The Best Sites to see and visit on a trip through Spain

Alhambra of Granada

You are many who ask us what cities to see on a trip to Spain.

The attractions of Spain from the tourist point of view they are unquestionable, and that is why in recent years it has become the second country in the world to receive international tourists.

Regardless of the tastes and preferences that each one has, Spain It offers a wide variety of tourist options, be they sun and beach trips, cultural trips to get to know the extensive heritage or nature trips

Sagrada Familia in Barcelona in Spain

Thus it should be noted that Spain retains one of the historical and cultural heritage of the Unesco Most important in the world.

Without forgetting that it is the country preferred by many Europeans who seek sun and beach throughout the year, thanks to the hundreds of kilometers of spectacular coasts and good weather.

Tourism in Spain

To help you plan a tourism trip through Spain, whether you are a resident in our country, or if you come from another place, then we will give you a summary of the many options you have.

To quickly access the information of each geographical area of ​​the country, you can click on its name in the upper box and you will go directly to the specific information of the destination for which you are interested.

Puerta del Sol in Madrid

From there you have access to links to articles with more detailed information of the most interesting places to visit in Spain, and we will also suggest other sites that we do not yet have blog posts.

Well sites that we know but that we have not visited again for a long time, and other places that we still do not know. But what do we know about its attractions?

Based on this extensive information, according to these preferences, you can plan your trip yourself and decide what the essential places to include in your route.

Tips for traveling in Spain

If you are one of those who like to look for information to know which places to choose, but then you prefer to join excursions or organized trips because you like to go with guides that will explain what you are seeing, in this link you have a wide offer oftours and excursions in Spain

In this page you can find all kinds of activities, cities discount cards, prepaid SIM cards for the phone, airport transfers and many more options with local companies that will facilitate your trip.

El Escorial Monastery near Madrid

In certain cities to visit some monuments such as The Alhambra of Granada, he Madrid's royal palace or The Sagrada Familia in Barcelona It is necessary to take out the tickets in advance to avoid long queues when visiting them.

In certain cases, if you buy them before your trip, you can stay without entering as the most important monuments. to avoid agglomerations. They have a daily limit of visits, so tickets must be purchased well in advance.

For those who have several days to know the country and want to make routes but would like not rent a car, it is also possible to find Multi-day excursions that include organized tours,

These trips are focused on getting to know some of the most historic cities in Spain.

Excursions in Spain

Most of these multi-day excursions depart from Madrid or Barcelona, which makes logistics easier for those arriving by plane from other parts of the world, since they are usually the two airports with the most international connections.

Casa Batlló in Barcelona

The most recommended if you are thinking of doing routes are the tours in the south of the country, the area of ​​greatest Arab influence in Spain as the visit of Andalusia from Madrid for 4 or 5 days passing through Toledo.

Best places to see and visit in Spain

And we start with the two largest cities that host the largest number of tourists, Barcelona Y Madrid, in the order in which they appear in the ranking of European and world cities most visited by tourists.

The best of Barcelona and surroundings

If there is a Spanish city that in the last decades has taken the biggest leap in the attraction for international tourism that has been Barcelona.

Interior of the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona

The celebration of 1982 Olympic Games It was a before and after for Barcelona, ​​a modern, cosmopolitan and enterprising city.

Especially since then it became a fashionable tourist destination worldwide.

Located in the northwest corner of Spain, on the banks of the Mediterranean Sea, is famous for its modernist buildings.

Among them stand out above all the architectural works of Gaudi, whose genius is recognized worldwide, with the sacred Family as its great icon, and the most visited monument in Spain.

But there are many tourist attractions in Barcelona, ​​such as gothic quarter, and with corners of great interest also in their surroundings, As the monserrat monastery, or coastal locations such as Sitges.

Here you have collected all the information about the best places to see in near Barcelona.

The best of Madrid and its surroundings

In the heart of Spain is theMadrid city,The capital of the country and a city that lately is having a great tourist boom.

Beyond the monuments or the attractions of its historic center, Madrid She has earned the appreciation of all who visit her for the friendliness and open spirit of her people.

And also for his great cultural and leisure life, as well as by the rise of his gastronomy.

In Madrid is the Government headquarters and of theMonarchy, so it is the city where you can visit a royal palace and also great historical and ancient buildings stately palaces.

Royal Palace in Madrid

Emblematic places and great atmosphere like Main Square, Sun Gate wave Gran Via, coexist with areas where museums are concentrated, as in the one known as Art Triangle, and among which the Prado Museum, the largest art gallery in the world.

