Trip to Norwegian Fjords, essential places to visit

Corner of the Sognefjord in the Norway Fjords

Personally, always know the Norway Fjords it has been a trip aspirational Luckily I have been able to carry out several times.

My first great youth trip was precisely a car route from Spain to the North Cape in which the fjord region was a key stage of it.

When we talk about the fjords, we refer to the region of the Atlantic coast located at southwestern Norway. Well, there are actually fjords on the entire coast of that country.

Viewpoint platform in the Norway Fjords

This is the area with great tourist attractions and where during the holiday season most of the tourists traveling to Norway are concentrated, many of whom arrive aboard a cruise ship.

How is the region of the Norwegian fjords

Specifically we refer to the axis that goes from north to south from the city of Alesund, goes through Bergen, and reaches Stavanger.

In a trip in spring or summer for the Norway Fjords you find a beautiful combination of beautiful mountain landscapes among which sea languages ​​are interned.

But it also has its appeal visit the Norwegian fjords in winter, outside the high tourist season, when you will find the most authentic face of this region.

Landscapes of the Norwegian fjords

In the mountains surrounding the aforementioned sea languages ​​you can see how a glacier sits, and on the trip you find small charming coastal cities, as well as picturesque villages with colorful wooden houses.

You can also see some curious wooden church dating back to the Middle Ages, and, of course, you have the possibility of doing various nature activities, from mountain hiking, trekking down a glacier or navigate inkayak by the fjords or lakes.

In order to plan your first trip to that region of northern Europe, either on your own or in a cruise, then I will give you some useful Tips for traveling to the Norway Fjords.

Tips for a trip to Norwegian Fjords

For get to the Norwegian fjords from Spain, in summer you have direct flights to Bergen, and with scale to Alesund Y Stavanger.

If you are going to do on your own the complete route of the aforementioned trip through the fjords, the ideal is rent a car and consider the trip north-south or vice versa, so you should fly to one of the last two cities mentioned.

Balestrand corner in Sognefjord in Norway

If you are short on time, you have the option to do only half of the route, for example, between Bergen Y Alesund.

Another very common alternative is to make the trip in a Fjord cruise, so that during a week you will have the opportunity to know the most outstanding places.

For your trip, it will also be useful to book your hotel in the norwegian fjords region.

What to see and do in Norwegian Fjords

Next, and based on our experience of traveling to that region, we indicate which are the most outstanding places to visit in the Norway Fjords.

Panoramic views of Alesund in the Norway Fjords

Alesund, art noveau city

If we start the journey through the north, you will have the opportunity to enjoy one of the most beautiful views of the fjords.

It's about the city of Alesund located next to the coast and surrounded by mountainous islands, where it is essential climb to the viewpoint of mount Aksla to see this panorama.

Even if you go up by bus to the viewpoint located on that hill, it is worth going down the 418 of a modern staircase where various platforms open to enjoy the views.

As to Alesund, it is a city that is characterized by its architecture of art noveau style, result of the reconstruction that was carried out after a great fire suffered in 1904.

Now on your walk through this small city you will see various buildings with such architecture as well as beautiful prints of its canals.

Corner of the Alesund Canal in the Norway Fjords

Geiranger Fjord

Do you remember that well-known image of a cruise ship the end of a fjord?

Said fjord is the Geiranger, which you access from Alesund, and is considered one of the longest and deepest in the world, so it is on the list of Patrimonies of Humanity of the Unesco.

Its narrowness will lead you to navigate between steep rocky slopes that rise up to 1,300 meters, with 500 meters deep below sea level, and its end configures one of the most typical prints of Norway's fjords.

If you travel by car, you will have the opportunity to sail on a ferry that will take you to the end of the fjord.

Nigardsbreen language of the Jostedal glacier in the Norwegian fjords

Jostedal Glacier

In this area of ​​the fjords you find one of the largest glaciers in northern Europe, the Jostedal. which is relatively young as it barely dates back about 2,500 years ago.

