional tourist visit is centered on a large stately mansion of the 18th century located near a lake, which mixes classical and Gothic architectural styles.

Castle Ward (Winterfell), Game of Thrones scenario in Northern Ireland

In a corner of its large landscaped enclosure is where the set of buildings that make up the stage of Winterfell (Winterfell), among which the clock tower.

On the visit withWinterfell Tours they will explain the history of this scenario, and what was the transformation that took place over three weeks to make it the winter castle.

But you can also dress with Game of Thrones clothing, they will teach you to shoot arrows with a bow, and you can take a bike tour around the area to see some other corners used in scenes of the series.

As a curiosity, Castle ward in the pilot episode it was only a tower inside the castle, since the main appearance was that of the Doune Castle in Scotland.

After reviewing it, they decided to change it and gave greater prominence to the castle of Northern Ireland that would become the fixed recording venue of the series.

Tollymore Forest Park, Game of Thrones scenario in Northern Ireland

Tollymore Forest Park (Enchanted Forest)

A little further south is the Tollymore Forest Park, one of the most visited nature sites during the year in this area of North Ireland.

In the series is the enclave known as the Enchanted Forest, which appears in many chapters and especially in chapter 1 of the first season where the stark family find the wolf worms.

It is a large forest that extends at the foot of the hill of the Morne Mountains, where a river runs, which became the first Northern Ireland Forest Park.

In that very beautiful enclave of nature many other emblematic scenes of Game of Thrones, like the talk they had Tyrion Lanister Y John Snow at the beginning of the series.

Game of Thrones Gate at The Cuan in Strangford in Northern Ireland

Game of Thrones Doors

Your tour of the territory of the famous series in North Ireland must be dotted with the search for Game of Thrones Doors.

These wooden doors originate from the great storm that hit January 2016 North Ireland, which knocked down some of the trees of Dark hedge, place that configures the most emblematic and well-known image of the series in that country.

With the wood of these fallen trees, a wood artist was commissioned to create ten doors that have been located in different establishments (hotels, restaurants, bars) that were places visited by actors and staff who participated in the shootings.

All of them located near series locations, the artist carved the doors so that each of them shows episodes that occurred during the sixth season.

The Cuan in Strangford in Northern Ireland

The Game of Thrones Gate 1 you find it in the hotel-restaurant The Cuan, in the beautiful coastal town ofStrangford,

In this establishment, and in the others where the doors have been installed, they give you a passport with the indication of where they are in Northern Ireland, so that as you see them, they will seal it.

In advance of your trip, here you can download the pdf with the Game of Thrones Passport.

Game of Thrones Banquet in Strangford

In the aforementioned The cuan, in the aforementionedStrangford, you can live the experience of a true banquet set with objects and decoration of Game of Thrones.

Game of Thrones Banquet in The Cuan in Strangford

In this restaurant the nice marriage formed by Peter and Caroline They organize these banquets for groups.

Although if any day, for example, a couple you are going to The cuan, you can also enjoy your own Game of Thrones Banquet in a corner of the restaurant enabled and decorated for that purpose.

Do not miss the video we publish at the beginning of this article where you can see what the banquet Inspired by the famous series.

Ulster Museum in Belfast

One of the places to meet in the Belfast visit during a trip to Northern Ireland is the Ulster Museum, whose collection shows objects and works of art linked to the history of this territory north of the island of Ireland.

Game of Thrones tapestry at the Ulster museum in Belfast

But also in your search for corners linked to the famous television series, the Ulster Museum it must be one of your stages because there you can see the Game of Thrones Tapestry.

It is a wall tapestry almost 80 meters long created by initiative of Ireland Tourism, which reflects the most prominent that has happened in each season and in each chapter.

This tapestry will remain in the quoted Belfast Museum until August 2019, when it will be transferred to be exhibited in the French city of Bayou from September to December.

Here you have a preview of how is the Game of Thrones Tapestry.

Game of Thrones gate at Ballygolly Castle in Northern Ireland

Ballygally Castle

In the route along the coast of Northern Ireland, another corner linked to the television series is the Ballygolly Castle, at Antrim County.

In this hotel-restaurant located in an old castle you will find the Gate 9 in which you can see the symbols of the Stark House and the Bolton House, as a reflection of what is known as Battle of the Bastards.

Carnlough (Canal de Braavos)

Near Ballygolly is another one of the Game of Thrones scenarios.

Carnlough Harbor, Game of Thrones scenario in Northern Ireland

The small town of Carnlough have a picturesque harbor which in the series represented the Braavos Canal.

There is located the image of a staircase used in episode 1 of the fifth season, when Ayra emerges from the surface of the water after being attacked by the Abandoned girl.

Cushendun Caves (Grotto in the Land of Storms)

Another corner you can see in the route through the Game of Thrones Territory from Northern Ireland is the Cushendun Caves, which were formed over 400 million years ago.

Located next to the town of Cushendun, that place became the Grotto of the Land of Storms.

Dark Hedges, scene of Game of Thrones in Northern Ireland

Dark Hedges (Camino Real)

If there is a iconic landscape in Northern Ireland linked to the series Game of Thrones, that is undoubtedly Dark hedge.

The series is about Camino Real, scenario that appeared in chapter 2 of the second season, and the image shows a dark snowy road and covered by the darkness of trees with huge trunks and meandering branches.

Located 9 miles inland from the coastal town of Ballycastlewhen you get to Dark hedge don't be surprised if you find many cars, even buses, with dozens of tourists going to that place just to see that dark landscape of Game of Thrones.

This happened to us, and that we arrived on a working Tuesday in March, about 10 am in the morning ... and it was full of people!

We do not want to imagine how it will be on a weekend or holiday season ... but it is an essential visit in the route through the Game of Thrones Territory.

Ballintoy Harbor, Game of Thrones scenario in Northern Ireland

We warn you that you should not park or stop on the straight line that configures the row of trees Dark hedge.

You can leave the car in the parking lot of the Gracehill House Golf Club located where the Camino Real, which you can visit on foot.

Port of Ballintoy (Iron Islands)

One of the most interesting corners in a journey along the coast of Northern Ireland It is the port of the small town of Ballintoy.

With commercial activity for the transport of stones since the 18th century, this small port is reached from the aforementionedBallintoy by a winding and narrow road that descends by a cliff.

Downhill Demesne, Game of Thrones scenario in Northern Ireland

In Game of Thrones appeared in the second season as Noble Port in the mythicalIron Islands, the family home Greyjoy.

It's about the place whereTheon Greyjoy disembark, and where laterRobert Baratheon and his army landed during theGreyjoy Rebellion.

Downhill & Mussenden (Rocadragón)

Already close to Derry-Londonderry You find another site that has been the scene of the famous series, and that just for its landscape interest is worth a visit.

Is about Downhill Demesne, near Castlerock, an enclave also managed by National Trust.

Downhill Demesne, Game of Thrones scenario in Northern Ireland

Surrounded by extensive meadows are the remains of a mansion from the early nineteenth century that was built by then Bishop of Derry.

Its emblematic corner is the Mussenden, a neoclassical style temple located on the edge of some cliffs that once were the bishop's library.

The great and beautiful beach that extends at the foot of the cliff was used as the setting for the place known as Rock Dragon, famous in our country for having also featured the islet of San Juan de Gaztelugatxe near Bermeo, on the coast of Biscay.

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