But also at travel to MadridIn addition to knowing its heritage, it allows you to access several cities and places located in its surroundings that have been declared World Heritage.

That is the case in the own Madrid's community of the imposing El Escorial Monastery, the largest building in Europe when it was built.

Also the old university city of Alcala de Henares. or the Royal Site of Aranjuez with his Royal Palace.

And less than half an hour in high-speed train You can also visit cities with great historical and cultural appeal such as Toledo or Segovia.

Here all the information about what to see in Madrid, and in this other article, the best places to see near Madrid.

What to see and visit in southern Spain

The Best of Andalusia

Southern Spain, and more specifically inAndalusia, is the region of Spain where the almost 800 years of Arab conquest of the peninsula are most noticeable, and where the empire of Al Andalus.

From the historical and cultural point of view its cities and towns have a great interest, which together with the undoubted appeal of its coastal areas, Andalusia It has become one of the great tourist powers of Spain.

If we had to make a route for a visitor who came to Spain for the first time and wanted to know the country, there would be at least three cities that we would include without hesitation.

Pomegranate and its awesome Alhambra It is a must see, just like Cordova and his Mosque, the two most impressive samples of this culture that for centuries marked the character and daily life of the country.

Both cities also show very interesting neighborhoods to visit, such as the Albaicín in Granada or the historic center of Cordoba, with other monuments such as Alcazar of the Christian Kings or his celebrities flower-filled patios.

Seville is that other great city to visit, an enclave that had a huge boom shared with Cádiz during the years in which Christopher Columbus I was traveling to the Americas, hence in Seville is the historicArchive of the Indies.

In Seville there are also important vestiges of the Muslim presence in emblems of the city such as the tower of Gold wave Giralda, corners as attractive as the Santa Cruz neighborhood, and monuments such as the cathedral or the Real Alcazar.

But in Andalusia there are many other places full of charm, such as the city ofMalaga and all the Costa de Sol, with towns like Marbella or Nerja.

Or the city of Cádiz, one of the oldest enclaves in Europe, with the added attraction of its impressive beaches, such as those of Barbate or Rate, one of the best places in the world to do windsurfing. and from places as charismatic as Sherry and the Santa Maria Port.

Passage in Barrio de Santa Cruz in Seville

Other coastal enclaves, such as Cabo de Gata in Almeria.

And inside you also find very special places, as an example, thewhite villages of Cádiz, Carmona, near Seville, Priego de Córdoba, and the historic towns of the province of Jaén, Úbeda, Baeza Y Encina Baths.

As it is such a vast territory and with so many interesting corners, we have developed a specific article talking in depth about everything there is what to see in Andalusia.

Cardona Castle in the province of Barcelona

What to see and visit on the Mediterranean coast of Spain

The best of Catalonia

Surely you know that one of the favorite destinations among foreign tourists when traveling to Spain is Catalonia, and not only because of the great attractiveness of the city of Barcelona, as we have already commented.

In Catalonia You find everything from cities with history, to beautiful coastal areas, amazing landscapes and charming villages, as well as delicious cuisine.

If you have takenBarcelona, as your base trip to CataloniaFrom there you will have easy access to most of the most interesting places you can visit.

At the outset here you have an article with sites you can visit near Barcelona, among which stand out the very popular enclave of monserrat monastery, the historical Cardona Castle, towns like Vic or Sitges or a place with as much charm as Rupit.

Very close to the north you find the Girona city, with its beautiful historic center with medieval streets that have been the scene of the series Game of Thrones.

But you also have all the arguments to visit this province well with the beautiful coastal corners of the Costa Brava, for example, Calella de Palafrugell, Tossa de Mar or Cadaqués, or places known as Dalí triangle.

Or areas as attractive inside as La Garrotxa with historic charming villages like Peratallada or Besalú.

For its part,Tarragona It is a city with a great cultural attraction as an enclave of the historical Roman Tarraco.

In its province you can visit areas as interesting as the Priorat, with the incredible enclave of Siurana.

Or the Ebro Delta, in the region of Terres del Ebre, with places like San Carlos de la Rápita, where you can live the great fishing activity of your fish market.

In a route through this region you should include the visit of the holiday enclave ofAmetlla de Maror Horta de San Juan, where the presence of a young man is lived Picasso.

Other prominent places to visit in Tarragona are the walled town of MontBlanc and the Cistercian monastery of Poblet, pantheon of kings.

