How to visit the Reichstag for free and climb the dome of Norman Foster in Berlin

Reichstag German Parliament building in Berlin

Ahighly recommended visit in you tourist trip to Berlin it is the building of German parliament, known as the Bundestag or Reichtag.

In addition to seeing the great neo-Renaissance facade of this historic building from the large meadow in front of it, the great attraction of this visit is climb to the roof of the Reichstag.

And there you can access the large glass dome designed by the prestigious architect Norman Foster.

Dome of Norman Foster at the Reichstag in Berlin

Foster He was responsible for the building remodeling in 1996, and in it incorporated a large glass dome that can be traveled, and from which you have panoramic views of this institutional area of Berlin.

It will be very easy to find the great building of theReichstag, because it is very close to theBrandenburg Gate, next to the large park in downtownBerlin, heTiergarten.

Reichstag History

When you stand before himReichstag, you will see a huge classic-style building that contrasts with the contemporary design buildings of the entire parliamentary and government area.

HeBerlin Reichstag It was built in 1894 in styleneo-Renaissance, and I remind you that he suffered very serious damage in 1933 after a fire that was caused.

Reichstag German Parliament building in Berlin

In addition, after the end of theWWII It was seriously damaged.

In fact, the building as you can see it now is due to the great reform made byNorman Foster since 1995, and it was not until 1999, after the German reunification, when the ReichstagorGerman Parliament, said Berlin building again as its institutional headquarters.

The great distinctive element of remodelingReichstagis his large glass dome.

From the large meadow that extends along the west side of the building, where its main facade is located, you can see the aforementioned dome, which stands out from the central part.

Although in theory this large glass dome could break the aesthetics of a building with such classic lines, the truth is that, from my point of view, it assimilates very well to its porch with large columns.

In fact, the Reichstag glass dome has become agreat tourist attraction of Berlin.

Reichstag German Parliament building in Berlin

At 23 meters high, the dome can be visited and covered inside, previously climbing to the roof of the building through an elevator.

From the terrace you have Panoramic views this institutional area of ​​Berlin, and next to the dome you have a restaurant.

How to visit Foster's dome in Reichstag for free

For go up and visit the dome of Foster in the Reichstag, the admission is free, and not long ago to visit it was necessary to wait long queues, which you could only avoid going too early.

However, at present a system of early booking, which is the only way to get tickets to visit the Bundestag.

Reichstag German Parliament building in Berlin

You also have the possibility to sign up for aguided tour of the Bundestag Parliament which to request it you must complete the online form.

Reichstag visit schedules

TheVisiting hours of the Reichstag dome in Berlin they are from 8 to 24 hours, with last access at 21.45 hours, and an input frequency every quarter of an hour.

How to book the free Bundestag visit

First you must indicate the type of visit that interests you, just dome visitor guided tour of the Reischstag and later visit of the dome dome

If it is the first case, a box will open where you must indicate the number of people, the name, surname and year of birth of each of them, and the date and time you request.

Reichstag German Parliament building in Berlin

Once you have the online ticket, when the day of the visit arrives, to access the dome you must first pass through the booths located next to the main facade, west of Reichstag building.

From there you will enter the building and, after climbing an elevator to the roof, you will already be before the dome.

I advise you to previously take one of the free audio guides, which in different languages, including Spanish, will tell you interesting facts about Reichstag, with phrases with a duration of about 20 minutes.

Also, if you are interested in deepening the history of the Reichstag, or expand knowledge about the architecture and art of the building, you have the aforementioned possibility of previously signing up for free guided tours of the Reichstag.

You have a wide range of possible guided tours in groups, in different languages, including Spanish, which last about 90 minutes.

Reichstag German Parliament building in Berlin

If what you want is complete full guided tour of parliamentBundestag and climb the dome, after selecting this option in the aforementioned form, you must also indicate the number of people, name and surname and a range of desired dates and times in order to facilitate accommodation in the most appropriate group.

In summary, it is essential that you request your travel in advance dome visit, or sign up for a guided tour in Spanish.

It is the way that what happened to me on the last trip I made to Berlin did not happen to you, that I arrived before the Reichstag and it was not possible to enter without prior request.

Note that reservations are not allowed by phone.

Now, as a last option if you are in Berlin and you have not made the previous online reservation, it is now possible to approach the ticket office with a minimum of two hours before the time you want to enter in case there is a gap in any of the shifts.

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