The best tips to visit Halong Bay in Vietnam

Halong Bay in Vietnam

The Halong Bay It is one of the most impressive natural corners of the world.

Sailing and sleeping on a cruise through its waters and its capricious rock formations is an activity that you cannot miss if you travel to Vietnam.

The story goes that these formations were created when a dragon came down from the skies spitting precious jewels that turned into stone.

Halong Bay Cruise in Vietnam

But beyond legends we will tell you everything you need to know to enjoy this nature's wonder.

Best tips to visit Halong Bay

The most important advice that can be given to anyone who wants to visit the halong bay Don't be "stingy" to Hire the cruise

If you don't have time to spend a night but want to meet her anyway, you have to know that there areday trips through Halong Bay where they pick you up at the hotel in Hanoi.

You will pass the take to spend the whole day sailing through the bay and at the end of it you will be transferred to your hotel.

But if your idea is to stay on a boat in the bay one or two nightsYou have to keep in mind that it is like a full board hotel.

You will spend many hours on the ship and it is better to make sure that the service is of quality, since in a way it is a floating hotel.

There are quite a few cases in which travelers, to save a lot when it comes to choose the cruise in which they travel, then they have felt cheated.

We recommend looking for cruises that are luxurious, that have few rooms and that their quality is always superior, which ensures you have the best of the boat.

Further, Vietnam It is a very cheap country, so a good cruise usually leaves quite cheap by booking it in time.

Important, drinks are not included in any cruise.

Halong Bay in Vietnam

What cruise to choose for Halong Bay

Comparing our experiences with other travelers who have visited the Halong Bay, we were clear that the ideal is take the excursion already hired before going to the country, since everything is much easier because it is an excursion for which you have many options.

In this way, before traveling, you can compare the different companies that offer you the excursion, because there are very few main operators, but a thousand companies that slip in between that can make the price more expensive and lower the quality.

Ideally, compare well and look at the opinions of other travelers about each of the companies, because there are almost endless options.

In our case this trip was honeymoon, so the same agency that organized the trip (Catai) we hired the excursion that started from Hanoi.

Halong Bay Cruise in Vietnam

The company we made the cruise with was Indochina Sails and the truth is that everything went perfect for the treatment, the quality of the boat, with only five rooms, and good food.

You can also hire it right there if you prefer, but make sure you don't fall for it, it's a hoax.

Another option is to hire the Halong Bay excursion in one of the many agencies in Hanoi, which includes the round trip by bus.

You have to know that Hanoi is 150km from the bay but the journey takes about 4 hours due to the poor state of the roads.


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How is the Halong Bay cruise

The number of boats that travel the day is amazing. Halong Bay; In fact there are several ways to navigate it.

Halong Bay Cruise in Vietnam

But basically there are two options, day trips that leave early and return to port in the afternoon, or cruises that spend one or two nights in the bay.

If you are thinking about the day trip without sleep on the boat, when planning your trip you should consider the option of spending the previous and subsequent nights in the town from where it leaves, because the cruise starts very early and ends at dusk.

But be clear that it is not essential as there are day trips to Halong from Hanoi, although the most demanded by travelers and more advisable, without a doubt, is to sleep on the boat.

To keep in mind that most of those who sign up for this one or two night excursion are tourists.

To the hire a 3 day and 2 night cruise normally it is usually included to spend one of the nights in a hotel or bungalow from one of the islands of the bay.

Beach in Halong Bay

If you take this option it is more advisable to choose bungalow because it is usually on the same beach and you will feel in the middle of nature with the bay for you.

What to see and do in Halong Bay

Most cruises offer the same activities, and depending on the one you hire, it will give you time to do more or less excursions.

I tell you quickly how was ours visit two days and one night, to use it as a base on which to tell you the options you have.

We left early Hanoi to arrive at the port at noon.

After entering the ship and leaving things in the room, they put us the first meal while we were sailing and we were entering the bay.

Sung Sot Caves in Halong Bay in Vietnam

Sung Sot Caves

This experience of eating while you see how you gradually enter this wonder of nature that is the Halong Bay, we will not forget in life.

We spend the afternoon sailing through the bay and enjoying the imposing landscape to end the day visiting the huge Sung Sot caves full of grottos and stalactites distributed in three rooms.

After visiting them, return to the boat to take a shower, have dinner and rest watching the dusk.

The next morning we get up early to take advantage of the day, which we started with a kind of Tai Chi on the deck of the ship.

Halong Bay in Vietnam

From here we separated from some Australians who were going to spend two nights and did other activities.

In our case we went to spend the morning on one of the beaches where we could also ascend the mountain to see the Panoramic views of the entire Halong Bay.

For their part, the aforementioned Australians, who had one more day, went to practicekayak.

We got together again to eat, and after that the Australians went in a boat to an island where they were going to make a trekking

Meanwhile we depart to return to port to finish our cruise.

Halong Bay in Vietnam

Fishing villages in Dao Cat Ba

Those who stayed spent the night in a bungalow on one of those small islands that are all over the bay.

After the second night they spent the next day at the Dao Island Cat Ba and visited one of the fishing villages before returning to port.

As you can see there are many options to choose from when making your visit, so it is important to look well and compare to choose the cruise that we like the most.

In short, an unforgettable experience.

Rice paddies near Halong Bay in Vietnam

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