As for the province of Lleida , you find a region of contrasts very little known from the tourist point of view, beyond its valleys of the Pyrenees.

Here you have one of the most beautiful landscape enclaves in Spain, the Aran Valley, with its beautiful mountain villages, or the Boí Valley, with their Romanesque churches among which the great jewel of Sant Climent de Taull.

But in the province of Lleida their capital is less well known, in which it is worth visiting the remains of its former Gothic cathedral, la Seu Vella, or corners like the charming medieval village of Montfalcó Murallat.

Or finally See the flowering of fruit trees in Aitona, near the capital.

The Best of the Balearic Islands

Some of the most beautiful and exclusive beaches in the world (thanks to a marine plant, the posidonia) are in the Balearic Islandsin full Mediterranean Sea.

The fact that it has become one of the most attractive destinations in Spain for international tourism serves as its great attraction.

Islands like Ibiza, Formentera, Minorca or Majorca Every year they receive thousands of tourists in search of crystalline waters between coves which can only be accessed by boat.

These islands have two faces, with exclusive parties and large yachts, an environment that alternates with small corners of tranquility and relaxation.

From the point of view of nature, to highlight the special charm of the island of Formentera.

And from the cultural point of view, certainly the appeal of the Palma city in the Mallorca Island, with its gothic cathedral and other historical corners, and the historic center of the city of Ibiza, with its enclave of Dalt Vila declared World Heritage.

No doubt a special destination.

In our YouTube channel You can see the videos we have of the Balearic Islands that include a specific one of how to get around the Balearic Islands by ferry, and here we leave one of them, the one dedicated to the visit to Palma de Mallorca,

The Best of the Valencian Community

The Valencian Community It is one of the main summer holiday destinations in Spain, and its populations multiply in summer and have given way to some macro tourist cities with international fame, such as Benidorm.

It is the closest coastal area to the capital of Spain, which makes the summers of Madrid and people coming from Castilla-La Mancha and Aragón in the summers wanting to enjoy the good weather.

But to be honest the best time to visit it is not in summer, but in any other time, since the weather is always good, and in winter days the temperatures are quite moderate.

City of Arts and Sciences in Valencia

It is not strange to have sunny days in winter with more than 20 degrees of temperature.

Valencia It is the main city of the Community, full of attractions, among which is the great magnet of visitors that is the City of Arts and Sciences.

But it also has a renovated historic center, with places as interesting as the Silk marketdeclared World Heritage, its Cathedral, where the cup that is supposed to be shown is the Holy Grail, or the Central Market Modernist style.

Valencia is well known worldwide for its popular Fallas parties, in which sculptures are erected that satirize current events, and thousands of kilos of gunpowder are lit to celebrate it, to finally burn them in the Cream.

Panoramic views of Alicante from the castle of Santa Barbara

Near the city it is also worth approaching to the natural enclave of the Albufera, where you can sail with a traditional boat.

In the nearby city of Alicante you must climb to the castle of Santa Barbara, a place from where you have spectacular views of the coastal area.

Close to Alicante you can visit the great palm grove of Elche, considered place World Heritage, and you have beautiful coastal enclaves like JaveaDenia or Altea, and inwards, Villena With his castle

Another prominent enclave of the Alicante province is Alcoy, site very famous for its Moors and Christians parties and for the Three Kings Cavalcade, the oldest in Spain.

Panoramic views of the Palm Grove of Elche from the Tower of the Basilica of Santa Maria

And as for the province of CastellónYou have coastal villages with a long holiday tradition, which are worth visiting at other times of the year, such as Peniscola, Vinarozor Benicasim,

From this last holiday village you can approach the place known as Las Palmas Desert, where you can visit a Carmelite monastery.

And inside you can discover one of the most amazing areas, the Maestrazgo, with some of the most beautiful villages in Spain, as Morella, Villafamés or Blame.

Murcia Cathedral

The Best of the Murcia Region

The Murcia region it seems in no man's land between Andalusia and the Valencian Community, and the truth is that we have traveled to know it recently, and we have found undoubted attractions.

In Murcia capital we have discovered a city with a great atmosphere in places like the Flower square or Santa Catalina.

From the monumental point of view they dominate their Cathedral, with a mixture of architectural styles, or the very beautiful building of the Real Casino, or the Santa Clara convent museum.

Now, if there is a time when the Murcia city reaches a great splendor is during its Easter week, with the very original procession of the Coloraos wave of the Salzillos, where you will see steps with authentic works of art.

