How is the Hard Rock Hotel Tenerife of the Canary Islands

Hard Rock Hotel Tenerife

How do you stay if I tell you to open the hotels Hard rock instead of cutting a protocol ribbon, they break guitars breaking them against the ground in the style of the great rockers?

It is a hotel in which the music adapts to the type of client and the time of day, where they offer you a free electric guitar or turntable chart.

The above is a reflection of the special experience of staying in this hotel chain whose concept is unique throughout the world.

Vibe Manager of the Hard Rock Hotel Tenerife

Throughout the year we visit many different hotels of all types of chains, family, boutique, luxury, rural ... but we only like to recommend those that provide unique experiences, where the hotel becomes an important attraction of the trip.

Hotels that when time passes you remember in a special way and in that sense, in the Hard Rock Hotel Tenerife, which is located in the town of CostaAdejeWe have lived a musical experience that has changed our concept of what a holiday accommodation is.

Hard Rock Hotel Tenerife, a music museum

We have to recognize that before this trip to the Tenerife Island, we had never been in any Hard Rock Hotel, not even in restaurants Hard Rock Cafe which were the origin of this famous brand in the whole world.

Here you can check prices and availability at the Hard Rock Hotel Tenerife.

To understand the magnitude of this phenomenon, it is important to keep in mind that when you have historical objects of music legends, is considered a truemusic museum.

Pool at the Hard Rock Hotel Tenerife

But the most surprising thing is that you don't need to be a music lover to enjoy the hotel, although if you are, you will feel almost like a child when visiting an amusement park.

There are different musical environments throughout the hotel, where the music goes according to the needs of that space, what is known as VibeorMusical atmosphere.

You can enjoy reading in a pool with soft background music that helps and encourages you to read, or change to another pool in the form of a lagoon with a beach atmosphere and music typical of a destination like Tenerife or Ibiza.

Be on a terrace watching one of the incredible sunsets of Tenerife with live music, and end the night with one of the most demanded shows on the island as The Children of the 80's. which are held on a Saturday a month practically all year

It is a hotel that bets that you enjoy your vacation days through the sensations that the different environments that music creates.

Terrace at the Hard Rock Hotel Tenerife

We were not aware that there was a place where you could enjoy both a musical atmosphere.

To understand this innovative concept well, it is necessary to know the origin of the brand.

What is Hard Rock Hotel?

Hard Rock Cafe It is an American hamburger restaurant that emerges in London, which was very frequented by the famous musician Eric Clapton when this was starting what would end up being a successful musical career.

His assiduity was such that he decided to give his guitar to the two owners to hang it in the area where he always used to sit.

Memorabilia of the Hard Rock Hotel Tenerife

Soon it would be the The Who guitarist, Peter Thownshend, who also gave his guitar by saying with some words that would go down in history. «my guitar is as good as his»

This was the spark that unleashed a chain of donations from the most important artists in the world of music, a chain that continues today, which makes Hard rock have a huge collection of objects from the history of music.

Memorabilia of the Hard Rock Hotel Tenerife

Memorabilia is how the concept that defines the collection of musical objects It is shown in each hotel.

The memorabilia of the Hard Rock hotels globally, it changes or revises every five years to update and reconfigure the spaces enabled in the brand's hotels worldwide.

The Sixteenth Terrace at the Hard Rock Hotel Tenerife

The most curious part of this memorabilia is that they are not only guitars or garments that were used in the concerts, but that they go beyond, and many of them are objects of the artists' lives, which makes you know more about the people who are behind the Singers and musicians.

At Hard Rock Hotel Tenerife There are around 80 showcases scattered throughout the hotel with objects of all kinds of artists.

Well, indeed, despite the name, the objects are not only of rockers, but there are many artists of all musical genres who have donated pieces.

Specifically in the hotel of Tenerife, during our stay we have seen garments of artists as different from each other as Katy Perry, Amy Whitehouse, Elton Jhon, Sabina, Pink floyd orThe beattles.

And in addition, one of the areas is dedicated to the great kings of music, Elvis Prestley Y Michael Jackson.

Terrace in Hard Rock Hotel Tenerife

Visit the hotel with the Vibe Manager

The best way to enjoy the essence of the hotel is to sign up for a tourmemorabilialike the one we did with him Vibe Manager, who is in charge of the musical environment of the hotel, and discover the history of objects donated by the artists, and the spirit of the hotel.

