30 places to see and visit in the most beautiful cities of Belgium

Canals of Bruges in Belgium

Do you know that feeling that runs through you when you return from a trip and not stop thinking about organizing another one as soon as possible to return to that country?

Well, that's exactly what happens to us whenever we travel to Belgiumwithout a doubt one of the most beautiful countries in the world.

In this article we want to give you all the information you need to know to travel to this beautiful country and show you what is essential to see and do on your trip to Belgium.

Views of the Grislei pier from the Count of Flanders castle in Ghent

With cities with medieval streets own of fairy talesIt is not surprising that it is a destination that everyone would like to go to at least once in their life.

Thanks to its enormous tradition of flamenco painters, Belgium it's a country with a huge cultural heritage, with beautiful castles and imposing monumental buildings.

Belgium is also known in the world for its chocolates, their channels, the craft beer and the dense fogs in its medieval streets where thousands of bikes, the transport par excellence of the country.

What cities to see and visit in Belgium

Knowing a whole country requires several trips, so obviously there are cities that we have not visited and that we hope to know over time.

Grand Place of Brussels in Belgium

Those are the cases, for example, of LiègeY Charleroi.

But we have been fortunate to visit the most prominent cities, specifically the Flanders region, and now we can tell you what is essential to see in the most beautiful cities of Belgium.

A first tip that we give you when you travel to Belgium is that you know the real name of the cities well.

The reason? because when you see the posters you can still get confused since these names change a lot with the translation into Spanish from flamenco or French.

In the list we leave you the real names that you will find in the indications related to the city in question.

Terrace on the Grand Place in Brussels in Belgium

Brussels (Bruxelles)

Brussels is the capital of Belgium and the largest and most modern city of all.

Here we find some of the most iconic and emblematic places in the country, such as the Grand Place, he Atomium, or the small sculpture known as Mannaken Pis.

It is the most cosmopolitan city in the country, and where you can find everything you can imagine, from a Gothic cathedral, to modern shopping centers and squares and streets full of crowded terraces.

And it is also the city of art noveau architecture, of the great flower shows in spring, of comic, from museums like the decorative artsFine arts, where throughout the year they are carried out very interesting exhibitions.

Here we leave all the information that we have been able to gather in our trips about what to see and visit in Brussels and also the option to sign up for a private tour of Brussels with guide in Spanish, ideal for groups of friends or family.

Bruges Corner in Belgium

Bruges (Brugge)

Definitely, Witches It is one of the most charming cities you can visit inEurope.

It is one of the best examples of a medieval city taken from a tale of princes and princesses, and its streets full of canals make you feel that you are inside a period movie set.

We can never forget on our first visit the stamp of a suspense story that was created with the fog, which is quite common there, the stone walls and the yellow light lanterns of another era.

A true story scene that is usually quite common if you visit Witches in winter.

Here is the list of articles in which after several visits we tell you what is essential to see and do in Bruges

Canals of Bruges in Belgium

And here is the information if you prefer to sign up for a Guided tour of Bruges in Spanish.

The Best Pictures of Bruges

Visit the town hall of Bruges in the Burg square

Basilica of the Holy Blood in the Burg square in Bruges

San Bonifacio Bridge on the canals of Bruges

Primitive flamingos in the Groeninge museum in Bruges

Where and how to see the Madonna of Michelangelo in Bruges

Chocolate shops in Bruges

Museum and tradition of bobbin lace in Bruges

Castle of the Counts of Flanders in Ghent in Belgium

Ghent (Gent)

Ghent was the first city in Belgium that I had the opportunity to visit.

I didn't know much about her and maybe that's why I get a huge and pleasant surprise to meet her.

You walk through its streets and impressive churches do not stop appearing to each one more striking.

I had to go back after a while, but to fully enjoy it, I already visited it in a tour with guide in Spanish since on the first occasion we were left with the feeling that we left many things to see.

Panoramic from the bridge of St. Michael in Ghent in Belgium

As it is a city with a lot of places to discover and we do not want the same to happen to you, we have written a specific article where we tell you what to see and do in Ghent

Also here you have more articles on prominent corners of Ghent.

The Best Photos of Ghent

Panoramic views of Ghent from Belfort bell tower

Castle of the Counts of Flanders in Ghent

Night walk through illuminated Ghent

Ghent florals

Gothic cathedral of Antwerp from the main square

Antwerp (Antwerpen)

Perhaps it is one of those cities that go unnoticed to be in the shadow of Bruges, Ghent and Brussels, which are the most visited.

But definitely know Antwerp it has been a real surprise since it is up to the previous ones.

It is known as the diamond capital of the world and it was the birthplace of one of the flamenco painters most important in history, the great Rubens.

T Steen, castle of Antwerp

Here I leave you all the complete information of what to see and do in Antwerp, the city to discover in Belgium whose historical center is marked by the presence of its imposingGothic cathedral

And here you also have the information to sign up for a guided tour of Antwerp with guide in Spanish, in which in two and a half hours you will know the most prominent corners of this Belgian city.

Gothic town hall in the main square of Leuven in Flanders

Leuven (Leuven)

Leuven It is one of the most important university cities in the country Thanks to its proximity to the capital, it is only Half an hour by train from Brussels.