Of course, from the tourist point of view the Murcia region has in the Mar Menor its most popular destination, and specifically the area of The sleeve It is a traditional holiday destination of Madrid.

Here you have information about the main attractions of the Mar Menor and its surroundings, as well as prominent corners such as Cabo de Palos.

Consistorial Palace of Cartagena in Murcia

Although, without a doubt, we must recognize that our first big surprise in this region was Cartagena, with its splendid legacy of the Roman era whose best expression is its recovered theater, a really nice city to visit.

What to see and visit in Northern Spain

If you don't know Spain, you will be surprised great contrast of landscapes, one of whose best exponents are the mountainous Atlantic and Cantabrian cornices, with a climate very different from the rest of the country, rainier and cooler.

The abundant rains dye green all the whole north of Spain, type of landscape that is not limited to the aforementioned coastal area, but extends throughout the entire mountain range of The Pyrenees.

Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela in Galicia

The best of Galicia

Due to air currents, Galicia is where most of the rainy fronts that approach Spain go through.

This makes rains very frequent, but not only in rains, but also in winds and the force of the sea.

And a consequence is known as Costa da Morte that takes its name because of how dangerous its waters are.

Playa de las Catedrales near Ribadeo north of Galicia

But Galicia It is one of the regions with the greatest natural beauty, with a strong fishing and seafood tradition, and one of the places where Spain eats better and cheaper.

It has some of the most impressive landscapes as the cathedrals beach, the aforementioned Costa da Morte waves Cies Island.

In Galicia You can also visit beautiful and attractive cities, such as A Coruña, with the Tower of Hercules, the oldest lighthouse in the world, from Roman times.

OR Pontevedra, with its attractive historic center,Lugo, with its walls, and the coast Vigo, from where do you get to those mentioned Cies Island.

Corner of Combarro in Galicia

Of course, Santiago de Compostela, end of the very popular pilgrims route, and one of the best known tourist destinations in Spain, which highlights its spectacular Obradoiro Square where is the cathedral where the remains of the apostle rest.

But also in Galicia you find other places with great charm and very interesting, such as Combarro, one of the most beautiful villages, with its granaries and cruises, or the cliffs of the Vilán Lighthouse on the Costa da Morte.

OR Ferrol, with their historic shipyards and military arsenal of the 18th century and its neighborhood of modernist houses, with attractive natural enclaves in its surroundings.

Here we leave all the information with the best places to see in Galicia, and a video of our visit to A Coruña.

The best of Asturias

Asturias It is one of the regions that we like most about Spain, where you can find from imposing mountain landscapes, as in the Picos de Europa, even precious corners of beaches and coves, like those in the area of Llanes.

Each of its cities,Oviedo, Gijón Y Aviles They have their peculiar attraction to visit them.

Like the pre-Romanesque jewelry in Oviedo, specifically Santa Maria del Naranco, or the Cimavilla neighborhood, the Roman vestiges and La Laboral de Gijón, or the historic center and the Niemeyer Center in Aviles.

Pre-Romanesque church of Santa Cristina de Lena in Asturias

A journey through the interior of Asturias allows you to discover beautiful areas of nature as in the Nalón Valley or the Redes Natural Park, and also know the industrial traditions of the iron and steel industry and the mining.

And also visit places like Good, in the Central Mountain, where can you go into the Asturian granary culture.

But if there is one aspect that really we love Asturias are the pre-Romanesque churches, as Santa Cristina de Lena in the aforementioned Central Mountainor San Salvador de Valdedios near Villaviciosa.

In this article you have more information aboutmost interesting places to see in Asturias.

Altamira Neocueva in Cantabria

The best of Cantabria

One of the communities that we like the most, that we love the most and that we visit very frequently, especially summer, is Cantabria.

Pure nature, with spectacular landscapes like Source of at Liebana Valley, or the Cabárceno nature park, the most visited attraction of Cantabria.

Cantabria is also cave territory like that ofAltamira, although it is the neocueva and the museum of Altamira what you will visit on your trip, the El Soplao cave or that of Castle.

Fuente Dé viewpoint in Cantabria

In Cantabria you also find beautiful fishing villages, such as San Vicente de la Barquera, Laredowith his Old Pueblaor Castro Urdiales, and beautiful inland villages, like Santillana de Mar orBárcena Mayor.

And there is no surprising architectural corners, such as Caprice of Gaudí in Comillas.

