How is the visit of the Lello Bookstore, a magical place in Porto

Lello bookshop in Porto

One of the visits that nobody wants to miss in their trip to Porto is the Lello Bookstore, which I could discover during my recent visit to this Portuguese city on the occasion of the inauguration of the Bluesock hostel.

It's about a neo-gothic building from the beginning of the 20th century that in recent times has become an essential visit among all the tourists that travel to this Portuguese city.

Interest has reached such a point that the owners have established the need to pay a ticket to visit the bookstore.

To take into account that in 2017 the library has carried out a deep cleaning and repair of all its elements, starting with the facade, so that it now shows a splendid image, similar to the one it had when it was founded in 2006.

Where is the Lello Bookstore in Porto

The Lello bookshop You find it in the historic center of the city, just halfway between the Clérigos Tower and the Carmo church. which are other of the important visits of Porto.

The history of this bookstore could not be understood without the brothers José and Antonio Lello, who were the founders of this much visited cultural space, and of course the bookseller that gave it its splendor for 52 years, the Mr. Sunday.

Lello bookshop in Porto

What to see during the visit at Librería Lello

Before entering the interior of the library, it is important to look at the facade of neo-gothic style, which is already impressive by itself, but without detracting from the windows and the two figures that flank it.

Already passing into the library, the impressive staircase draws attention in the first instance.

They also emphasize the ceilings that appear to be wooden, but which are actually a simulation made with carved plaster.

Undoubtedly this staircase has become the target of all visitor photos for its originality and beauty.

The Staircase of the Lello Library in Porto You will find it in the center of the establishment.

Lello bookshop in Porto

As with the ceiling, the painted plaster technique has been used in its construction for all the impressive and striking ornamentation.

Behind the stairs we see two bronze busts of the sculptor Abel Salazar, belonging to two of the great writers of the Iberian Peninsula, Miguel de Cervantes Y Eça de Queriroz.

It is a staircase with a great vertical ascent that presents a curious arrangement, ending in two lateral accesses to the upper room.

On this second floor you will find a room with armchairs for reading and you will also see wooden floors and handrails, in addition to the columns that stand from the lower floor.

The window area has privileged views over the aforementioned Clérigos Tower.

Lello bookshop in Porto

Crowning the room we find a stained glass window 8 meters long and 3.5 wide in which we can read the phrase «decus in labore«, «dignity at work«.

This motto links with the golden rule of the Lello brothers that applies to all who enter this house.

Schedules visit Lello de Oporto Bookstore

The schedules to visit the Lello Bookstore in Porto They are, from Monday to Sunday, from 9.30 to 20 hours.

He Lello Bookstore admission price It is 3 euros, amount that you discount inside if you buy a book.

Lello Bookstore Ticket Office in Porto

The ticket office is located just in front of the entrance, in a striking booth painted with a graffiti.

It is certainly a very special visit, a place with a lot of magic that you should not miss within your trip to Porto.

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