Najac and its castle, one of the most beautiful villages in southern France

Najac, beautiful town in Occitania in southern France

I advance that Najac It's one of the most beautiful villages I've visited in recent years, which I could discover in my recent trip to the south of France.

Located in the department of Aveyron, in the region now known as Occitania, the town ofNajac It has an almost incredible location.

In an environment of wooded hills that may well remind you of the green and lush landscapes of Galicia, Najac it is situated on top of a rocky promontory created by a meander of the Aveyron river.

Najac, beautiful town in Occitania in southern France

Hegreat charm of Najac, where less than a hundred inhabitants reside, it is in the landscape link that make up the curious alignment of the houses of this medieval town with the image of the castle in the background, at the top of the hill.

And on the other hand, the beautiful panoramic views that from the tower of the castle currency of the town.

What to see and do in Najac

Thus, at the end of the promontory, in an impregnable location, the remains of the aforementioned riseNajac Castle whose origins date back to 1100.

And from there, on the hill ledge climbs a single street of this medieval village, which takes you to its main square, the Barry Square, from the 15th century, where its characteristic arcades stand out.

Najac, beautiful town in Occitania in southern France

How to visit Najac Castle

He Najac Castle It is a sample of the military architecture of the time, and when you visit it and climb to the top of its circular tower, you will see the excellent panoramic views of the borough of Najac.

Actually you will find the remains of a fortress that was built in two different periods.

In the year 1100 a first square tower was built, and then, in 1263, to finish the construction of a 40-meter-high round tower, which is the one in the best state, and whose terrace you can climb.

Its location on top of a rocky rock turned theRoyal castle of Najac In an impregnable fortress.

In this regard, in your visit you will surely be struck by the enormous depth of the embrasures or embrasures (narrow windows from which boiling oil and arrows were thrown), which reach almost seven meters, unique in the world.

Church of San Juan Evangelista from the castle of Najac

yourvisit of Najac Castle It will take you, first of all, to the central courtyard, where through a door of the north wall you can see the access to a dungeon.

Then you will go to thelarge circular tower, whose walls have a thickness of 2.40 meters.

As you climb to the top of the tower by a narrow spiral staircase, and on different floors you will see the aforementioned embrasures.

You will pass by the stay known as theChapel of Saint Julian, then, through a very narrow remodeled corridor, access the oldest of the towers, the square, where the Governor's House.

Najac Castle in Occitania in France

Finally, after returning to the circular tower and climbing the total of the 119 steps of the spiral staircase, you will reach the terrace where you will enjoy the incredible panoramic views of the medieval village of Najac.

You will also see a small bell tower with a bell from the year 1596.

The castle was sold in 1793 as private property, and its walls were used as a stone quarry for nine years, until a detachment that caused the death of three workers, its dismantling was suspended.

Currently theNajac Castle It is owned byLord of montaliver, who will achieve fame after theWWII for hiding in a nearby abbey part of the canvases of theLouvre Museum, among which was theMona Lisa.

You can visit the castle from April to October.

Church of San Juan Evangelista in Najac

The visiting hours of Najac Castle in July and August they are, every day, from 10.30 to 19 hours and Wednesdays from 10.30 to 20 hours.

At other times, the visit is every day from 10.30 to 13 hours and from 15 to 17.30 hours.

The Ticket prices to visit Najac Castle (2019) are, generally, 6 euros, and children, 4.50 euros.

San Juan Evangelista Church in Najac

At the foot of the castle you will see the church of St. John the Evangelist, Southern Gothic style, built in the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries.

With a single nave, when you enter the interior of this Gothic church you will see a 14th century vault.

Knife and razor craftsman in Najac

To point out that in Najac there was another 12th century church, but it was destroyed in 1850.

When you arrive in Najac, from the aforementioned main square you must take a walk along the only street of the town, and as you go along the steepest sections of the same, you will see houses with greater antiquity.

On this walk you will see the Fountain of the Consuls, of 1314 and with twelve sides.

Also some prominent building, like the old one Governor's House.

On the walk through this lovely medieval town of Najac you will check that craft crafts They also have a great role.

Najac, beautiful town in Occitania in southern France

So, in the Barry Square you will see a pastry where they make the fouace, a bun of medieval origin, which has a taste very similar to our traditional roscón de Reyes.

In addition to ceramic crafts, I recommend that you do not forget to enter the handmade knife and razor shop, where the peculiar craftsman who runs the same continues to manufacture according to medieval tradition.

Najac Photos

Here you have more Najac pictures, in Aveyron, south of France.

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