21 best places to see and visit on your trip to Malta

Panoramic view of Valletta from Sliema in Malta

Connoisseur of great cultural interest what's wrong with it maltI had been planning to travel to that country for some time, which I have recently done twice.

This has allowed me to discover the most important attractions of cultural and landscape heritage of this small island of Central mediterranean.

malt It has a very long history marked above all by the presence for centuries of the Knights of the Order of St. John, also known as the Hospitallers, and today as the Order of Malta.

Valletta Corner in Malta

In fact during the 16th century to malt it was considered as the bastion of Christianity for slowing the advance of Muslim Ottomans by the Mediterranean.

Therefore, from the cultural and historical point of view, this very small country shows very peculiar and interesting characteristics that mark your visit.

With two official languages, English, after almost two centuries being a British colony, and Maltese, whose base is Arabic with a curious mix with Italian and English itself, you trip to Malta you should focus on discovering your cultural heritage.

You should know that despite its location in the Mediterranean, malt It is not a specific destination of sun and beach, because in the three small islands that make up the country there are no large beaches but small coves.

Mdina Corner in Malta

Of course, due to the transparency of its waters and its orographic characteristics, it has become a famous diving destination.

What to see in Malta

Taking into account these premises, for a visit on your own, here you are21 places to see in your first sightseeing trip to Malta, both on the main island and on the Joy. for what you will need several days.

If you only go to visit Malta during the stopover of a cruise, you can join this Malta tour for cruise passengers with Spanish guide during which in four hours you will make the essential visits in Valletta and the citadel of Mdina.

Senglea lookout tower

A very good way to start your trip to Malta is, as we did on my last visit, head from the airport to a beautiful lookout What is there in Senglea to see the typical panoramic views of Valletta.

Watchtower in Senglea in Malta

Senglea It is one of those known as Tres Cities, which extend in front of the capital of the country forming an impressive complex of fortifications that surround the entire bay where the Grand Harbor of Valletta.

This complex is one of the reasons why Valletta has been declaredWorld Heritage by Unesco.

The aforementioned viewpoint on the wall has a beautiful watchtower (gardjola), which has become one of the iconic images of Malta.


Next to Senglea is Birgu, another of the three cities, which is currently called Vittoriosa.

I anticipate that strolling through the interior of this small walled city will be one of the most charming moments during your trip to the small Mediterranean country.

Fort of San Angelo in Birgu in Malta

Fort San Angelo in Birgu

Because of its special location in front of the capital, throughout history since the time of the Phoenicians it has been an enclave with great defensive importance.

You can check it already from the entrance, with robust walls, which open with a large door, and right at the tip of the peninsula ofBirgu is the Fort of San Angelo, which is thought to be the first fortification of the island.

In you Birgu visit You will have to walk through the narrow streets of its medieval quarter, which offer very beautiful corners with a succession of palatial buildings and old shelters.

Palace of the Inquisitor in Birgu

He Inquisitor's Palace 1574 is one of the best examples of these palace buildings.

Birgu Corner in Malta

Headquarters of the Inquisition until its abolition in Malta in 1798, now you can visit it to discover curious corners like the Courtroom.

Other places of interest in Birgu are thechurch of San Lorenzo, the main city, or the war museum dedicated to Malta's participation in the WWII.


Of course, one of the focuses of your trip to Malta it's going to be the visit of Valletta.

Do not expect to find a large city, because in reality it is a small, completely fortified city where only 8,500 people reside.

On your visit you will have to walk along its main pedestrian street, the Republic, and its surroundings, where you will find many corners with great charm.

Corner of the Republic Square in Valletta in Malta

Barakka Gardens in Valletta

Featured places are the Barakka Gardens, where if you arrive by cruise you can climb from the port jetty in a modern elevator.

It is an excellent viewpoint of the fortifications of Three cities, which you will see opposite, on the other side of the port.

In Upper Barakka The gun firing ceremony takes place every day at 12 in the morning, which has become one of the main tourist attractions on the island.

In Lower Barakka a little one will catch your attention classic style temple, monument dedicated to a British officer who was sent to help the Maltese during the revolt against Napoleon.

Canyons in the Upper Barakka Gardens in Valletta in Malta

Con-cathedral of San Juan in Valletta

The great monument whose visit you cannot miss in Valletta is the Con-cathedral of San Juan, building of 1577 with an impressive interior decoration of baroque style.

Inside you will see what is considered a great masterpiece of Caravaggio, The stripping of Saint John the Baptist.

Con-cathedral of Saint John in Valletta in Malta

Fort of San Telmo in Valletta

Others places of interest that you can also visit in Valletta are the Fort of San Telmo, one of whose corners you may recognize as it was the scene of the Turkish prison of the film The midnight express.

In addition to walking through the walls watching the entrance of the Grand Harbor of Valletta, you can tour the rooms of a war museum.

Knights Hospital in Valletta

In the old Knights Hospital, current headquarters of congresses and exhibitions, you will see the largest room in Europe.

Basilica of the Carmelites in Valletta in Malta

Basilica of the Carmelites in Valletta

If there is something that is going to get your attention on your trip to Malta is the large number of churches in the country, more than 500, many of them covered with huge domes and built in relatively recent time.

That is the case of theBasilica of the Carmelites in Valletta, a very current building from 1981 that culminates in the great dome that dominates the skyline from the city.

Palace of the Grand Master in Valletta

In Valletta you can also visit the Palace of the Grand Master, which was the historical residence of the highest authority of the Order of San Juan.