On your trip through the fjords you can not only visit one of the enclaves where you can see the languages ​​of the Jostedal, but also ice trekking on the glacier.

Naps traveling on a cruise, the excursion will take you to lookout of the language ofBriksdalsbreen.

But if you go on your own and you are interested in living the experience of walking on the glacier, you must go to Jostedalbreen where on an excursion of about five hours you will have that opportunity.

Balestrand at the Sognefjord in the Norway Fjords

Sognefjord, the Fjord of Dreams

On the route south through the fjord region you will reach the Sognefjord, the largest and which is known as the Fjord of Dreams.

Specifically his armNærøyfjord set up the longest fjord in Norway, and share with the aforementioned Geiranger your protection as Patrimonies of Humanity.

As a curiosity, you should know that the Sognefjord is the Norway's deepest fjord it sinks up to 1,300 meters below sea level.

At Sognefjord you find places as beautiful as the town of Balestrand, where you will love its wooden houses, as well as the wooden church that emulates the traditional Middle Ages.

By highlighting a traditional hotel with great charm where you can stay.

Hopperstad church in Vik in the Norwegian fjords

Vik wooden church

Already on the first trip I made to Norway I was impressed by the charm of its historical wooden churches, and one of the most prominent is in this area.

It's about the Vik church, located on the banks of Sognefjord.

Known as the viking churches, it is actually a sample of the Christian wooden churches that were built during the Middle Ages throughout Europe, but of which the Norwegians are barely preserved.

Specifically this church was built in 1130, and it seems that during the Middle Ages in Norway he got to see up to 2,000 of these churches that by the type of construction are calledstavekirke.

Bryggen neighborhood in Bergen in Norway Fjords

Bergen, Hanseatic city

If there is an iconic image of a city in the Norway Fjords, that is the port of the city of Bergen.

This beautiful and beautiful city has its great attraction in its historic Bryggen neighborhood with its colorful wooden houses on the banks of the port.

Its origin is in the great commercial boom that had Bergen between the 14th and 16th centuries for being part of what is known as Henseatic League, a commercial agreement between various cities in Europe.

Thus Bergen It is also part of the list of Patrimonies of Humanity.

In you visit of the city of Bergen It is also worth getting on a rack railway lookout which rises above it, from where you will have the best panoramic views.

Stavanger in the Norway Fjords

Stavanger, fishermen's houses

The city of Stavanger, located in the southernmost area of ​​the fjords, is another essential visit on a complete route through this Nordic region, which in recent times has become the great enclave of oil extraction in Norway.

Its main attraction is in its historic city of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries known as Gamle Stavanger, a neighborhood with old fishermen's houses.

Now it shows a beautiful scene with more than 170 white wooden houses always freshly painted, and that is the set of best preserved wooden houses in Europe.

The Pulpit in the Norway Fjords


And of course, we can't finish this route through the Norway Fjords Not to mention one of its most iconic corners, the Preikestolen, place that I recognize you I still have to meet.

To the Preikestolen, enclave also known as The pulpit, is one of the most visited corners of Norway that is accessed from Stavanger.

It is a large rocky promontory that rises 600 meters above the fjord, and is a place where visitors try to make the photo more spectacular.

In short, one of those essential places where you can not stop going ... and a good excuse to return to the fjords if you still do not know (as happens to me ...).

Landscapes of the Norwegian fjords

Tours and excursions in the Norwegian fjords

Finally we will tell you that there are many and varied tours and excursions that are offered to visit the different enclaves that you are going to visit in your journey through the Norwegian fjords.

As a summary, we will detail two of the most interesting.

That is the case of Bergen cruise tour, with Spanish guide and three hours long, which you can also sign up for even if you don't arrive by cruise.

On the other hand, if the Preikestolen excursion you prefer to do it with the company of a guide, point you to this group tour that starts in Stavanger, and that will first take you to kayaking on a lake.

With a English guide, he hiking tour of the Preikestolen It lasts 8 hours.

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