Discover the footprint of the young Gaudi in the visit of Capricho in Comillas

El Capricho de Gaudí in Comillas in Cantabria

The great attraction of the Gaudí's architectural work It is possibly the main tourist argument of the city of Barcelona, especially among international visitors.

But do you know that in Cantabria Can you visit a building of the great Catalan architect?

Indeed, it is about Caprice, a very curious modernist building that along with two others that are in Astorga and León, are the only three works that Antonio Gaudi built outside of Catalonia.

El Capricho de Gaudí in Comillas in Cantabria

Many years ago, in a quick visit of Comillas, typical summer villa on the west coast of Cantabria, I kept coming to see the building of GaudiWell, I will not be anything original if I say that I feel very attracted to its architecture.

Then I could only see it outside, when inside it housed a restaurant that had been installed in 1985, which was closed to the public in 2009.

History El Capricho de Gaudí

It was then that the current owners of the building, a Spanish company owned by Japan, enabled it for public visits, which have been carried out since 2010.

At present it has been receiving about 100,000 annual visits, although in addition the building is usually rented for events and celebrations.

El Capricho de Gaudí in Comillas in Cantabria

Caprice It is an early work of Gaudi, who built it in 1883, when he was 30, and whose true denomination is Villa Quijano.

It is a commission from Maximum Diaz Quijano, a rich Indian who was brother-in-law of the first Marquis of Comillas.

Gaudi I had already made some commissions for the latter in Comillas, such as some Chinese kiosks that disappeared later.

But as a curiosity I will tell you that it is thought that the Catalan artist never stepped on Comillas; in fact, Caprice It was built under the direction of one of his assistants.

Visit the Gaudí Caprice

It is in the enjoyment of the peculiar aesthetics of the exterior of the Whim where you find the main attraction of your visit.

Ceramics on the facade of Capricho de Gaudí in Comillas

This aesthetic may not allow you to identify it with the most mature work of Gaudi that you see, above all, in the most famous buildings in Barcelona.

In this case, the design has an influence of the oriental architecture, highlighting the original minaret tower, which you can also see in some other work by Gaudi of the late nineteenth century, like the Vicens House.

When you are before Gaudí's Caprice, The first thing you see is its various references to nature.

Its facades combine the use of the stone at the bottom of them, with the brick seen at the top, decorated with very striking ceramics that represent sunflowers and leaves.

Gaudí's Capricho Tower in Comillas

The green color of the latter is another peculiar feature of this building among the work of Gaudi, and its use is due to the intention of integrating it into the landscape.

Of course, curved surfaces and. without a doubt, the imposing iron balconies will also catch your attention.

The attractive interior will see that it is found in certain elements.

After crossing a temple of four stone columns with capitals decorated with birds, you should look at the half-timbered ceiling of the former master bedroom, as well as in the fireplace with a home made with ceramics.

There is also some curious element, such as the bell music game that you can hear when moving the window frames of the Living room.

In sum, Gaudí's Caprice must be a essential visit in you tourist or holiday trip in Cantabria.

Caprice of Gaudí in Comillas

Schedules El Capricho in Comillas

The visiting hours of El Capricho de Gaudí they are, in summer (from July to September), every day, from 10.30 to 21 hours., with last access half an hour before closing.

From March to June and in October, every day, from 10.30 to 20 hours, and in winter (from November to February), every day, from 10.30 to 17.30 hours.

Ticket prices El Capricho in Comillas

The ticket prices they are, adults, 5 euros; children from 7 to 14 years and disabled people, 2.50 euros; and children under 7 have free admission.

Pictures El Capricho de Gaudí

Here are more photos of this curious work by Gaudí that you can see in Comillas, west of Cantabria.

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