It is currently the residence of Republic President and in your visit inside you can see several official rooms and a armor museum.

Sliema in Malta


Among the cities surrounding the peninsula where Valletta is located, it is worth mentioning SliemaWell, it's the most commercial and leisure area that is in the surroundings of the capital.

It is a place where hotel establishments abound, along with the nearby St julians, and there you find interesting restaurants.

Also from its promenade you can see one of the most beautiful panoramic views of the walled city of Valletta, or board a boat to cruise the area.

Valletta Corner in Malta

St julians

Cited St julians It has gained fame as the favorite place for Maltese and tourists to enjoy nightlife, specifically in the area ofPaceville.

In this coastal enclave also near Valletta the largest number of five star hotels in the country is concentrated, and it is the place where the casino.

Mdina Citadel

One of the really essential places on your trip to Malta is Mdina, the ancient capital of the island.

Mdina Corner in Malta

It is a small walled city located on a hill, through whose enclave the Phoenicians, Romans and Muslims passed,

In the Middle Ages it was the place of residence of the Maltese aristocracy that called it the Noble City.

After the arrival of the Knights of San Juan and the transfer of capital to the new city of Valletta, Mdina lost importance.

Now also known as the City of Silence, in Mdina you find a place with enormous charm, with a mixture of medieval and baroque architecture, and with numerous palaces and churches scattered throughout its alleys.

Mdina Cathedral in Malta

St. Paul's Cathedral in Mdina

Building built in the 17th century, inside the San Pablo's cathedral Above all, its floor covered with marble plates that cover the burials of bishops and clergy of the church will attract your attention.

Palazzo Falson in Mdina

If you want to know how were the palaces at the height of Mdina, you can visit the Palazzo Falson, an original building from the 14th century.

Now it is enabled as a museum managed by the Norwegian owner's foundation that bought it at the beginning of the 20th century.

Palazzo Falson in Mdina in Malta


The city of Rabat, where you also find other interesting historical corners, from archaeological remains of the Roman era, up to numerous catacombs Visibles that extend through its subsoil.

He origin of Rabat dates back to the Roman city of Melita, time in which the archaeological remains confirm that it had a great importance.

It is a city that retains several monasteries witnesses of the presence in it of the Franciscans, Dominicans and Augustinians.

St. Paul's Catacombs in Rabat in Malta

Catacombs in Rabat

There are several places where you can visit catacombs in Rabat, among which those of Saint Paul, with 4 kilometers of extension for the subsoil of the city.

These tunnels used as burial sites date back to the time of the Phoenicians, being enlarged by the Romans.

During their stay in Malta, Muslims were changing the catacombs of use, because they removed the burials and turned them into agricultural warehouses.

It should also be noted Santa Agatha Catacombs, which retain some paintings, although they can only be visited in the morning.

Roman villa of Rabat in Malta

Roman villa in Rabat

Reflecting the presence of the Romans in this enclave of the island, in front of the main access door to the mdina wallalready in Rabat, you find a museum where the remains of a Roman Village.

Inside, the central courtyard of the villa has been recreated where you can see its main attraction, a great roman mosaic.

Island of Gozo

If your stay in malt It is several days, you must book one of them to make a Gozo Island excursion.

Gozo Island Harbor in Malta

There you find several interesting enclaves in a more rural environment, with a coast with cliffs and coves.

For cross to Gozo have a ferries that leave every 20 minutes from a port in the north of the island of Malta, Cirkewwa, and in less than half an hour they take you to Mgarr, where the port of the gozo island.

During the journey you will navigate next to the Comino Island, a natural park where excursions are also made, from which you can see the enclave known as the blue Lagoon.

Megalithic temples of Cgantija in Gozo in Malta

Megalithic temples of Cgantija in Gozo

Another reason why this small country is on the list of Patrimonies of Humanity it's for theirmegalithic temples, of which there are located up to 27 enclaves both in the island of Malta and in theJoy.

Precisely on this island is one of the most important enclaves where you can see these temples of a civilization that had settled on these islands between 3,900 and 3,200 years B.C.

It's about the megalithic temples of Cgantija, a complex of two sets of stones that have been maintained despite the passage of time, which are considered the oldest monuments in the world.

Place of the missing Blue Window in Gozo in Malta

The Blue Window in Gozo

This is what one of the Malta icon images and one of its main landscape attractions on some islands that when the Knights of San Juan described as a «secarral«.

I mean the rocky arch known as the Blue window... which collapsed in early March 2017 as a result of the great swell produced by a storm.

Pear in view of our travel experience, the place has not ceased to arouse the curiosity of tourists who travel to Malta, which still we want to see the landscape of cliffs where we now miss the Blue window, in the Dwejra Bay.

Vitoria Citadel on the island of Gozo in Malta

Vitoria Citadel in Gozo

The island capital is Vitoria, whose current name was put 1887 in tribute to the Queen Victoria of England.

The corner of greatest interest is your fortified citadel dating back to the time of the Phoenicians, place where the main monumental enclaves are concentrated.

The Vitoria Citadel It was almost destroyed during a major earthquake and most of the buildings were not rebuilt.

Baldachin of the church of St. George in Gozo in Malta

At present the Cathedral, but without its great dome, and in the old citadel now only the bishop resides.

To stand out also in the most modern area of Vitoria, outside the walls, the St. George's Church, which shows a very sumptuous interior decoration and, above all, a canopy of incredible dimensions.

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