Like all the north of the country. It is a perfect area to practice nautical activities such as surf, and to enjoy its great beaches like that of Laredo or Liencres, and lonely coves between cliffs.

Magdalena Palace in Santander in Cantabria

And of course, the city of Santander, with its historic center and the area of ​​the Sardinero beach, Where is he Magdalena Palace, which was the summer residence of Kings of Spain.

Here you have a complete summary with all the information about the best places to see in Cantabria

The Best of the Basque Country

Green landscapes, beautiful fishing villages and, especially, a great gastronomy, are sufficient arguments for travel to the Basque Country.

Txotx in cider house of Astigarraga in Basque Country

But especially it is worth highlighting one of the most beautiful cities in Spain, Saint Sebastianwith his precious La Concha beach, he Monte Igueldo viewpoint and the area of pintxos from his Old Town.

And very close to the city you can discover the charm of eat the typical Cider House Menu in known as Basque Cider Territory, zone around Astigarraga where most of the Basque cider houses that concentrate on Guipúzcoa.

The city of Bilbao has as its focus its attraction to Gugenheim Museum designed by the Canadian architect Frank O. Gehry, whose inauguration in 1997 was a great and favorable urban change for this city of industrial past.

Already in the interior of the Basque Country, the city of Vitoria stands out for its medieval town with the gothic cathedral of Santa Maria.

Butrón Castle near Bilbao

If we talk about picturesque villages in the Basque Country, we have to highlight Hondarribia Y Getaria in Guipúzcoa, Mundaka Y Lekeitio in Biscay, and The guard Y The blind in Rioja Alavesa.

And you may not know that in the Basque Country you can also see a castlespecifically that of Butron, or a medieval defensive tower, the Matiartu Tower, both corners in the Uribe region, near Bilbao.

The best of Navarra

Navarre It has countless attractions, but above all it is a region of contrasts.

Ochagavia in the Salazar Valley of the Pyrenees of Navarra

On the one hand, the green mountainous landscapes of the Pyrenees, where you find corners of nature like the Irati Jungle, or pretty villages, like Ochagavia.

On the other hand, you can also visit amazing semi-desert places such as Bardenas Reales, in one of whose corners you will feel moved to Arizona, or deep valleys like that of the Foz de Lumbier.

In Navarre there is no lack of monumental corners such as royal palace castle of Olite, wave Roncesvalles Collegiate Church.

And, of course, one of the great attractions of a trip to Navarra is his gastronomy, with its famous vegetables.

Castildetierra in the Bardenas Reales de Navarra

Here we leave an article where we teach you 10 things to see in Navarra

The best of La Rioja

The Rioja Surely at some point it will be a destination for a getaway.

Or rather, I'm sure you'll be interested in making a wine tourism trip to Rioja wine territory with the aim of knowing the culture of this wine so famous throughout the world, and also to taste it.

Vineyards in Rioja

On this safe trip you will have as main objective to visit some of the best wineries in Rioja, natural territory that also extends to the south of the province of Álava, in the Rioja Alavesa.

But you can also visit historic villages with great charm, like the one before citingThe guard, Haro or Ezcaray, and see prominent monuments, such as the cathedral of Santo Domingo de la Calzada in full Santiago's road.

To get an idea of ​​how your wine tourism trip to Rioja can be, we advise you to watch this video.

The best of Aragon

We have to recognize that Aragon It is one of the regions of Spain that we know least, but at the same time it is a community that offers great landscape contrasts in its territory.

Thus, it is possible to ski in the Pyrenean area it is possible to ski since it has some of the best ski resorts in the country, such as Formigal or Cerler.

On the other hand, in Aragon is one of the largest deserts in Europe, the The Monegros. or there are corners that are a true vergel, as is the Stone Monastery, or spectacular landscapes such as Mallos de Riglos in the province ofHuesca.

Tarazona Cathedral in Aragon

From the monumental point of view, in the capital of the community, Saragossa, is located one of the most imposing basilicas of the country, the Basilica del Pilar, and the city ofTeruel It concentrates numerous monuments of Mudejar style.

As for towns that are really worth visiting, you will find Albarracín in the province of Teruel, whose visit is well worth a getaway.

And alsoTarazona, where you find an old Jewish quarter and, above all, its Mudejar Cathedral with a beautiful interior completely remodeled a few years ago.

Peñafiel Castle from the Plaza del Coso in the province of Valladolid

What to see and visit in the interior of Spain

The regions of the interior of Spain are a land of landscapes with great plains; also that of Don Quijote of La Mancha and its windmills, from castles and of cities and towns with a long history, with traces from the time of the Romans and the Muslim occupation.

