Cantabrian Wars 2019 at Los Corrales de Buelna in Cantabria

Parade of Roman legions in the Cantabrian Wars in Los Corrales de Buelna

In one of my lasttrips to Cantabria I discovered the Cantabrian Wars, popular party that is celebrated every year at the end of August in The Corrales de Buelna, very close to the capital, Santander.

And the truth is that popular parties Many times they become a good attraction on a tourist trip to a city or region.

This is the case of Cantabrian Wars, which during its celebration concentrate thousands of visitors every year.

Parade of Roman legions in the Cantabrian Wars in Los Corrales de Buelna

What are the Cantabrian War

But, what are the Cantabrian Wars?

They are some popular parties in which the resistance of the Cantabrian tribes before the occupation of romans, in the time of the emperor César Augusto, between 27 and 25 BC.

This is a recent party, as it was in 2001 when about 400 inhabitants of The Corrales de Buelna they celebrated the first Cantabrian Wars using rented suits for their clothing.

After the popular success of the initiative, in the second edition it was decided to dispense with the rental of suits.

Parade of Roman legions in the Cantabrian Wars in Los Corrales de Buelna

Thereafter each participating group of legions or Cantabrian tribes they went on to equip themselves with suits, weapons and accessories on property.

In these original popular parties, one of whose events I had the opportunity to attend the visit I made on that trip, participatemore than 1,500 people, grouped into 13 legions and 13 Cantabrian tribes,

During the dates of the Cantabrian Wars, each year more than one hundred thousand visitors attend.

Dates Cantabrian Wars 2019

Organized by the Cantabrian Wars Association, the dates of celebration ofCantabrian Wars 2019 They are from Friday, August 23 to Sunday, September 1.

When you arrive to The Corrales de Buelna, you check that the center of the parties is in the so-called Festero Camp.

Temple of Janus in the Camp of the Cantabrian Wars

This camp occupies a large esplanade where on both sides of its entrance the stores of the Roman legionss and the huts of the Cantabrian tribes.

In a great festive atmosphere, you will be struck by the excellent scenery of the venue, which is chaired by a replica of the Janus Temple to original size, as well as the very careful period clothes of the hundreds of participants in them.

I will tell you that this great implication of the inhabitants of The Corrales de Buelna It also translates into invitations to visitors to share food and drinks.

In the enclosed enclosure with stands called Max Circus, you can attend different representations of the different events that happened during the Cantabrian Wars.

In this regard, the characters that have the most prominence are theCantabrian leader Corocotta and that ofRoman general Agrippa.

Roman senators in the Cantabrian Wars in Los Corrales de Buelna

Cantabrian Wars Program 2019 in Corrales de Buelna

He 2019 program of the Cantabrian Wars It begins with the opening of Max Circus Friday, August 23.

Various cultural events are held during the intermediate week, such as archeology workshops and conferences on history.

The events of the following weekend begin on Friday, September 1 with the inauguration of a vintage market called Macellum

The holidays end on Sunday 1 with the general parade of tribes and legions held at 6 pm at the Circus Maximus.

Cantabrian character in the Festival of the Cantabrian Wars

If you see the video I publish at the beginning of this article you can get an idea of ​​the great atmosphere that is lived during the holidays.

Here you can download the Cantabrian Wars program 2019 in Los Corrales de Buelna.

Pictures Cantabrian Wars

To encourage your visit, here are more photos of the Cantabrian Wars of Los Corrales de Buelna, in Cantabria.

Video: Desfile de las legiones romanas (January 2020).