The best thing to see at Quinta de Regaleira in Sintra near Lisbon

Quinta de Regaleira in the Sierra de Sintra in Portugal

Yes in your trip to Lisbon, in Portugal, you are considering visit the nearby Sierra de Sintra, sure you will include the Pena Palace that will have called your attention for its imposing location and its architectural richness.

But in the Sintra surroundings there are other really interesting corners like, for example, Monserrate With its gardens and palace.

Now, there is another stop that, no doubt, is up to the previous ones, the Quinta de Regaleira, which we have visited in our last getaway to Cascais.

Quinta de Regaleira in the Sierra de Sintra in Portugal

Visiting this place is also one of the options you have if you sign up for a excursion around Lisbon.

In case you prefer to go in an organized group from Lisbon with a Spanish guide, here you have all the information about the Excursion to Sintra, Cascais and Quinta Regaleira.

Quinta de Regaleira history

Located on the route that linked the Peacock and field Sesteais, the Quinta de Regaleira it occupies some lands that were acquired by the end of the 19th century Baroness of Regaleira.

His intention was to build an elegant summer retreat that included a palace, garden and chapel.

Palace of the Quinta de Regaleira in the Sierra de Sintra

A little later, at the beginning of the 20th century, Carvalho Monteiro he acquired it at public auction and annexed it to adjacent plots.

With a design in its foregrounds of French neo-Gothic style, the participation in its creation of different artists who contributed their own decorative touches made that now when touring the Quinta de Regaleira Have the feeling of being in a magical place.

What to see in the visit of Quinta de Regaleira

The Fifth It is a space with huge gardens that give way to mysterious caves, lakes, wells, towers and statues.

The magic of the Quinta de Regaleira You will discover it as you travel the farm.

In this natural enclave you stop finding small unique corners between the lush vegetation, such as Aquarius, Oriente or Leda caves, in addition to the lake, the waterfall, the greenhouse or the imperfect well.

Palace of the Quinta de Regaleira in the Sierra de Sintra

But there are four stops that are worth taking a little more time to know.

Palace of the Quinta de Regaleira

The Quinta de Regaleira Its most prominent corner is its palace, whose interior you can visit.

It consists of three floors through which you can know its history.

You enter the house through the porch built in limestone with spectacular ornamentation.

Upon entering you will find the central hall that distributes the different rooms, rooms with lush decorations of Manueline, Renaissance and Baroque styles.

Chapel of the Quinta de Regaleira in the Sierra de Sintra

To highlight the Kings Room, old billiard room in which 20 kings and 4 queens of the Portuguese monarchy are represented, or the Hunting Room Y Renaissance Hall, where the Italian Renaissance influence stands out.

On the upper floors you will stroll through private rooms, such as bedrooms, offices, and children's playrooms and studios.

But what stands out about these plants are the viewpoints in medieval-style towers.

Or also the Turret, from where you can capture a beautiful picture of the Sintra Saw, World Heritage by Unesco.

Regaleira Chapel

Very close to the palace we find the small but spectacular Regaleira Chapel, neo-Manueline style.

Portal of the Guardians in the Quinta de Regaleira in the Sierra de Sintra

Going down to the crypt through a narrow spiral staircase you will see a curious underground access that connects you with the palace and that will surely attract your attention.

Portal of the Guardians

He Portal of the Guardians It is a stone structure that resembles the entrance to a medieval castle.

It is composed of two side towers and a low central viewpoint.

In this part there is an access to a cave that takes you to another of the essential stops, the Iniciático Well.

Zigurate Tower in Quinta de Regaleira in the Sintra Mountains

Right in front of the Portal of the Guardians is the Terrace of the Celestial Worlds and the ziggurate tower, from where you have beautiful views of the palace.

Iniciático Well

Also known as the Inverted Tower, it is an excavated structure that sinks about 27 meters into the earth.

With a hole in the center just like the one you find in a well, it runs along a spiral staircase.

He Iniciático Well It was considered a unique space where the relationship between the earth and the sky intensifies.

Gardens of Quinta de Regaleira in the Sierra de Sintra

Schedules Quinta Regaleira

The Visiting hours of Quinta de Regaleira they vary depending on the months of the year, so that in the high season, from April to September, access is from 9.30 to 20 hours, with last access one hour before closing.

From October to March you can visit this palace from 9.30 to 18 hours, with last access at 17 hours.

Open every day of the year except December 24 and 25 and January 1.

Ticket prices Quinta de Regaleira

The Ticket prices for Quinta de Regaleira They are, for adults, 8 euros, and with guided tour, 12 euros.

Portal of the Guardians in the Quinta de Regaleira in the Sierra de Sintra

The price for young people from 6 to 17 years old and over 65 years old is 5 euros (with guided tour, 8 euros).

After buying the ticket they will give you a map where you can see all the places of interest to visit and so you can organize the route, unless you join a guided tour.

The complete visit seeing everything can last around an hour and a half, of course, depending on what you stand in each corner.

How to get to Quinta de Regaleira

The Quinta de Regaleira it's found close to Sintra, just 30 kilometers and 45 minutes west of Lisbon.

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