These visits are free, you just have to request them at the reception; Of course, you have to ask them in advance to adjust it to the agenda.

Musical atmospheres at the Hard Rock Hotel Tenerife

One thing that caught our attention is that the Hard Rock Hotel Tenerife It has music even underwater, and it is literal, since music also plays inside the pools.

There is 16 different musical environments, in addition almost at all times there is live music, be they DJs, guitarists, singers, percussionists, etc ...

Montauk restaurant in Hard Rock Hotel Tenerife

It must be understood that saying that Hard Rock is a musical hotel does not mean that it is a constant party.

Precisely the grace of this hotel is the harmony between the different spaces and the time of day.

As they say, the atmosphere of a pool at 3 in the afternoon after lunch is not the same, that the same pool when the sun goes down, even varies depending on the month.

Every moment has its environment, even these environments change according to the public and their tastes.

That is precisely the task of Vibe Manager and his team, a group of people who are responsible for identifying these changes and adapting them; to a large extent they are the real hotel soul.

Astronomical Observatory of Izaña near Teide

If you see, for example, that there is a group of people who are lively in a certain area, and who are looking forward to a certain type of music, the hotel adapts and changes it.

These are concepts that other hotels do not take into account and here are what make the experience completely different.

You are continually feeling that you are very comfortable and that the atmosphere is unbeatable.

Change the Way Tour

One more sample of the identity of the Hard Rock Tenerife it's the excursion Change The Way, which they offer for free to all guests staying at the hotel for at least three days.

They give you a 4X4 vehicle, and they give you a bag with something to snack on and a map with a route to visit the Teide Volcano, which is the main visit of the island, the highest peak in Spain with more than 3,700 meters high.

The proposed route includes an unpaved road area where you can unload adrenaline while driving on a moon spot which has been created by the volcanic remains of Teide.

This route if you do it without stopping lasts about 3 hours, but the car rental person himself told us that there was no problem in having the car until night, so we used it to spend the day visiting the Cañadas del Teide.

He even gave us time toget on the cable car which takes you to the trails that run near the edge of the crater of the volcano.

We advise you watch the video which tops these words, where you will see images of this excursion, as well as the Hard Rock Hotel, and we leave the article link where we highlight the best thing to see on the island of Tenerife

Advantages of the Rock Royalty VIP area

Within all this experience, what we have not highlighted is that the Hard Rock Hotel Tenerife is a 5 star luxury hotel, but within it there is an area VIP which is known as Rock Royalty.

Royal Royalty Lounge at Hard Rock Hotel Madrid

It is the area of ​​the hotel where we stayed during our visit, which has some interesting differential factors compared to the rest of it.

When you stay in this area you can enjoy several services that are either exclusive to the Rock Royalty, or they are already included in the price, so in practice it can be quite cheaper if you take advantage of its advantages.

For example, him SPA is included, you can access whenever you want.

You also have your own reception with butler service for everything you need, including the private check-in.

We used this service when we wanted something, like getting the car from the hotel car park, when we were going to visit the island, or when we wanted to book in the hotel restaurants.

Buffet Hard Rock Hotel Tenerife

He Hard Rock Hotel Tenerife it also has a exclusive lounge for the enjoyment of Rock Royalty customers, where you can always snack on something to eat or drink, everything is already included in the price.

It is a space of tranquility where you can enjoy incredible views, in addition to that, even before dinner time, you can have tapas at the hotel's theme restaurants as a snack prior to it.

Luxury themed restaurants for dinner

The hotel is prepared so you can eat at any time of the day, as it has several restaurants, buffets for breakfast and dinner, or a Beach club To eat well by the pool.

But a strong point is in restaurants for dinner.

Teppanyaki in the Narumi restaurant of the Hard Rock Hotel Tenerife

The themed restaurants for dinner time are undoubtedly the best of the hotel, authentic fancy restaurants Where the main thing is quality.

Montauk steak restaurant at Hard Rock Hotel

As theMontauk, a meat restaurant with different cuts, just remembering it makes my mouth water; If you like meat, this is your place.

Our personal recommendation is the T-Bone, a spectacular ribeye with a T-shaped bone for two people, or of course the filet mignon, an impressive sirloin.

Let yourself go as we did for the waiters who are the best advisers and those who know the menu best.