Having as its geographic center the capital of the country, Madrid, it becomes a starting point for an infinite number of escapes that you can do in a radius of up to 200-250 kilometers through the communities of Castile and Leon Y Castilla la Mancha.

Next we will discover the great attractions that this territory contains.

Aqueduct of Segovia

The Best of Castilla y León

To the northwest of Madrid, and after passing the geographical barrier of the Sierra de Guadarrama, an infinite world of possibilities for getaways opens up.

Starting with historic cities like Segoviadeclared World Heritagewith his Roman aqueduct, Gothic cathedral and its awesome Alcazar.

Here is a video with images of Segovia and information about best tips for your visit.

The small town of Ávila, too World Heritage, which is enclosed by a robust set of walls, in which old noble palaces converted into hotels and a spectacular cathedral are preserved.

Its main attraction is the aforementionedWall, but no less interesting are its entrance doors, since on average the wall has a height of 12 meters to protect the city from attacks.

It is the land of Santa Teresa and this shows in the amount of churches and convents That can be found.

Here you have a video with images of the city of Ávila.

And already something further away, Salamancawith its great Main Square and its historical collegeor Burgos Y Lion, with its majestic gothic cathedrals.

If what you are looking for are beautiful medieval villages with charm, the range of options is impressive.

From the typical Segovian towns like Pedraza or Sepulveda, to the villages with half-timbered houses of the Salamanca province, as The swimming pool, calendar or San Martin del Castañar.

Another place where you can also visit beautiful villages with history is in the province of Burgos, since Lerma to Covarrubias, untilSanto Domingo de Silos, with its Benedictine monastery and abbey.

Traditional Castilian house of Doña Sancha in Covarrubias in Burgos

In the province of Valladolid you will find yourself in the land of castles, such as Peñafiel, where can you visit the Provincial wine museum, he la mota castle or that of Ivy.

You will also see historic villages with an important cultural heritage, such as Medina of Rioseco, Olmedo, with the remains of a Roman Village or the Mudéjar theme parkor Urueñadeclared Villa of the Book. with his hermitage of style Romanesque Lombard Catalan.

Or monuments likeMozarabic churches from Wamba Y San Cebrián de Mazote, he Santa Espina monastery wave Collegiate Church of Villagarcía de Campos, known as the little Escorial.

And as you well know, Valladolid is a land of wines, so you can do wine tourism trips by Ribera del Duero, Cigales or Wheel.

Urueña Castle in the province of Valladolid

Here you have extensive information about the best thing to see in the province of Valladolid.

And there are also surprising and beautiful landscapes, such as The Marrows in the region of Leonier Bierzo waves karst rocks from Orbaneja del Castillo in Burgos.

Of course you will be impressed to see the Great Castilian plain from the walls of the aforementioned Urueña, enjoy the attractions of the Sierra de Gredos south of Ávila, or landscape corners such asSickles of the Duratón River in Segovia.

The Best of Castilla-La Mancha

As with the other Castilian community, Madrid is an ideal starting point for a getaway to most of the most attractive corners of Castilla-La Mancha.

Windmills in Consuegra in Castilla-La Mancha

And if we think of corner really super top, that is the city of All, one of the most beautiful in Spain, whose historic site is a monument and representative places of the Three cultures, the Jewish, the Muslim and the Christian.

For example, the old mosque of Cristo de la Luz, the Jewish synagogues, he monastery of San Juan de los Reyes wave Primada Cathedral of Toledo.

Here you have the video with images of this very beautiful and historic city and all the information with the essential places to visit in Toledo.

For its part, in the province of Toledo It is also worth highlighting the attractiveness of Talavera of the Queen, with its artistic and famous ceramics and tiles and his Prado Basilica, or the special charm of the Tembleque Main Square.

But as you can imagine, Castilla la Mancha it's much more than Toledo, and in terms of cities Basin, watershed, catchment area, socket, bowl, hollow It is the most prominent.

La llegada por carretera desde Madrid es una imagen que no se olvida fácilmente, pues tras varios kilómetros de extensas planicies aparecen unas pequeñas colinas boscosas, y tras ellas, sobre un desfiladero se alza esta preciosa ciudad.

La imagen icono de Cuenca sus famosas casas colgadas, cuyos balcones se abren sobre un profundo acantilado.

Plaza Mayor de Tembleque en Toledo

Es una preciosa ciudad de empinadas calles medievales empedradas donde la gastronomía de platos tradicionales es un atractivo turístico más.