The population during the time of student vacations decreases remarkably, being almost in half, but during the course in Leuven a great university environment is lived.

In the Main Square of the city is the impressive gothic town hall, a building that justifies by itself the visit to Leuven.

Here you have all the information of what is essential to see and do in Leuven, and more articles on the most prominent corners of this beautiful university city.

Great Beguinage of Leuven in Flanders, Belgium

Due to its small size and its proximity to the Belgian capital, it is a city that you can meet by joining a Leuven tour from Brussels with guide in Spanish.

Gothic city hall of Leuven

Great Beguinage of Leuven

St. Peter's Church in Leuven

University Library of Leuven

Saint Romuldo Cathedral in Mechelen in Flanders in Belgium

Mechelen (Mechelen)

Mechelen is a city ​​near Brussels whose history is marked by its incorporation into French Duchy of Burgundy, at the end of the 14th century, and for the subsequent presence of Austrian Daisy, at the beginning of the 16th century.

Also a city very easy to visit, in the historic center of Mechelen highlights its Large square, with the prominent buildings of the San Romualdo Cathedral and the town hallwith his Belfroi tower.

Dyle Canal in Mechelen in Flanders in Belgium

During your walk through the city we advise you to know the corner of Beguinaje Mayor, and if you want to deepen the Burgundy era from Mechelen, the recently opened Van Busleyden palace museum.

Here is an extensive article with information on the best thing to see and do in Mechelen.

And here all the information to sign up for a Spanish tour from Brussels to Mechelen. which in a 9-hour day also includes a walk through Leuven.

Gothic town hall of Oudenaarde in Flanders in Belgium


Oudenaarde It is a small Flemish city located very close to Ghent, which deserves a brief visit to know the imposing building of its gothic town hall.

At MOU museum which houses the Cloth Market of said building you can also visit a tapestry collection made in the 16th century to Alejandro Farnesio.

Tips for traveling to Belgium

Here are some tips that will surely be useful for your trip to Belgium.

Papal College of the University of Leuven in Flanders

Transport in Belgium

The best way to move between the different cities of Belgium is by using the train.

It is a country withvery short distances and there are many trains that pass every little time; The truth is that a transport service that works very well.

Beware of big cities like Brussels that have several important stations.

St. Nicholas Church in front of the Ghent Municipal Bell Tower

The train it's even the best transport to cross to any of the neighboring countries. In our case we have used it several times to cross to holland.

Here we leave the page from where you can see the train schedules in Belgium, in which you can also buy the ticket, although it is really not necessary to do it in advance.

To move within the cities the best is the trolley car, or if you want to have more freedom of movement, Belgium has cities suitable for rent a bike since it is a practically flat country.

It is important to know that most of the cities can walk them perfectly on foot.

Corner of the San Bonifacio bridge on the Bruges canals in Flanders

What languages ​​are spoken in Belgium?

For most of the inhabitants of Belgium The main language is the Flemish, although a large majority are bilingual having as a second language the French.

In practice there is no problem for move around the big cities speaking English, since it is a country very used to tourism.

All establishments and hotels are prepared to receive travelers even in their native languages.

Corner of Antwerp in Belgium

In fact, in most hotels they usually have staff that receives you in Spanish, many of them Spanish immigrants as it is one of the most important foreign populations in the country.

If as in our case when you visit a country or city you like hire a tour with a guide in Spanish To accompany you to show you the city, we leave here the information of where to hire it.

What is the weather like in Belgium?

As in all of that area of ​​Europe, rains and cold are common for much of the year; Only in the months between April and September do temperatures moderate.

Lace shop in Bruges in Belgium

The area closest to the sea is where there is less rainfall, with temperatures warmer and wetter than the rest of the country.

As you move away from the coast, winters get colder even snowing in some areas near the border with Germany.

Although it is not extremely cold as in other parts of Europe, If you go in winter you should know that you should wear warm clothes because the temperature can drop to 0 degrees.

In summer However, temperatures rise to be very pleasant and only cool a little when the sun goes down.

Chocolate shop in Bruges in Belgium

What to eat in Belgium?

Many are the typical dishes and drinks of Belgium, but certainly there are some that stand out for their popularity.

One of these star dishes unites three of the passions of the Belgians, beer, mussels and chips, themussels.

The first time we heard it, it seemed a strange mixture, but it is amazing how well they combine.

They are usually made steamed mussels with celery and onion, bathed in local beers, served in a saucepan with a fountain of chips To accompany.

Typical brewery in Antwerp

Worth trying them Simply spectacular!

Besides mussels, Belgium It is a paradise for sweet lovers, who can taste chocolate in multiple varieties, waffles, neuzekes «noses» or the speculum, typical Christmas cookies.

A plate of the traditional cuisine that you should not miss is the waterzooi, a meat stew present in all the houses.

And of course, a combination we discovered in Bruges, traditional Belgian beer with some of the varied cheeses as snack.

Mussels with french fries in Brussels

What currency is used in Belgium?

By being part of the European Economic Community, the country's currency is the euro.

In most of the places where you are going to buy, the credit card.

Airports in Belgium

Although the country has several airports, most travelers usually arrive at Brussels airport.

The companies low cost also travel to the neighboring city of Charleroi Where is he Brussels South Airport an hour by train from the city of Brussels.

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