Sushi in the Narumi restaurant of the Hard Rock Hotel Tenerife

The other theme restaurant isNarumi an Asian with incredible quality; have a normal letter option or Tepanyaky With live cooking.

The latter is the option we chose and did not disappoint us.

Our recommendation are the gyozas of incoming, any of the shushis which in one of the bars you can see how they prepare them, and as main course the scallops with a butter and lime sauce.

And to accompany, prepare a fried rice with vegetables and prawns on the plate in front of you to suck your fingers.

Beach Club restaurant at Hard Rock Hotel

At lunchtime there is a restaurant that stands out above the rest, which only opens at this time that amazed us, the Beach club from the lagoon.

Sport Bar at Hard Rock Hotel Tenerife

The perfect place to eat some hedgehog croquettes, a angus beef burger, fresh pasta dishes, meat, lobster or fish.

Without a doubt, our favorite for noon.

Other Hard Rock Hotel Tenerife restaurants

In addition to these three restaurants, if you visit the hotel we recommend you try them all, in case it seems little, there are more options.

Specifically, aSportbar,he 3RDHALF, ideal place to watch games of all sports, or buffets at Sessions restaurant both breakfast and dinner.

Restaurant in Hard Rock Hotel Tenerife

A wide variety of foods, even for vegans or celiac.

And to eat between meals, the pools have type restaurants snack where you can always ask for a piece of pizza or similar foods.

And without forgetting, only if you have the serviceRock Royalty that you have the lounge where at any time of the day you can eat and drink something at no extra cost.

Hotel for families and adults-only area

He Hard Rock Hotel Tenerife It also has two clearly defined spaces with personalized options for different types of customers.

Teen Zone HRH Tenerife

Customers who do not want children to disturb them, have swimming pools only adults «eden»or the zone of waters of the Rock Spa where to rest without feeling closely to the families.

In spite of that, on the other hand it is a hotel perfectly designed for families, as there are swimming pools prepared for the little ones and spaces for teenagers, with video games and areas for sports activities, such as basketball courts or small soccer fields.

In fact, one of the things that have caught our attention Hard Rock Hotel Tenerife is that it is designed so that parents can attend concerts and parties while their children are cared for in spaces enabled with kindergarten For young children.

Especially at parties, like the one mentionedChildren of the 80's, when the schedules of this area for children and adolescents are extended until the end of the concert.

We must recognize that we wanted to enjoy the spaces for teenagers where, as in recreational establishments, there were consoles with cars of Formula One, he Fifa and the Fortnite, among other games.

Live music at Hard Rock Hotel Tenerife

Parties at Hard Rock Hotel Tenerife

Being a hotel closely linked to music, it is clear that a strong point of Hard Rock Hotel Tenerife It's the parties and the shows.

In fact, some of the biggest parties on the island of Tenerife They are held in this hotel.

These are parties attended by people from all over the island, and when you are staying at the hotel, you have free admission.

In fact, there are many people who book night at the hotel on the day of the party to guarantee entry.

Live music at HRH Tenerife

Specifically there are two large parties that are repeated throughout the summer and that even extend until December where the hotel celebrates its opening anniversary.

Lagoon Party and Children of the 80's at Hard Rock Hotel

The Lagoon Party once a month from June to October in the largest pool, which is next to the beach and is music electronics, and on the other hand the party Children of the 80's with varied music from that time.

It is the moment in which the parents leave their children in the nursery and teenage zone of the hotel and go to concert.

In these parties can not enter under 18 years as alcohol is sold.

Sunset on The Sixteenth Terrace of Hard Rock Hotel Tenerife

Live music at Hard Rock Hotel Tenerife

Also every day there are several points where you can listen live music.

At main hall where the piano is located there is always a singer right after dinner, which allows you to have a last drink while enjoying pleasant music.

You have to keep in mind that in Tenerife you have dinner soon, that's why the English feel so comfortable, since they can have dinner at half past seven, and around nine o'clock at night you would already be sitting listening to the music.

Also in the pools there is always DJs by clicking on the different types of music that they put in function of the hours and the environments.

Although in our opinion, without a doubt, the best moment, if we don't count the big parties, is always at sunset on the highest terrace in Tenerife, The Sixteenth, a sky lounge from where you see the Teide and the Gomera IslandWhile the sun goes down

There you can enjoy the best atmosphere chill out of the island.

We remind you that here you can consult prices and availability at the Hard Rock Hotel Tenerife.

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