En su provincia, una visita muy recomendable es el castillo de Belmonte, así como el paraje natural conocido como la Ciudad Encantada.

Por otro lado, ya he comentado que es tierra de paisajes con molinos de viento, los cuales puedes ver en muchos lugares de la extensa región natural de La Mancha.

Aquí tienes información con los mejores lugares donde ver molinos en La Mancha, así como otros lugares pintorescos de La Mancha que merece la pena conocer, en su mayor parte en la provincia de Ciudad Real.

Son muchos los atractivos que tiene esta provincia, con preciosos pueblos históricos como Almagro or Villanueva de los Infantes,

También parajes de naturaleza, como las Tablas de Daimiel, the Lagunas de Ruidera or the parque natural Valle Alcudia y Sierra Madrona.

Y rincones patrimoniales como el Palacio de Viso del Marqués, he castillo de Calatrava la Nueva or theParque Minero de Almadén.

Castillo-Convento de Calatrava la Nueva al sur de Ciudad Real

Aquí tienes amplia información sobre los principales atractivos que visitar en la provincia de Ciudad Real.

Refering to Guadalajara province, es una zona con grandes contrastes.

Puedes hacer una ruta por los pueblos negros de la sierra, con sus casas de piedra negra y pizarra, o por La Alcarria, o visitar pueblos históricos como Sigüenza or Atienza.

También puedes hacer una escapada por las zonas con menor densidad de población de España, donde tienes rincones atractivos como Molina de Aragón y su gran castillo, el curioso Zafra castle, escenario de Game of Thrones, and the Geo-parque Molina Alto Tajo.

Por su parte, en la provincia de Albacete destacan pueblos bonitos, como Alcalá del Júcar Y Jorquera, and the castillos de Almansa y Chinchilla.

And in the provincia de Soria destacamos el pintoresco pueblo de Catalañazor y el enclave natural de la Laguna Negra de Urbión.

Cerezos en flor en el Valle del Jerte en Extremadura

Lo Mejor de Extremadura

Si hemos de decirte cuál es la zona de España que más nos ha sorprendido en los viajes de los últimos años, esa es Estremadura.

Apenas conocíamos más allá de Trujillo, tierra de Conquistadores to the norte de la provincia de Cáceres, destino habitual en una escapada desde Madrid, pero en estos últimos años hemos tenido la oportunidad de ir descubriendo otros rincones y zonas muy interesantes.

Hasta el punto de que podemos considerar que Estremadura es una gran desconocida como destino turístico en España.

Así, en la citada province of Cáceres se encuentra otro de los lugares que ya habíamos visitado, como es el Jerte Valley.

Sus paisajes ya los conocíamos en la época de la floración de los cerezos, pero que también tiene grandes atractivos durante la época de la Cerecera en verano o durante the autumn.

Otros destacado enclave de naturaleza al norte de Cáceres is the parque nacional de Monfragüe, un destino con gran prestigio internacional para el bird watching.

Desde el punto de vista patrimonial, la histórica ciudad de Plasencia debe ser una visita obligada en un viaje por Extremadura, así como el monasterio de Guadalupe, donde estuvieron Isabel the Catholic Y Christopher Columbus.

Y si quieres reconocer rincones que todavía son muy auténticos, debes visitar la comarca de Las Hurdes, con su precioso enclave natural del meandro El Melero y sus pueblos donde se conserva la arquitectura negra de pizarra.

Por supuesto el centro histórico de la ciudad de Cáceres debe ser otro rincón a visitar, y ya más al sur, la ciudad de Mérida, capital de la comunidad autónoma y uno de los lugares de España con más vestigios de la época de los romanos.

Y ya lindando en la frontera con Portugal tienes la histórica localidad de Alcantara, con su famoso puente romano and his Festival de Teatro Clásico que se celebra en verano, motivo que nos llevó a visitarla.

Pueblo blanco de Fregenal de la Sierra al sur de Badajoz

In the provincia de Badajoz, tierra del Jamón Ibérico de Extremadura, también tienes lugares interesantes que visitar.

Desde el punto de vista patrimonial son varias las localidades con interesantes atractivos, como Zafrawith his parador nacional ubicado en el antiguo palacio de los Duques de Feria.

TooFregenal de la Sierra, con un antiguo Templar castle que desde finales del siglo XVIII alberga una plaza de toros, Jerez de los Caballeros Y Olivenza, esta última localidad con su curiosa historia de vinculación a Portugal.

