Smy Costa del Sol, a Mediterranean-style technology hotel in Torremolinos

Hotel Smy Costa del Sol in Torremolinos in Malaga

Such a traditional tourism destination in Spain as it is Torremolinos, in Malaga, is the starting point in our country of the new hotel chainSmy Hotels, driven by the travel agency on-line Logitravel.

This chain already has hotels in Italy, Greece and will also start its activity in Tunisia.

The new Smy Costa del Sol It is a four star result of the complete remodeling of one of the classic hotels of Torremolinos, specifically located at the foot of the El Alamo beach.

Hotel Smy Costa del Sol in Torremolinos in Malaga

It is also very near Malaga airport and of natural site of Guadalorce High ecological value, ideal place for hiking and bird watching.

For Torremolinos, the first town on the Costa del Sol where tourism developed in the 60s, the Smy Costa del Sol represents a new hotel concept with the application of new technologies,

So you can download the Smy Hotels app, and after registering as a customer, through it you can manage your stay.

In this way you will have all the information about the available services, as well as the programming of activities that are carried out every day, and you can also make through the application reservations and orders for food and drink.

Reception of the Hotel Smy Costa del Sol in Torremolinos

How is the Smy Costa del Sol hotel

Open to the public in May of this year under the new brand Smy, It's about a holiday hotel oriented to family tourism, but also with a large clientele of senior citizens.

The first thing that caught our attention during our recent stay at the Smy Costa del Sol it's your very fresh Mediterranean style image.

In its buildings and in all its decoration, the combination of white and blue colors prevails, and the palm trees and bougainvillea covered with flowers have an outstanding presence on the central promenade that joins the different areas of the hotel.

Hotel Smy Costa del Sol in Torremolinos in Malaga

His more than 500 rooms of different characteristics are distributed between the hotel type building and the extensive bungalow areas.

In this hotel you can stay from a comfortable double or family room, with a pleasant decoration, complete equipment and always with terrace or balcony, even in a suite room with large space and large terrace.

Restaurants in Smy Costa del Sol

Regarding the restoration, during your stay in the Smy Costa del Sol You can choose from the bed and breakfast, to the most used among visitors to All inclusive.

Room of the Hotel Smy Costa del Sol in Torremolinos

For this it has theMysea restaurant Buffet type, which is open with ample schedule for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

But if you want to enjoy a more elaborate cuisine, you have the option ofà la carte restaurant Zambra, where can you eat, for example, a Salmorejo cream with duck ham, roasted octopus with paprika or a dried brownie with orange sorbet.

Leisure areas in Smy Costa del Sol

With a large international clientele, the Smy Costa del Sol has two big leisure areas,

Buffet restaurant of the Smy Costa del Sol Hotel in Torremolinos

Oriented to the youth and adult public, themain leisure area It is located in front of the sea and has a swimming pool and a large terrace with bar.

Next to her is the Sun & Chill Garden, a landscaped relaxation area with hammocks, massage tent and food trucks.

And if you prefer, from there you go directly to the Beach where you can enjoy areas with umbrellas and hammocks, as well as a beach bar with a local cuisine whose offer is not missing the typical sardine spits.

In the innermost area of ​​the hotel is the other area dedicated to leisure more focused on the family audience, with another pool and children's leisure areas, among which its water attractions with three large children's slides.

Children's slides at the Smy Costa del Sol hotel in Torremolinos

In this area there is also a mini golf With 17 holes.

Activities and excursions in Smy Costa del Sol

Finally, during stay in the Smy Costa del Sol You can also enjoy a wide program of leisure activities.

And you can also sign up for excursions to different places on the Costa del Sol, of which you have information in a large interactive screen.

Here you have all the information and prices of rooms of the Smy Costa del Sol.

Hotel Smy Costa del Sol from El Alamo beach in Torremolinos

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