A señalar finalmente el castillo de Feria, el cual se eleva en una colina sobre las planicies de Tierra de Barros, y los enclaves que rodean el Lago Alqueva fronterizo entre Extremadura y Portugal.

Aquí tienes la información con los mejores sitios que ver y visitar en Extremadura.

Lo Mejor de las Islas Canarias

The Canary Islands, por su origen y espectaculares paisajes volcánicos, son consideradas como el Hawai de Europa.

Volcán de Teide en Tenerife

No suficientemente conocidas y valoradas por los españoles peninsulares, conocemos bastante bien algunas de dichas islas y te podemos decir que entendemos muy bien por qué durante todo el año están totalmente copadas por turistas de países del norte de Europa.

Sus temperaturas cálidas durante todo el año, con especial énfasis en invierno, las han convertido en el destino favorito de nórdicos, alemanes e ingleses. is the destino favorito de todos los europeos ya que puedes visitarlo todo el año.

Desde el punto de vista paisajístico, la Tenerife Island es la que ofrece una mayor variedad, con muy verdes y frondosos paisajes de la zona de Anaga, al norte de la isla, y un ambiente tropical en el Valle de la Orotava.

Pero también los paisajes volcánicos de las Cañadas del Teide, y las zonas más áridas de playas al sur de la isla, con rincones impresionantes como el Barranco de Masca.

Además de poder disfrutar del sol y la playa, en Tenerife you have to subir en teleférico a lo alto del Teide, y debes visitar la histórica ciudad de The lagoon, declarada World Heritage.

Aquí tienes toda la información sobre los mejores sitios que ver en Tenerife.

Dunas de Maspalomas en Gran Canaria

For its part, the isla de Gran Canaria tiene, desde el punto de vista más turístico, el gran atractivo de las impresionantes playas que se extienden por la zona de las Dunas de Maspalomas, al sur de la isla.

Pero te podemos adelantar que esta isla ofrece otros muy interesantes atractivos, empezando por su capital, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.

Te sorprenderá pues se trata de una gran ciudad con un gran interés cultural, tanto por el patrimonio y los rincones históricos que encierra.

Casa de Colón en Vegueta en Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

A este respecto, el principal foco de tu visita va a ser los históricos Barrios de Vegueta y Triana, pero también el gran ambiente de actividades culturales y de ocio que se desarrollan durante todo el año.

Aquí tienes información con consejos para visitar Las Palmas de Gran Canaria y con los mejores sitios que ver en Las Palmas.

Y aquí os dejamos un vídeo con nuestra imágenes de nuestra visita a Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.

Por otro lado, en una excursión por el interior de la isla de Gran Canaria vas a descubrir sorprendentes paisajes, tanto verdes montañas como espectaculares y áridos barrancos.

A destacar, sin duda, la zona central de la isla con la Caldera de Tejeda, donde se encuentran algunos de los puntos más bonitos e interesantes de Gran Canaria.

En concreto, los roques Nublo y Bentayga, así como el pueblo de las casas cueva de Artenara, o la localidad de Tejeda.

Otros lugares destacados en la isla son los pueblos de Arucas Y Firgas, así como la zona de Fataga y, ya al sur, un rincón muy turístico, pero con gran encanto, el Puerto de Mogán.

En este artículo tienes amplia información con los sitios más interesantes para conocer en Gran Canaria, imágenes de los cuales también puedes ver en el siguiente vídeo.

Aparte de las dos islas principales, las citadas Tenerife Y Gran Canaria, las otras islas cada una tiene su propio atractivo.

Iglesia Santa María de Betancuria en Fuerteventura

Las islas situadas al este del archipiélago están influenciadas por los vientos del desierto de Sahara, de forma que en Fuerteventura encuentras el encanto de grandes playas con dunas, además de la que fuera la primera capital de Canarias, la población de Betancuria.

Aquí tienes nuestros mejores consejos para visitar Fuerteventura, y además, los mejores sitios que ver en Fuerteventura.

For its part, in Lanzarote vas a ver espectaculares paisajes volcánicos, con su enclave más destacado en el parque nacional de Timanfaya.

Al oeste del archipiélago se encuentran las islas más frondosas y verdes, como La Palma, conocida como the beautiful island, with the parque nacional de la Caldera de Taburiente, El Hierro Y Gomerawith his parque nacional de Garajonay.

Video: 10 Best Places to Visit in Spain - Travel Video (January 2020).